Panic Attacks: Facts, Natural Remedies & All You Need To Know

Last Update on March 8, 2022 : Published on September 27, 2020
Panic attacks

The year 2020 exposed many people to panic attacks where the fear of contracting coronavirus lingered in the minds of many. Although panic attacks can occur anytime and anywhere, one feels overwhelmed and finds themselves in a dangerous spot despite the actual situation being normal.

If someone is constantly worrying about their anxiety and random events impact them more than usual, it can turn into a panic disorder, a type of anxiety disorder. It is claimed that every 1 out of 10 individuals face panic attacks each year in the U.S. but only 3% of them reach the stage of panic disorder.

Panic Attacks could also be termed as a response to the fear when the body finds itself in danger, excitement and stress. Some people even believe that their mind is completely out of control and feel like they are dying or getting crazy.

Symptoms like sweating, increased heartbeat, shaking, shortness of breath and fear of dying are common.

There could be different causes why panic attacks occur but it can be said that doctors have no specific reasons for panic attacks. According to them, genes or the environment you grew in makes you sensitive towards responding to fear. Moreover, alcohol and drug use can make the symptoms worse. Well, there comes another list of facts that relates to panic attacks, check it out.

Facts About Panic Attacks:

1. Panic Attacks Are Common & Not Dangerous

As you have already understood that panic attacks are very common amongst people and it even becomes intense, it does not mean that someone would ultimately end up with a heart attack or ultimately die. Even if someone is feeling that they are dying because of a panic attack, they can totally avoid the thought as it is not happening.

2. Panic Attacks Do Not Stay With You Forever

Panic attacks may seem like a whole year but it usually lasts 5 to 15 minutes at an instant. It happens because your body is not able to adjust itself to high anxiety and people create a fear of having it again in near future. Panic symptoms usually corner themselves when you become resilient towards it.

3. Panic Is Reaction To Excessive Stress

Dealing with excessive stress is not an easy thing but thankfully, your body and nature has given you the power to deal with stressful situations via panic attacks. For example, when you see a speedy car approaching you, you may panic but it results in crossing the road as quickly as possible or take a few steps back. So, panic may help you to survive and your reactions make you resilient.

4. Panic Attacks Are Harmful When You Are Afraid Of Having More Panic Attacks

One panic attack occurred and it’s gone? Now if you are scared of going through similar activities that panicked you once, you are burdening yourself with dangers in future. For example, you are not exercising again thinking that heart rate will elevate or avoiding stepping out in the public fearing being hit by a car will only lock you in a vicious cycle.

5. The Fear Of Additional Attacks Increase If…

You monitor your pulse rate, heart rate and other symptoms every now and then and it enhances the chances of having additional attacks by itself. Such psychological thoughts need to be controlled and body monitoring requires limited concentration.

Panic Attack Home Remedies

It is understandable that panic attacks could bother you so much that nothing interests you for the moment but as you have learned that it can be controlled with your action, follow the instant remedies mentioned below.

1. Deep Breathing Technique

Control yourself for a moment, inhale deep and count to 5. Now hold and exhale out with the same counting. As your mind achieves the control, the symptoms lessen down by itself. You can even keep in mind a number of breathing exercises which gives you a control over body and mind.

2. Spot Stamping

Although it is not a proven method, people have reported controlled panic symptoms after regular stamping on the spot.

3. Grounding Technique

This is the most effective method and panic attack remedy when sudden anxiety makes its way. Grounding technique gives you a sense of surroundings in which you can notice things around you, touch, hear, smell and taste. It makes you feel that everything is under control and the moment of panic will pass very soon.

4. Write Down Your Thoughts

Believe it or not, when your thoughts run wild and you are not able to control them down, write it in your diary. It helps in clearing out thoughts and the situation in a better way so that panic attack definitely slips off from your zone.

How To Avoid Additional Panic Attack?

1. Lifestyle Changes:

Include exercises in your daily routine, avoid caffeine and alcohol and add breathing exercises every day. It helps in maintaining body-mind balance and your mental state becomes stronger with no panic attack.

2. Yoga & Meditation:

Yoga allows you to practice multiple stretching as well as breathing exercises that instantly improves breathing flow. With that, meditation makes sure that your thoughts are positive and overall happy.

3. Expert Counseling:

Do not hesitate with online counseling or personal counseling and communicate your thoughts to the expert openly. You might be suggested with talk therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy based on your condition.


Dealing with panic attacks may become easier for you as you aware yourself with the facts we have mentioned above. However, you must seek help from an expert counselor by either writing us at or visiting them in person if you wish not to repeat the episodes.

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