25 Ways to be Kind and Happier

Last Update on August 16, 2020 : Published on May 24, 2020

Every time when you help someone or support someone during their tough time, you do not need a reason. We should be kind to everyone…. Age, gender, ethnic, racism does not matter! You never know the trouble might not visible through facial expressions but they are actually present inside.

Do you know our kindness IQ was intact when we entered this world? We have to keep our kindness IQ through our actions. The more you use kindness, the more it strengthens. Like, I said we do not require a reason to be kind to people. Now, you must be thinking about how can we be kind to people without any reason or any thought. I am going to share ideas of the ways to be kind.

1. Smile

Smile at strangers, loved ones, or family members to make their day happier and sweeter.

2. Promote Peace

Promoting peace is the best thing you can do for someone who is disturbed. Look for the simple ways wherein you can promote peace. You do not have to do big.

3. Listen

Sometimes listening to the problems of the person or your friends is also an act of kindness. It has been proved that most of the people are alone and they do not have anyone to discuss their problems. So, simply listen to them, it might support them to achieve peace.


4. Hug

Whenever you see someone low, hug them, and tell them that “it is going to be fine.” Or sometimes, staying quiet and just hugging them also helps.

5. Invite

I am talking that co-worker or colleague who looks always stressed and tensed, invites him over dinner, and let them talk.

6. Email or Call

If you know someone experiencing stress in the distance, an email or a call is the best option to let them know that you are with them. A kind email or call can bring a smile to their face.

7. Compliment

Whenever you meet someone, compliment them genuinely. Compliment them about their smile and sparkling eyes.

8. Advice

If you see someone off track, you can advise them or suggest them about the correct path. Or just give them hint so that they can figure out.

9. Hold the door

Holding the door for the person behind you is the easiest way to be kind. Simply hold the door for the person behind you and make them happy.

10. Encourage

Whenever you see someone demotivated or down, encourage them, and remind them that “they can do it.” If you are bad at interacting, just sit and let them know that you are always with them.

11. Forgive

Are you still angry about the argument happened 2 weeks ago? Let it be, let it go and forgive them. Forgiving them will give you peace and just never let it happen again.


12. Conversation with a stranger

Most of us travel in metros, buses or trains…having a conversation with someone sitting next to us can make our day happier and brighter. Even the stranger will feel happy about it throughout the day.

13. Lifts

If you are driving alone and see someone in need of a lift, offer them a lift. Lifts are one of the best ways to offer kindness.

14. Pay

If you are standing in a queue for coffee and the person behind you is getting late for work, pay on their behalf and offer them a coffee. Small kind gestures can make someone’s day happy and cheery.

15. Time

When was the last time that you actually sat with your friends, family members, or loved ones? This weekend makes time for your loved ones, sit with them or else you can also cook for them.

16. Please and Thank you

Please and Thank you are the small gestures which you should use every day. When someone does anything for you do not forget to say thank you to them.

17. Meditate

Do not forget to be kind to yourself as well. For self-care, try meditation and yoga to maintain the balance of mind-body connection.


18. I Love You

Do not forget to say “I Love you” to your partners and loved ones. This small gesture can make their day.

19. Take a pause

Whenever you feel low, do not forget to be kind to yourself, take a pause and take a deep breath. Give time to yourself.

20. Rest

If you feel like not moving and just staying at your own space, give rest to yourself. Self-care is also an act of kindness.

21. Pick up garbage

Whenever you see garbage or trash on the road or anywhere, pick it up and throw the trash in the dustbin. Keeping nature clean is also an act of kindness.

22. Remove curse and complaints

If you are facing difficulty in something do not curse or complain. Just simply explain your problem with kind words and sentences. Use please, thank you, or sorry while explaining your problems.

23. Gift something meaningful

When it comes to gifting something to your friends, loved ones or family members, give something meaningful to the people you care for.

24. Donate

If you are interested in donation, come forward and donate anything you want to donate. It is not important to donate money every time. You can also donate needful stuff to the people in need. Or else you can also volunteer.

25. Reserve seat

Reserve seat for the people behind you or with you such as book movie tickets together, reserve dinner tables, etc.

I hope you like this blog. Comment down and let us know how you practice kindness. Additionally, follow Calm Sage for more such informational and motivational content.

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  1. M. Raj
    M. Raj

    As usual your work is quite good . Spreading kindness through your words is also an act of kindness . Make people aware about kindness is really a good things . As you have already mentioned lots of ways in your blog for kindness, One of them is really close to my heart ...saying “l love you” to my partner.... thanks A lot for such a good blog . Keep writing . Keep spreading kindness through words .. good luck ✌️

    1. Aayushi Kapoor
      Aayushi Kapoor

      Thanks... of course reminding your partner about how much you love them is the best thing to do! Thanks a lot... keep reading! Love from Calm Sage!

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