10 Reasons To Turn Off TV For Improving Your Mental Health

Last Update on September 13, 2022 : Published on September 14, 2022
Reasons to turn off your TV for mental health

Watching television helps us in attaining news, understanding what’s going around the world, teaches us new skills, keeps us entertained, and whatnot!

We all are so attracted to our television that we sometimes neglect the dark side of watching television. Watching television for longer hours can disrupt your sleep, make you lazy, develop stress, ruin your relationships, and the list goes on!

If that’s all happening with you and if you’re considering turning off your television for some good, you have landed on the right page.

In this blog, I will be sharing some top reasons to turn off your television for the better.  These reasons will you in convincing why watching television for long hours is bad for your overall health.

If you’re someone who watches television for longer hours, this blog is for you as you might want to know how television is not only eating your time but also your health and relationships!

10 Reasons to Turn Off your Television

1. Watching television eats time

Watching television for long hours eats up our time, and we could use that time to do something productive. If you don’t want to do anything, you can just try brain exercising so that you can improve your mental health.

You can also just relax and read a novel. By doing so, you will be saving a lot of time and you will be spending that time more productively and positively.

2. Watching television makes you less socializing and uninteresting

I have seen many people discussing sports, sitcoms, programs, and events. And, when I asked them about their personal life, they had nothing to share and no stories to tell.

You must work on making your life interesting so that you can live life positively and happily. We must start socializing so that we can improve our communication skills, make new relationships, and find new interesting things about people.

3. Watching television develops stress

When we spend most of the day doing nothing but just watching television, it can make us stressed and overwhelmed.

We start feeling stressed because we have realized that we should be spending our time doing something. Watching television for longer hours drains our energy and makes us look tired.

4. Watching television does not grow a healthy relationship

When you prefer watching television with your partner instead of spending quality time, it means that you are not working on developing deeper and meaningful relationships.

Watching television together for some time can help you spend some time together, but if you’re watching television for long hours, you’re missing out on some real fun of being in a relationship.

5. Watching television does not promote relaxation

We sometimes believe that watching television after working for long hours will help us in relaxing while it’s the opposite. Watching television does not promote relaxation at all, instead your brain stops processing information.

6. Watching television results in isolation

If you love sitting and watching television instead of interacting with your loved ones, family members, and partner, you might be missing some new opportunities to deepen your relationship. It might result in isolation and loneliness. Therefore, move out of the world of television and talk to people.

7. Watching television for long can result in addiction

Yes, you can get addicted to watching television too. If you watch television to calm yourself down, you might be addicted to watching television. Therefore, you must avoid watching it for long hours and try putting your time into doing something creative and productive.

8. Watching television triggers impulsive buying

We all are aware of the working process of commercials; they convince us to buy things that are not useful or productive at all. If you want to learn more about impulsive buying, refer to the below link:

Are you an impulsive buyer? Here’s how to stop it

9. Watching television programs you with negativity

When we consume negative, unreal, and bogus content most of the time, it channels us with negativity. It really does not matter what type of content we consume, you must start cross-checking the facts with the outside world.

10. Watching television creates unrealistic expectations

It’s a fact when we consume content that is unreal and does not have a relation with the world; we tend to be setting unrealistic expectations of ourselves, our loved ones, and our family members. Therefore, watch less television and try to consume the right content.

Listen to the podcast: Expectations Vs. Reality

Key Takeaway

I have always preferred relaxation and spending quality time before watching television for no reason at all. Someone wise said, “We get one life to live and we should work on making the most of it.”

We should count every day as an investment and we should be doing great and amazing things. Therefore, avoid watching television for long hours and invest that time in something good, positive, healthy, and productive.

I hope this blog helps you understand why you must avoid watching television for long hours. Comment down and share your views on the same. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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