NEVER IGNORE Signs Of Depression As Owen Wilson Did!

Last Update on July 9, 2021 : Published on December 24, 2019

Mental Stress Brought Irony in the Life of Zoolander Superstar


Weak are those who don’t fight with depression and attempt something that shakes the families and friends. In the case of a celebrity, the world shakes up too. Some of these signs of depression were evident with Hotstar Owen Wilson, who tried to attempt suicide in the year 2007.

This ‘Wedding Crasher’ superstar tried to commit suicide after developing an addiction to heroin and cocaine. We all know the fame-filled life actor was living before the trauma and saw a huge smile on his face. Little we knew the inside story, and even the world ignored the silent signs and symptoms of depression. In his own words, he said that mental health is as fragile as physical health.

Despite being a comedian and loaded with good financial health, major depression symptoms made him drop out of a profitable movie.

Causes of Depression

  • Excessive drug use: It is pretty clear that Owen Wilson was consuming drugs like heroin and cocaine for a few years. It is also estimated that one-third of people battling depression are consumers of intoxicants.
  • Hampered personal relationships: He was reportedly in a relationship with actress Kate Hudson, and their break up triggered him to take extreme steps against life.
  • Imbalanced professional and personal life: Though 6 million people are facing depression in the U.S. every year, dealing with it for someone in the limelight is pretty hideous. Acting differently on one end but mind occupied by something on another is not such easy management.

What Did He Do?

He tried to harm himself by consuming excessive drugs and slitting his wrists. He landed in the hospital within golden hours and was saved. Loved by so many fans, family and friends, Wilson tried to recover not only physically but also mentally post the incident.

What He Should Have Done?

There were evident depression symptoms that his friends noticed but ignored  thinking that he will heal in some time. Any signs of depression SHOULD NEVER BE IGNORED.

He should have contacted a psychologist and take proper treatment like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a few weeks just like Selena Gomez did after dumping what paparazzi think.

Though he was already taking anti-depressants, consuming drugs along was never the right idea. LUCKILY, he was back to hit movies, got kids and fought depression while giving himself his own time.

NOTE that these pieces of information have been compiled from various news websites.

LEARNINGS: What Should I Do If I Have Signs Of Depression?

1. Understand the type of depression you are living in. Feel what your mind wants to convey to you and find whether it is Clinical depression, bipolar disorder or simply anxiety.

2. Manage it while speaking out to your friend, a trusted family member or an expert. There are some stress management apps that can be kept on the phone to deal with early signs of depression.

3. TALK TO US or an expert. If you are not able to deal with the situation for now and getting unwanted thoughts, just talk to us. Or recommend us to your known who is dealing with depression symptoms right away!

Don’t delay and don’t wait! Let’s fight depression together.


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