Top 10 List Of Phobias & Their Meanings

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Most Common List Of Phobias & Their Meanings

Does close space suffocate you or a fear of falling from the edge always interrupts you? Well, let us tell you that such phobias are pretty common and you don’t need to be afraid of any of them. Talking about it, Phobia is a type of psychological disorder that is most common among women and the second most common among men, as per the American Psychiatric Association.

Phobia or fear of something usually emerges during childhood but may prolong even during adulthood. Apart from most common phobias that are being experienced by 9% to 18% of the U.S. population, there are numerous other types in the list that respond in the form of rapid heart rate, sweating, dizziness, shaking, feeling sick, etc.

These different types of phobias develop either due to behavioral theories or a horrible and unforgettable experience. Sometimes these phobias are even genetic. But the good side is that phobias are treatable and can be cured with cognitive-behavioral theory and proper medications prescribed by doctors.

Through this blog, let us explore the most common type of phobias and their meaning.

Most Common Types of Phobias :

Let’s find out some of the most common phobias that many of us are facing every day, knowingly or unknowingly.

List of phobia with their meanings

1. Mysophobia: Fear of Contamination and Germs

It is a pathological fear of contamination and germs and usually relates with OCD. Victims keep washing their hands to protect themselves from germs and even own a collection of disinfectants.

2. Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders

The fear of spiders and other arachnids denote this kind of phobia. In fact, the picture of the spider is alone enough for the panic. Such people avoid thinking spiders and arachnids could be found.

3. Acrophobia: Fear of Heights

The fear of heights may lead to an anxiety attack among more than 6% of acrophobic’s. Acrophobics avoid going to tall buildings, mountains or tall towers in fear of falling down.

4. Ophidiophobia: Fear of Snakes

Ophidiophobia is one of the most common phobias and related to the fear of snakes. The disgusting feeling by looking at snakes or snake pictures may appear because of personal experience or cultural influence.

5. Aerophobia: Fear of Flying

As the name suggests, the fear of flying is called aerophobia. Though the plane accidents are uncommon, the fear lingers in approximately 10%-40% U.S. adults. Rapid heartbeat and trembling is common with this type of phobia.

6. Cynophobia: Afraid of dogs

Cynophobia is a type of phobia where a person is afraid of dogs and the fear is mostly associated with personal experiences. Such people keep a safe distance from the streets or houses where dogs wander and live.

7. Trypanophobia: Fear of Injections

Many people try to avoid doctors and any kind of medical treatment because of Trypanophobia or the fear of injections. Some people experience rising heart rate or some even pass out during the injection.

8. Claustrophobia: Fear of Small Spaces

Claustrophobia is a situation when a person has a fear of small spaces like crowded rooms, elevator or a closet. It makes him feel that his personal space is being taken away. There is fear, anxiety and chances of panic attack.

9. Glossophobia: Fear of Speaking in Public

A kind of social disorder, people having glossophobia are scared of speaking in public. Some may fear speaking or some completely stay quiet amongst a group of people.

10. Social Phobia: Fear of Social Interaction

Also known as Social Anxiety Disorder, the person facing it avoids going to places where he doesn’t know many people. Avoidance of social interaction and complete refusal to leave the house are some common phrases.

Some Other Common Phobias List (A-Z)


Autophobia- Fear of being alone
Atychiphobia- Fear of failure


Barophobia- Fear of gravity
Bathmophobia- Fear of stairs or steep slope


Cacophobia- Fear of ugliness
Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns


Dentophobia- Fear of dentists
Dystychiphobia- Fear of accidents


Elurophobia- Fear of cats
Entomophobia- Fear of insects


Frigophobia- Fear of becoming too cold


Gamophobia- Fear of marriage
Gynophobia- Fear of adult women


Herpetophobia- Fear of reptiles
Hodophobia- Fear of travel


Ichthyophobia- Fear of fish or eating fish or dead fish
Insectophobia- Fear of insects


Koumpounophobia- Fear of buttons


Leukophobia- Fear of color white
Lockiophobia- Fear of childbirth


Mageirocophobia- Fear of cooking
Musophobia- Fear of rats or mice


Noctiphobia- Fear of night
Nosocomephobia- Fear of hospitals


Obesophobia- Fear of gaining weight
Ombrophobia- Fear of rain


Pedophobia- Fear of children
Pyrophobia- Fear of fire


Radiophobia- Fear of radioactivity or X-rays


Somniphobia- Fear of sleep
Spectrophobia- Fear of mirrors


Tachophobia- Fear of speed
Toxiphobia- Fear of being poisoned


Vehophobia- Fear of driving
Xenophobia- Fear of strangers or foreigners
Zoophobia- Fear of animals

You Can Also Watch This Video to Know the Most bizarre Phobias and Their Meanings:

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Why do we have phobias?

Most of the phobias occur due to a negative incident or a negative experience or it could be genetic or environmental factors that contribute to a specific phobia. In some places, cultural factors contribute to phobic conditions.

Q2. Does every human being have a phobia?

You may say that every person has phobia or an irrational fear from something or the other. However, these fears are minor and do not cause long term anxiety.

Q3. Is there a difference between phobia and fear?

The level of anxiety and intensity of experiences differ in between fear and phobia. They could be termed as similar names but phobia has the capability to interfere with the quality of body-mind functioning.

Q4. What are some phobias that (almost) everyone has?

Some of the most common phobias include Aerophobia, Claustrophobia, Mysophobia, Glossophobia and Ophidiophobia.


Have you got the idea of different types of phobia? We are sure that some of our readers are a part of this list as well, even I am. Yes but this doesn’t mean that we should remain scared forever. Let’s fight with it together. If you wish to ask any questions, drop us in the comments section below and we will get back to you in no time.

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