The Importance of Mental Fitness

Last Update on August 13, 2020 : Published on March 16, 2020

I have observed that good shape (fitness) gets a lot of care and focus. That’s for a good reason. But, do you know that mental fitness is equally important? 

Yes, a fit body prevents us from chronic disorders such as diabetes and heart-related diseases. Nevertheless, mental fitness should not be neglected. 

Therefore, start including mental skilled exercises in your daily schedule to have a stronger mind and healthier body. Mental fitness simply means to keep your emotional health fit. 

The mind-body connection: not just a theory anymore 

Let’s understand this concept with my personal experience, I have thyroid and I love my job. But sometimes, I feel anxious about my job. I often get angry and snap at others for small mistakes. I know this situation is awful! I consulted my Psychologist. 

Turns out that I have healthy habits but my anxiety prevents me from paying attention to the cues my body gives me when my thyroid level rises. 

Therefore, my psychologist advised “Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction (MBSR)” classes along with my thyroid care program. After that, I am capable of controlling my emotions. 

Importance of Mental Fitness

This simply means that our feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs negatively and positively affect biological functioning. 

Our minds affect how healthy our bodies are! 

Additionally, what we do with our physical bodies impacts our mental state. This results in a complex interrelationship between our bodies and mind. 

Therefore, it is really necessary to balance mental fitness as well. 

Advantages of Mental Fitness

From symptoms of anxiety and depression to keep our memory sharp, there are various benefits of mental fitness. Below mentioned are the top five benefits of mental fitness.

  • Helps to fight anxiety and depression
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases assurance and self-esteem
  • Boosts brain power
  • Promotes better sleep

Benefits of Mental Fitness

Tips to Follow Mental Fitness

When I say, becoming mentally fit, I didn’t mean to be prepared for a race. The related tips to follow mental fitness are quite easy and peaceful. Therefore, you can add these mental activities to incorporate mental fitness in your life

  1. Daydreaming 
  2. Finding humor 
  3. Reading (my personal favorite) 

Tips to Follow Mental Fitness

Follow these below mentioned suggestions to increase mental fitness. 

1. Positive vibes only 

Stay positive and radiate positive vibes only! It should be your mantra for incorporating mental fitness in your life. Talk with self and try to bring self-confidence and happiness to the fullest. 

In the beginning, you can create a checklist of good qualities. Keep reminding yourself that nobody is perfect. Furthermore, set goals and objectives where you wish to change within yourself. 

2. Stop multitasking 

I know multitasking is an asset. But, sometimes multitasking becomes stressful and creates more problems. Therefore, try to concentrate on one task and become more productive. 

3. Doing something different 

Doing something new or different sets you on the road of mental fitness. You can try: 

  • Travel new places
  • Try new food or cuisine
  • Accomplish tasks in a different manner
  • Try new roads or games 

doing something different

4. Read books 

Reading books is really powerful for your brain. Even if you are understanding this blog, your brain is litigating and retrieving the meaning. 

Reading improves your visualization and imagination power. It is also one of the most popular relaxation techniques advised by experts. There are many inspirational books as well. For Example- Ten types of innovation, designing for growth and rising strong. 

5. Play games

Try out new reasoning games that sharpen your mind such as sudoku, board games or puzzles. Such games help to build up your brain muscles. Try games which are based on: 

  • Reasoning 
  • Trivia 
  • Logic 

play games

6. Take out your personal time 

Most importantly, try to take out your personal time from your busy schedules. In your personal time you can try to: 

A small message from Calm Sage 

Mental fitness is essential for maintaining our brain and body healthy, specifically when we age! Try listening to new songs, playing new games and visualization and relaxation exercises. 

Bring out the calendar and mark your mental fitness days at least once twice in a week! 

Your health and mind deserve it. 

Thanks for reading. 

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