Learn To Focus Better With The Best Focus Music Playlists For ADHD Brains

Last Update on November 3, 2023 : Published on June 25, 2022

Music is an art, one that can satisfy the artist and the one appreciating it by listening to the music. Music is a powerful tool as it motivates you, evokes strong emotions, and helps you relax and center your brain.

But music affects everyone differently, depending on your personality and preferences. For example, I may prefer rock music as motivation and classical instrumental music for mediation while you might prefer something else. When performing brain-intensive tasks, people find specific genres of music to help them increase their focus. And this holds for people with ADHD as well.

Did you know that in a study, with 41 boys with ADHD, it was found that their classroom performance improved when they listened to music as they studied?

People with ADHD get easily distracted by little things around them and want to avoid these little distractions. Turns out that listening to focused music may help.

Can Music Help Focus On ADHD?


In a study conducted in 2020, music was seen to promote attentiveness and focus in children with ADHD. Many people with ADHD have trouble keeping track of time and listening to focus music is one of the ways to center their minds and keep their focus on the task at hand.

Dopamine, one of the happy hormones, increases when you listen to music that you enjoy. In people with ADHD, lower dopamine levels can be found. Music enhances the parts of the brain that grow weak in people with ADHD. According to William Schroeder, co-founder of Just Mind Counseling, the visual, auditory, and motor functions of the brain improve with music and even speech, language, comprehension, problem-solving, and focus issues are improved when one listens to music.

What Type Of Music Works For ADHD?

The problem with ADHD involves poor time management, restlessness, and impulsivity, so listening to focus music can help improve these aspects. Listening to focus music for ADHD symptoms can also help increase concentration.

Some genres of music such as medium-tempo, calm, simple rhythms, especially from composers like Vivaldi, Mozart, and Chopin can help increase focus. However, some people with ADHD may find other genres such as rock or contemporary more helpful.

Classical music, in many studies, has been found beneficial for improving speech, language, and memory. Music without lyrics or any other kind of overstimulation can help a person with ADHD focus better.

Tip: Use noise-canceling headphones to block out excessive noise or distraction when you’re studying, working, or thinking.

For people with ADHD, focus music with a longer run time is recommended as it may reduce the need to keep checking the music player. This can be a distraction especially if you’re trying to focus.

If you’re looking for focus music for ADHD brains, listening to 8D music or binaural beats may also be something you should consider. 8D music (preferably with headphones) can make you feel immersed in the music and reduce the need to be impulsive or hyperactive. Binaural beats, the type of music that uses different tones in each ear, can allow your brain to sync the sounds, increasing relaxation and focus.

Focus Music For ADHD: Playlists To Choose From


Here are some of the recommended playlists for focus music, ADHD brains may benefit from:

1.ADHD Intense Relief For Studying

With 20 soothing meditative music beats, this playlist will give you company when you’re studying or working.

Find this playlist here.

2.Instrumental ADHD Study Buddy

Diverse multi-instrumental playlist for study and relaxing. If you have ADHD it works quite well for occupying the part of your brain that wants to get sidetracked.

Find this playlist here.

3.Brain Food

This 100-song playlist is one of the best for studies and when you want to relax.

Find this playlist here.

4.Lo-Fi ADHD

This Lo-Fi ADHD playlist will keep your ADHD brain focused and happy for 3 hours.

Find this playlist here.

5.Classical ADHD Focus Playlist

In this 6-hour playlist, find all the classics – from Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto to Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. One of my favorites for focus music.

Find this playlist here.

6.Bass House 2022

The best Bass House tracks of 2022, this playlist will keep you and your ADHD brain company for 5 hours. Relax and keep your ADHD mind focused with this playlist.

Find this playlist here.

7.Road Trip To Tokyo

The ultimate instrumental soundtrack for a long-haul journey, to the bustling metropolis in Japan that never sleeps.

Find this playlist here.

8.8D Audio Relaxation Loop

The best 8D audio beats to help ADHD brains focus and center their minds.

Find this playlist here.

YouTube ADHD Focus Music

Here are some YouTube ADHD focus music videos for you to focus on and relax:

1. Deep Sleep 8D Audio For ADHD

2.ADHD Intense Relief Tones

3.ADHD Intense Relief (Music)

4.ADHD Music Therapy – Binaural Beats

5.Classical Music For Concentration

Music To Avoid With ADHD

When you’re trying to focus with ADHD, it’s best to keep these types of music out of your playlist:

  • Music with distinct rhythm and chaotic tones
  • Music with lyrics
  • Dance club music or music with fast beats
  • Your favorite songs or songs that might make you emotional
  • Music genre that you don’t like
  • Playlists with constant advertisements

Usually, people with ADHD may have a better focus when not surrounded by distractions (including music) but if music helps your ADHD brain focus then, make sure you pick the right music and avoid the ones listed.

Keep in mind that music can only be a temporary benefit and if music causes more distractions than helps you focus, then you don’t have to listen to music.

Music has more benefits than just enjoyment. It can help you relax, focus, concentrate, and even motivate yourself. While there’s not much research on focus music for ADHD, there are some visible benefits.

Try focus music for ADHD yourself and let us know in the comments below if they worked for you! You can also write to us at info@calmsage.com or DM us on social media.

Keep calm and keep listening to music!

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