Top 10 Movies About Psychological Disorders

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Movies About Psychological Disorders

Since the dawn of research, technology and development, we have also started paying attention to not just the physical health of humans but even to mental health. Even after so much advancements and investments in the fields of psychological disorders, we are still far from discovering all the aspects of human behavior. Which is quite surprising, as we have worked hard and achieved feats that are near impossible. We have made a mark in space, sent a spacecraft beyond Pluto, photographed a black hole, discovered god particle, calculated Higgs field, theorized 11 dimensions. I mean, we have achieved so much, it’s hard to imagine that we were once among the species of apes and swung on branches. But even after going so much above and beyond, we are still far from understanding something, which is nearest to us – ourselves.

Kids in school know what is the powerhouse of cell but nothing or too less about mental illnesses. Awareness even in most accessible villages is almost to nothing. There have been many campaigns, projects, seminars, etc. but masses are still untouched. Interestingly, we have a lot of movies over the years about psychological disorders, but not all of them have portrayed the issue correctly. The disorders are complex and many times, in order to keep up with the story or the regulations, the makers have to change a lot of things. So today, I am going to list here top ten movies about psychological disorders in the best way possible. Have a look:

Top 10 Movies with Psychological Disorders

1. Silver Linings Playbook

Director: David O. Russell

IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

Movies with Psychological Disorders
The first movie on the list is Silver Linings Playbook. This is one of the best movie based on Psychological Disorders. Released in 2012, this movie revolves around two psychological disorders. One is unnamed and the other is bipolar disorder. The person who suffers from this disorder is termed as “Crazy”. This movie was welcomed with some criticism from critics as they said that mental illness was dramatized to some extent but Harvard Medical School psychiatrist gave it a clean chit. Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, this movie is a must watch.

2. Fight Club

Director: David Fincher

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

fight Club
Image Source: theglobeandmail

Second on psychological disorders movies list is the famous movie Fight Club. Directed by David Fincher, starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, this movie is based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk. This movie throws light on Multiple Personality Disorder which is also known as Dissociative Personality Disorder. A regular office guy Joe meets a soap maker and an underground fight club member Tyler. The movie didn’t attract much attention upon its release but became a world famous cult classic later on.

3. Shutter Island

Director: Martin Charles Scorsese

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

shutter Island
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Third on the list is Shutter Island. Directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this movie is based on Bipolar Disorder. A US Marshall who murders his wife after she kills his children, are some of the key points on which the plot revolves. This movie is known for its depiction of inhumane conditions in mental health centers across the globe and how the situation has still not been addressed. 

4. Jacob’s Ladder

Director: Adrian Lyne

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

jacob’s Ladder

One of the most appreciated movies about psychological disorders was Jacob’s Ladder. It falls under the genre of psychological horror but still, is considered as one of the most accurate movies made on the subject. Directed by Adrian Lyne, this movie revolves around a Vietnam war veteran who suffers from PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The Scary and fearful hallucinations and the gory imagery used in the movie is something which is very closely related to the real life PTSD patients’ hallucinations. 

5. Benny and Joon

Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

benny and Joon

Don’t we all just love happy endings? This movie has it. It is a romantic comedy with actors of high caliber like Johnny Depp, Mary Stuart Masterson. Mixed with the twist of relationship and struggles, this movie revolves around a schizophrenic sister and her brother who stands in the way of her love interest. This movie offers an insight into the love life of people who suffer from mental illnesses. For all the rom-com fans out there, this movie is something, you all should not miss.

6. Lars and The Real Girl

Director: Craig Gillespie

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

lars and The Real Girl

Another movie which falls under the genre of comedy. Lars and the Real Girl is directed by Craig Gillespie, starrs Ryan Gosling. This movie is about a boy who is socially awkward and had no social connection from his childhood at all. His mother and father are dead, he has a brother who also lives in the city. Leaving the poor boy alone and isolated. This movie shows the importance of social interaction and the role of community. This partially emotional portrays the whole town coming together for Lars, helping him with his fear of social intimacy.

7. The Machinist

Director: Brad Anderson

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

the Machinist

Directed by Brad Anderson, this psychological thriller movie revolves around chronic insomnia. The Machinist has been one of the highly praised movies as it portrays the issue in a rather interesting way. Trevor, the protagonist, has been not able to sleep properly for more than a year and this lack of sleep has been stopping him from working and functioning properly. Due to this, one of his co-workers dies. Though he is not charged with the murder but is now targeted by other workers in the same factory and is socially shunned.

8. Black Swan

Director: Darren Aronofsky

IMDb Rating: 8/10

black Swan

Released in 2010, this movie covers various topics of mental illnesses. This psychological thriller starring Natalie Portman is directed by Darren Aronofsky. A ballerina dancer is obsessed with achieving perfection and also suffers from eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa, which is also known as the deadliest mental illness in the world. 

9. Melancholia

Director: Lars von Trier

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10


This science fiction movie is a psychological drama, directed by Lars Von Trier is another must watch. This movie revolves around  Psychological Disorders and depression and how it affects the daily life working of a person. It portrays a family whose each member has one or the other kind of mental illness. The protagonist is a girl who is depressed in the whole movie and beautifully projects how the world for depressed people just comes to halt.

10. I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK

Director: Park Chan-wook

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

i'm A Cyborg, But That's OK

On the tenth position is this Korean psychological romantic comedy movie. This movie is different for the director Park Chan-Wook, is famous for his work on dark subject matter. This movie portrays a young woman who is convinced that she is a cyborg and not a human. She cuts her wrists to connect the wires and also stops eating food as cyborgs don’t need food to survive. This movie also throws light on the genetic passing of mental illnesses, which is a less talked topic. Combined with love interest, this movie won’t be in your regular watch list. It stands out as its storyline. Another must watch.

So these were the top 10 movies with psychological disorders that I wanted to share with you. Movies penetrate the audience more than any campaign and have more viewership. Good movies can help spread awareness and can also be used by the government in their projects as a tool. A lot of topics on mental illnesses still remain untouched and correctly portrayed. Hopefully we will get more such movies in the coming years.

Hope it helped. How do you find the movies in the above list? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

Thanks for reading!

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