5 Secrets of Raising A Happy and Blissful Family!

Last Update on September 3, 2020 : Published on May 2, 2020

Everyone wants a happy and healthy family and why not to be? We live, laugh and love them and in return our family supports us, adds value to our well being and shares life’s joy & sorrows.

“Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold.” – Andre Maurois

Secrets of Raising A Happy

In today’s world everyone desires for a blessed family but only few of them are fortunate enough to have such blessings. There are various reasons that are blocking our path to have a happy family but I have got your back mate!

In this blog I am going to reveal proven secrets to raise a joyous and healthy family.

1. Teach Them To Be Grateful

Teach Them To Be Grateful

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend- Anonymous”

This is very important to make your children understand what they have and for reasons they have. When your children love to appreciate small things and being grateful for every single thing, this will enhance their moral values. Else, they might turn out to be a bitter or spoiled person in life.

Acknowledge them with faith, gratitude and appreciate every time when they say “ Thank You” This is how they can develop a feeling of gratitude.

2. Family That Eats Together Stays Forever


In today’s world, not everyone has enough time to have a family meal together. There are various reasons why I mentioned having food together with your family. You feel more connected towards your family as you begin to know more about their daily schedules. Your young ones and other family members will understand about the life skills and basic table manners.

“ Food Taste Better When You Eat It With Your Family- Anonymous ”

 3. Family Outing

family Outing

Family outing is important because it helps your young ones to understand how to deal with people we love. It also develops a sense of problem solving and goal setting in them. As we can see nowadays both parents are working and they hardly get time to manage their families.

It also improves communication between parents and their children. In addition to this, family outing also helps in strengthening the mutual bond. This is another secret that leads to a happy and blissful family.

 4. Be Friends With Their Friends!

be Friends With Their Friends!

If you are friends with your child’s friend, you are developing trust and security in your kids. Beside this, it is really important to deal with kids [your child and his friends] with authority and politeness, but do not increase so much strictness between them that they fail to explore your intention towards this act.

Start to like and appreciate their act or if they are willing to invite a friend to your home, let them. I am telling you this is because you will understand with whom they are friends with and other related situations.

 5. Talk & Acknowledge Their Emotions

talk & Acknowledge Their Emotions

Our children tend to imitate the way we behave with others or by themselves. It is important to talk with them and let them understand all the meaningful things in this world. Home is the first school from where our child learns and acts. If you want to add life and moral values in your kid’s personality, teach them and acknowledge their actions.

Positive attitude and meaningful teaching towards life will help them to understand about life and its stages. Don’t forget to emphasize your child’s emotions and acknowledge their progress.

What’s our Secret To Raise A Happy Family?

That’s all folks! Don’t forget to tell me about your secret to raise a happy and blessed family. If you have any questions for the same let me know in the comment section below!

I hope you like this article and shared it with your family and friends. Always remember that only you can change your life, no one else would do it for you.

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