Left Brain vs Right Brain : What’s The Difference?

Last Update on March 10, 2021 : Published on March 10, 2021
Left Brain vs Right Brain - Knowing The Dual Nature of Your Brain

Do you often wonder why a friend is yours perform brilliantly in logical reasoning while you face difficulty doing the same!

Or While you can see the next Picasso or William Shakespeare within you and this friend of yours can barely write his own Insta bio!

Well, the answer behind this is simple…

You are a right-brain thinker and in the case of your friend the left brain dominates his thinking. Now if you are pondering what left brain vs right brain theory is all about then continue reading…

*Don’t forget to test which brain thinker you are with the two fun tests*

The Left Brain/Right Brain Theory:

We all know that our brain is divided into parts left hemisphere and right hemisphere (theory of lateralization). Ideally, each side of the brain controls different types of thinking patterns. However, we as homo sapiens allow one part to dominate over the other by choosing a particular thinking pattern.

But wait! Does that mean only one side of your brain is handling all the bodily functions?

The answer to it is a NO!

As mentioned above one side of the brain will dominate the other thus, classifying you as a left-brain thinker or the right one. However, this does not imply that only that side of the brain is functional for you. In fact, as a science writer, Carl wrote

“No matter how lateralized the brain can get, though, the two sides still work together”

To put it in simple words, one side of the brain may dominate the other, however, they still work as a whole brain!

Quick Fact: Math skills are found to be the strongest in the ones who have both sides working equally!

So are there any specific characteristics associated with these sides of the brain?

Yes, perhaps the dual nature of your brain comes into play! Let us explore what left brain vs right brain has to offer to you

Difference Between Left Brain and Right Brain:

According to Left-Right brain Belief, Everyone has one side of the dominant brain that determines the person’s personality. Check how differently Left and right brain works?

left vs right brain

1. Qualities of Left Brain Thinkers

This brain is also referred to as the analytical side. Left side brainers are generally goal-oriented, organized, critical thinkers and demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Brilliant language and comprehension
  • Uses logic
  • Computation Skills
  • Analyses information
  • Detail and fact-oriented

2. Characteristics of Right Brain Thinkers

The right-brainers are also referred to as creative thinkers. The hallmark of their thinking pattern is emotions. Along with this, there are good people and philosophy. Some of the key characteristics associated with them are:

  • They excel in expressive and creative tasks
  • Have free-thinking
  • Try to look at the bigger picture of life
  • Trust their institutions
  • Imaginative thinking

Are you a Left-Brainer or a Right-Brainer: Left vs Right Brain Test

    For you to find out whether you are a right-brainer or a left-brainer we have two activities for you. So, let us explore them…

    1. What You See FIRST

    In this fun activity you have to follow these basic steps to find out whether you are right-brained or left-brained:

    • Below you will find a series of 7 images with three options each. 
    • You have to choose the option that you see at the FIRST glance of the image. 
    • Once you have all the seven answers with you swipe to find out which brain dominates you. Also, find some interesting facts about the same.

    Let the fun begin…

    Q1. What do You See First a Duck, a Bunny, or Something else?

    what do you see first a duck, a bunny or something else

    Q2. What Do You See First White Column, Two People or Something Else?

    what do you see first white column, two people or something else

    Q3. What Do You See First Old Woman, Young WoMan, or Something Else?

    what you see first old women, young man or something else

    Q4. What Do You See First 3 Columns, 4 Columns, or Something Else?

    what do you see first 3 column, 4 columns or something else

    Q5. What Do You See First a Face, Women Collection, or Something Else?

    what do you see first a face, women collection or something else

    Q6. What Do You See First a Skull, Two Children or Something Else?

    what do you see first a skull, two children or something else

    Q7. What Do You See First Apple, Two Faces, or Something Else?

    what do yo see first apple, two faces or something else

    Hope you are ready with your options! Time to see your results:

    More A options= You are Right- Brained

    Look at those creative juices flowing! Following your heart over your head not only makes you spontaneous but fills in energy within you. No doubt people love your spirit. Believing in performing rather than telling about a task, choosing physical rather than practical solutions sets you apart. P.S. Don’t stop practicing what you love doing, we see the next big artist in you.

    More A options= You are RIGHT- Brained

    More B options= You are LEFT-Brained

    Hello Smarty-pants or shall we call you the Logical thinker! You have an eye for details. Everyone around you truly trusts you for your organization and planning. So, how about planning a surprise b’day party for someone you love 😉 Trusting the facts over your guts gives you that practical approach in life. With memory as sharp as yours even dolphins can take lessons from you (JK)!

    More B options= You are LEFT-Brained

    More C options or equal A & B options = You Got Best of Both the Worlds

    Kudos! You are a blessed soul, you have good from both worlds. You tend to switch between logical and creative thinking depending on what situation has to offer to you. Thus, you are out of trouble and have unique answers to the problems. Making you the Wiseman everyone turns to for solutions. Keep it up!

    both equal means You Got Best of Both the Worlds

    2. The Color or the Color

    Sounds a little tricky right? It is my favorite test though!

    All you have to do is look at the image given below and read the color that you see instead of the word written. Good Luck!!!

    find the Color or the Color

    Well, if you tried to say the color more than the words then you are a right-brainer person and vice-versa. A major difference between the left brain and right brain is that the former focuses on the language more and the latter trusts the visuals represented.

Wasn’t this fun? Finally putting your left brain vs right brain confusion to an end! Don’t forget to try it with your friends and find out which side of the brain dominates their thinking pattern.

Here are Some FAQs On Left Brain vs Right Brain Theory:

1. Can a person be both left and right brained?

YES! You can be both left and right brained person. Even the test “What do you see first” gives the interpretation of you are both- left and right brained person. Depending on a situation demand either part of your brain dominates.

2. Do right and left brain see different colors?

Well, it’s a maybe situation here. There are various color perception images out there claiming that the color you see predicts which part of brain is dominates your thinking pattern. However, no one can really vouch for these ideas.

3. What jobs are good for right brain thinkers?

Some of the job profile that best fits the right brainers are:
• Managers
• Artists. …
• Graphic Designers. …
• Interior Designers.
• Psychologists and counsellors. …
• Teacher.
• visual careers like illustration, television, or marketing

4. What jobs are good for left brain thinkers?

Some of the job profile that best fits the left brainers are:
Health and Safety Engineer.
• Medical Scientist. …
• Operations Research Analyst. …
• Cost Estimator
• Machine Learning Scientist
• Computer Programmer

5. Which brain dominant is best?

While the right-brain dominance ensures that you are best at expressive and creative tasks. On the other hand, the left-brain dominance is reflected in your verbal and analytical aspects of life. This makes one point clear that both brain dominance have its own perks to offer. So, irrespective of the fact which brain dominates you it is at its best. No good, better, best comparison cannot be made here.

Alarming Fact!!!

The theory of left-brain vs right-brain holds true only up to an extent! Recent research has found that this theory may be a myth!

A study in which brain scans of 1000 people were analyzed to see which part of the brain is more powerful than the other found that no sidedness in brain functioning existed. However, some brain areas were more active in particular tasks than others.

To put it in a nutshell, the concept of left-brain vs right brain is better used in the form of a figure of speech than an anatomical description.

So be a smart user of the information that is available online and use these tests and claims for fun and historical purposes only instead of letting them paint the whole picture of your personality.

Remember you are more than just the two sides of your brain!

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