Myths And Facts About Stress You Must Know For A Stress-free Life

Last Update on May 19, 2023 : Published on July 19, 2020
Myths And Facts About Stress

Stress is that inevitable part of our life which is really hard to get off. However, we can learn to handle stress and live a stress-free life. If I talk about the basics, many people have a lot of misunderstandings regarding stress and the role of stress.

You might all be thinking…is it really important to learn the basics of stress to handle stress in everyday life? The answer is yes because various studies show that other than physical illness, stress is the only reason for various mental illnesses as well as physical illness. Like, Alzheimer’s disease, PCOD\PCOS, cardiovascular diseases, and whatnot.

Therefore, it is really essential to know about each fact and myth about stress to live a stress-free life. In this blog, I have enlisted top myths about stress which creates more fuss in our life. Let’s get started.

top myths about stress

Top 5 Myths about Stress

1. Stress is equal for everyone.

Let me reiterate this myth, no stress is not the same for everyone. Stress is really different for everyone. As, what situation is stressful for me might not be stressful for you. For example, public speaking is really stressful for me, for you maybe it is not. Everyone has a different personality and experience different kinds and levels of stress.

2. Stress is bad.

It’s a myth that zero stress is healthy for our body and mind. Stress is kind of a spice to life; too much makes life crappy, too less makes life boring. Therefore, stress is not bad and we all have to learn how to manage the stress. Managing the stress makes us productive and happy. While mismanaging the stress makes us anxious.

3. Everyone has stress, it’s normal.

Yes, everyone faces stress but it is not normal when the symptoms are increasing day by day. As discussed above, everyone faces stress differently due to different personalities. It might happen that the stress other people are experiencing is not normal. Therefore, never compare your situations with others situations.

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4. Only major symptoms of stress require a therapist.

stress require a therapist

I think everyone needs to listen to this point. Stress does not require a therapist is a myth because everyone has different personalities, the way they manage their stress is different. If the symptoms are chronic, you must see a therapist. Even a little stress bothers you a lot, you must see a therapist.

5. No symptoms do not mean no stress.

Absence of symptoms related to stress does not mean that there is no stress. Symptoms of stress are not always physical or visible; they can be psychological as well. Psychological symptoms of stress overwhelm, disorganized, and less concentration. Therefore, know the difference and manage the stress accordingly.

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Top 5 Facts about Stress

Facts about Stress

1. Stress is related to anxiety and depression.

Chronic stress can lead to anxiety and depression. Therefore, whenever you begin to experience stress (physical or psychological) book an appointment with your therapist. You can also opt for self-help.

2. Stress affects your immune system as well.

Yes, a lot of stress in a day or a while affects our immune system. Therefore, we should always learn to manage stress.

3. There is a difference between eustress and distress

Eu-stress is considered to be good stress and di-stress is really bad for your mental and physical health. Read our related articles to the topic:

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4. Stress kills brain cells.

stress kills brain cells

Yes, stress kills brain cells. Meanwhile, inner peace and calmness promote the growth of brain cells. Additionally, even if we are adults, brain cells keep on growing but slowly. Whenever you take stress, stress affects brain cells. Therefore, wisely choose!

5. Stress is the only major reason for various physical and psychological illnesses.

Similar to brain cells and immunity, stress can lead to various physical and psychological illnesses. Basically, every disease is somehow correlated with stress.

I hope this blog helps you to understand the facts and myths related to stress. Comment down your queries regarding the myths and facts about stress.

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