Meditate Lying Down: Is It Okay To Meditate Lying Down?

Lying Down

Many people believe that meditation should be practiced sitting in a lotus position on a mat. When I was learning meditation, I believed it as well. But when I studied more on meditation and its practices I realized that meditation is not in how you sit while meditating, it is about staying in tune with your mind and body.

What comes to mind when you think of meditation? A person sitting in a cross-legged lotus position in a quiet room on the ground or a mat, humming “Om” or chanting a positive mantra, I assume.

Here, we can see the expectations clash with the reality of meditation. This mental image we have of meditation prevents us from fully committing to the practice.

Meditation is not exactly as most people think. There are different forms of meditation; quiet and active meditation. In this article, we’ll explore lying meditation, can you meditate lying down, the best ways to meditate lying down, and is it okay to meditate lying down.

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Why Meditate Lying Down?

Not many people are comfortable with sitting upright for long periods and many with physical limitations, sitting upright while meditating can be difficult. When we sit, we put pressure on our hips and tailbone, and with people with physical limitations, putting pressure on the lower back and hips can be painful.

Even people who are new to meditation can benefit from lying down meditation. If you’re not accustomed to sitting upright for long periods, it can add stress and pressure to your back, shoulders, and knees.

Many people prefer to meditate lying down as it helps them easily drift off to sleep and it can also help them get their thoughts in order before they wake up and start their day.

One of the best reasons to practice this meditation is that you are not limited to a bed or a mat on the ground. You can recline on your couch, or lay on the grass in your backyard if you want.

There are two styles of meditation; active and quiet:

  • Active meditation: Any meditation that requires movement. For example: walking meditation, chanting meditation, etc.
  • Quiet meditation: Any meditation that requires staying still. For example: lying down meditation, mindfulness, meditation, etc.

Best Ways To Meditate Lying Down

Best Ways To Meditate Lying Down

With lying down meditation, you have many options to choose from – whether you like to be in bed, on a mat on the floor, on the grass, or reclining on a couch. Here are some best ways you can meditate while lying down:

1. On The Floor

If you’re lying on a mat or the floor, then you can lie down in the Corpse Pose or Savasana. To rest in this pose, lie on your back and stretch your arms over your body to release muscle tension. Slowly bring your arms to your sides with your palms turned upwards.

If you feel pain or discomfort in your back, you can place a soft cushion under your knees to relieve the pain. You can also bend your knees while placing the soles of your feet firmly on the floor or mat.

Allow your body to relax before you start meditating. Make sure that you breathe normally for a few minutes.

2. In The Bed

If you’re lying in your bed you can put some pillows under your head to raise your head and torso. You can also put cushions under your knees if you wish. Cover yourself with a blanket and close your eyes. You can use sleep masks to help you relax.

Relax on your bed and place your arms either on your sides or place one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest. This position will also help you with diaphragmatic breathing.

3. On Your Side

If lying on your back is causing you discomfort, you can lie on your side with a pillow under your head. Bend your knees at 90° and put a pillow under your knees. This will keep your spine straight while relaxing you at the same time.

Is It Okay To Meditate Lying Down?

Is It Okay To Meditate Lying Down

The big question here is that; can meditate lying down help? While many people believe that meditating while sitting upright can help the mind stay alert, not all people are comfortable or find it helpful. There are many benefits of meditating while lying down.

Benefits of lying down meditation can be:

  • It refreshes your senses and helps you relax better
  • It relieves pain, physical stress, and discomfort
  • It helps promote better sleep
  • It helps reduce blood pressure
  • It helps improve breathing

Whether you’re sitting down or reclining on your couch during meditation, the benefits, more or less, remain the same.

Meditation can help restore your energy and promote calmness and relaxation. You can start noticing the benefits of meditation if you keep practicing regularly. Meditation, whether lying down or sitting upright, can benefit all. The aim is to relax your mind and body, doesn’t matter what type of meditation you choose.

Tips For Beginners

If you’re new to lying down meditation, you can try:

  • Listening to guided meditation
  • Breathe naturally at first and move to deep or diaphragmatic breathing gradually
  • Repeat “So” with every inhale and “Ham” with exhale. So Ham is Sanskrit for “I am this”. Chanting this will help you stay in the meditative state
  • Observe your senses closely. Pay attention to your surroundings and sensations coursing through your body
  • Observe your thoughts but don’t let them stay in your mind. Let them go without judging them
  • Keep your focus on your center, the heart of your soul. With every inhale and exhale let the energy flow through your body
  • Most of all, smile. Let your smile light up your mind and soul from the inside. Experience the joy

Meditation is an experience that centers around what you need. You can try experimenting with different styles and types of meditation before choosing the one that best suits you.

I hope this article helped you understand how you can practice meditation while lying down, what poses are best, and is it okay to meditate lying down.

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Until then, keep smiling and stay safe!

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