Important Life Skills: Fearlessness, Independent, Optimism and More

Last Update on March 9, 2022 : Published on June 29, 2020

To live happily and positively, we need to develop life skills which are really important. Building essential life skills also improve our personality. Book by William James, “The Principles of Psychology (1890)” also describes learning the essential life skills. But, I think the time back then was different, and right now 2020 is treating us totally differently. In 2020, hot topics are feminism, black lives, independent life, optimism, open discussions about depression, and more.

As per views, life skills are changed now… we are living in a generation wherein words are the same but now definitions are getting change. Previously, the definition of happiness was money and fame. Meanwhile, now people focus on happiness and peace. In this way, essential life skills are also changed with time. In this blog, I have covered essential life skills according to today’s generation and lifestyle. So, let’s get started.

Top 8 Essential Life Skills

1. Independent


Like US Culture, all the countries are raising their children as independent. The benefits of being independent are that you do not have to depend on someone else to help you…you become your own hero. An Independent personality comes from a growth mindset. Therefore, one should always focus on their growth, career, and relationships. In 2020, we don’t tolerate nuisance and works really hard for inner peace.

2. Optimism

I have read somewhere that “do not work after office hours, enjoy your life.” I think this sentence is so deep. Personally speaking, in my previous job I used to work 10 hours, had no personal life, and got stressed. But, now I work during my office hours only, enjoy personal life with my friends and my pet… and as an outcome, I feel less stressed and anxious. This is how we build an optimistic life for us. Similarly, everyone should focus on positivity. Optimism is really an essential life skill we need to live in this generation and era.

3. Inner peace

Inner peace

After positivity, comes inner peace… wherein due to our hectic schedules, we somehow ignore to live in the present and enjoy the serenity. Therefore, in this workaholic era, we should take out some time from our busy schedules and maintain inner peace. We can do meditation, yoga, exercise, walk or simply any activity which provides calmness.

4. Fearlessness


To all the introverts out there, waiting to be heard or looked at…you really need to be more vocal about your views, issues, and thoughts. Additionally, fearlessness comes from a tragic mind and vocal tongue. This generation is not about staying quiet; instead, you have to be more vocal and thoughtful about your needs and career.

5. Equality

While we talk about fearlessness and to be more vocal, one of the most important life skills is to treat everyone with equality. Equality comes from an open-minded society and positive behavior. One of the most important factors in living positively and happily is to treat everyone with equality.

6. Support


Due to the pandemic and various situations like Amazon fires… we should come forward and support. Other than socially supporting each other, we should also look after our closed ones because we never know what they are going through as depression does not have any face.

Moreover, being there when someone needs, holding hands, showing kindness to everyone… is kind of support everyone needs in this generation apart from monetary support.

7. Integrity to Treat People With Respect

After equality, our generation demands to be respected regardless of age bar and position. Everyone should be treated with respect. Therefore, when you work in an office or go to college… treat everyone equally with respect. It will make the other person happy and in return, you will get happiness and peace.

8. Fun and Humorous Side Should Always be On!

Fun and humorous side

While go hit the gym, go to the café or work in the office… do not let the inner kid dissolve with maturity. Keep on adding small fun into your life and make everyone happy with your witty humor.

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