Selena Gomez’s Depression Story Is An Inspiration For Peers: INSIGHTS

Last Update on August 22, 2023 : Published on June 29, 2020

Having a large Instagram fan following, songs that top the charts and blessed by the beauty didn’t spare even your favorite idol, Selena Gomez, from depression. Yes, depression never discriminates whether you are a celeb or a regular 9-5 office goer or simply a struggler who is looking for a perfect job. So buckle up and find some truths about Selena Gomez’s depression story and her decision to take short breaks from social media in between the busy schedule.

She spoke openly about this mental disorder in order to make people aware of something which shall not be kept under wraps. In fact, if any help is required, one must reach out to the professional help or take precautionary steps.

What Were The Reasons For Selena Gomez’s Depression?

1. Family Strains

Gomez did not enjoy a fancy childhood as we may expect from her present status. After her parents got divorced and financial laggards stood up like a rock, Gomez had a rollercoaster journey throughout. Before she got a breakthrough with Disney, troubles, and frustrations walked along with her. The beginning of Selena Gomez’s depression is here!

2. Auto-Immune Disease

We are very much aware that Gomez suffered from an auto-immune disease called Lupus which also needed chemotherapy. Lupus is a condition where the body’s own immune system attacks the host. So, it happened to her. Moreover, things look a flip when a lot of complications erupted, and kidney transplant was the only option left.

This stage was particularly dangerous and risky for her. After recovering, Selena opened up about her situation of depression which she was dealing with for years.

3. Anxiety, Depression & Pain

“I was depressed, anxious, I started to have panic attacks right before getting on stage or right after leaving the stage,” said her after fighting Lupus and its consequences.

“Depression was my life for 5 years straight. Depression and anxiety were at the forefront of everything that I did in my life. Every single thing.” she added, “I would make myself have the courage to just keep going.”

After these situations, she canceled her tours and decided to treat herself from the trauma.

How She Coped Up With Depression & Anxiety?


It wasn’t that easy, but she got herself in a treatment center in Tennessee for 90 whole days. During this course, she surrendered her mobile phone and connectivity with social media. After this, she underwent Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

This therapy or Cognitive Behavioral Theory is based upon acceptance and mindfulness which lets one change their negative behaviors. Usually, an expert or therapist supports nature and tries to save from suicidal thoughts or thoughts of failure.

“DBT completely changed my life. I wish more people would talk about therapy. We girls, we’re taught to be almost too resilient, to be strong and sexy and cool and laid-back. We also need to feel allowed to fall apart.” glad Selena said so.

Moreover, accepting the reality and finally doing right for it is what Selena Gomez’s depression-fighting was about.

What To Learn?

  • Causes for depression

Depression could be caused due to reasons like relationship failure, financial stress, chronic disease, guilt, bipolar disorder, etc. There are various other reasons because of which depression can strike you straight, all you need to do is keep an eye on mood and mind.

  • Stay away from negative thoughts

What Selena has taught us that giving yourself space from negativity is one of the best ways to fight depression. In fact, the best method would be to not depression creep into our private lives. Like Selena took a break from social media for some time and didn’t bother about negative comments world was throwing at her, you can learn it too.

In fact, we would suggest applications that limit your social media usage and allows exploration of another side of the world. Try Social Fever, Offtime, or Moment!

  • Meditate and give me-time

Giving yourself your own time rather than thinking about what the world is doing is another mantra. And the best way to give yourself this time is sitting in meditation for some time. Take help from meditation apps or simply visit an efficient YouTube channel like the Buddhist Society of Western Australia.

  • Take medical assistance

Just like Selena or Indian actress Deepika Padukone, taking medical help at the right time is better than crying and sitting lonely at home. Consider it as a blessing. You can also talk to us for further assistance and we will surely get you in contact with an online doctor.

Now, most importantly, let your brain believe that you can do it. If Selena Gomez’s depression could have gone with her will-power and strong intent, so can yours. Speak with us for more and we wish you the most happening life ever.

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