12 Psychological Persuasion Techniques For Oneself & Others (That Really Work)

Last Update on April 2, 2021 : Published on April 2, 2021
Persuasion techniques

A common human being is persuaded everyday through the means of advertisements, advice, news channels and television programs. Consciously or unconsciously, we are persuaded by some or other means. If you think that persuasion techniques are friendly only for salesmen or marketing professionals, we may want to differ here.

Learning persuasion techniques can help every individual in their day to day life to become a better negotiator and even lets you achieve whatever you want. It could be making your parents understand a common point, letting your toddler eat food or persuade your boss to take up a new profitable business.

Secret Ingredient Of Persuasion Technique

As your target is to convince the listener, it is needed to adopt a new attitude which makes you part of others’ core belief system.

Although one can persuade other means like punishments, rewards, negative or positive expertise, here we are going to put up some proven psychological persuasion techniques.

Best Persuasion Techniques For You

12 Best Persuasion Techniques For You

1. Creating Need

A person is instantly attracted to your convincing argument if he or she knows that they need your advice, product or service. If their needs are connected to fundamentals like food, shelter, security, love, family or self-esteem, they are likely to hear you more. 

For example, baby powder advertisements have a connection to baby’s skin which you are emotionally connected to.

2. Listen Carefully

Listen Carefully

Persuasion techniques may look forceful to a person, only if they are actually forced. Instead, you must understand that listening is a very valuable tool and doing so prepares a person for a robust presentation. Listening carefully puts you in a position to understand what your audience actually wants and you are prepared next what to say

3. Loaded Words & Images

The power of positive words, images or videos can pull attention towards you in the easiest way. In fact, if you place strong words like ‘All Organic’ or ‘Newly Launched’ then you can bring attention to your products and services.

4. Pick A Story Form

Pick A Story Form

Go anywhere, people love hearing stories and when these stories are detailed and distinct, you won’t lose the point anywhere. In fact, if your story is clever enough then the person would not even know that you have convinced them already. Make sure you try this method of persuasion in your personal life.

5. Big Picture To Small Picture

Suppose you tell someone that ‘You can sign a million dollars deal and everyone could be fascinated by the style of your pen. That’s what classic people do.’ Here, the salesperson is giving you an unrealistic goal but requesting you to buy or take the smallest service that you can afford very easily. Such psychological persuasion technique often compels a person to accept what you have to offer.

6. Speak Language Of Others

Speaking the native language of audience members is important for connection but speaking their commonly used words, sentence structures and forming their body language is a huge addition. It will help you to gel with the audience and hence, you can even try to mimic or repeat what they say. 

7. Comparison Is No Harm

Drawing a comparison between your services to others makes your audience familiar to something unknown or acquaintanced. It doesn’t mean that you have to let your competitors feel down or show them in a bad light. All you have to do is show yourself in a better and stronger manner.

8. Minimize Risks

An important persuasive technique includes cutting down risk for your audience or else you will be forced to narrow down your audience. By the time, you can also show them ways to solve a problem and present exactly what they want.

9. Refer Experts’ Opinions

Refer Experts

Admiring and respecting the experts in your audience’s field is a smart way to persuade them. You can choose to quote the expert, show an image of him or simply play the video of him explaining his views. It shows your audience the sincerity of your field and they could relate themselves to you in a specific fashion.

10. Work Towards Excitement Of Senses

Remember, auditory senses of a human being are very powerful. If you are using words, images and persuasion techniques which remind them of you in a certain way, they would be more than excited to connect with you. For example, instead of saying apple pie, you can describe the ingredients and smell and ask them to guess the dish.

11. Use Anchoring

Anchoring is a technical tool of persuasion and is used most often to compare pricing. In this, you convince someone that they got the best deal by showing them the worst deal in the first place. Why does that happen? It is because the client is convinced that he had earned the best and bargained price in front of high prices.

12. Limiting The Availability

Psychologist Robert Cialdiani has explained in a principle that things which are rare or have limited availability attract a user much more. If they learn that the item is in premium range or stock is open for limited time availability, their mind wants to get it more than anything else.


We hope that you have understood why and how persuasion techniques actually work in your personal as well as professional life. However, it is now up to you how smartly you play the game of persuasion and convince others to undertake certain actions.

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