Soul Ties: Recognizing Soul Ties And Breaking The Unhealthy Connections

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We see different shades of relationships throughout, some of them are healthy and some of them are not good for our overall well-being. When we start bonding in a relationship, it is quite challenging to understand what’s exactly happening until and unless the unhealthy connection starts breaking down. Soul ties are one of them!

Some people associate twin flames with soul ties, however, both terms are different with different meanings. Soul ties are one of the highly misunderstood connections. They are not just about intimate or sexual connections but also spiritual connections that help strengthen the connection between two people.

In this blog, I am working on understanding soul ties, their signs, and how to break unhealthy soul ties. So, let’s get started!

What is Soul Tie Connection?

A soul tie connection happens when someone deeply enters your soul. Well, it’s the most misunderstood concept because soul tie is not about the connection you feel after building sexual connections with someone.

A soul tie connection presents a bigger perspective… A soul tie is also about connecting emotionally or spiritually with people such as friends, co-workers, romantic partners, family members, and pets. Soul ties are resilient and long-lasting bonds. However, not all soul ties are positive; they can also be destructive or unhealthy. Therefore, it is really important to understand the formation, types, and signs to keep healthy connections maintained and break unhealthy connections.

1. Formation of Soul Ties

When two people start connecting mindfully, spiritually, and physically, a soul tie is formed. They often share commitments, promises, or vows that enhance or strengthen the bond between two people. In order to form a soul tie, it is important to connect with someone emotionally.

2. Different Types of Soul Ties

Per psychology, soul ties can be emotional, spiritual, social, and physical.

  1. Physical Soul Ties: Formed during intercourse
  2. Emotional or Protective Soul Ties: Formed when two people share common feelings (can be romantic or platonic relationships)
  3. Spiritual Soul Ties: Formed when two people connect on a higher level or experience a spiritual connection
  4. Social Soul Ties: Formed between co-workers, friends, or family members

10 Signs of Soul Tie Connection

To identify your soul tie connection, you can refer to the below listed 10 signs of soul tie:

1. You are deeply connected with someone.

Having a soul tie in your life is all about experiencing something new (that you have never experienced before). A soul tie forms a connection that is more intense and teaches you the definition of love. right now, if you feel like you’re in love with someone spiritually and emotionally, it might be a sign that you’ve found your soul-tie connection. 

2. You both share common, mutual, or perfect timing to transition.

The person you are falling in love with has entered your life at the right time, especially when you were ready to transition yourself into a better and more loving person. They look like comfort to you and they always show up when you need them. 

3. You are obsessed with the connection you two have formed during this time.

It really does not matter what your priorities were before meeting them, if right now, you feel complete with them, it might be your sign to fall in love deeply. If you spend your day thinking about them, you might want to connect with them deeply without having control over your thoughts. 

4. You seek their approval or guidance before doing anything.

If before making a decision or trying something new out, you ask them about their opinion…it means that their opinion or approval means a lot to you and you’re looking forward to their honest opinion on whatever you’re planning to do. 

5. They get the best out of you.

When you’re with your soul tie, you feel you’re at the best version. You can count on every step with them. Additionally, you start using your soul-tie as a benchmark, you start judging people, and remove people who do not even level up to your soul-tie. 

6. You seek their guidance as a benchmark.

You get so inspired by their actions so that you start taking their guidance as a benchmark for achieving goals. they start becoming a safe place to you, comfort, or familiar that you sometimes get feelings of déjà vu. 

7. You do not consider your life without them.

You eventually pick them to be your best person and you start considering every step with them. The idea of losing them freaks you out. This feeling keeps on getting dramatic regardless of what your past relationships or childhood may have been. 

8. You freak out when you get negative feelings about them.

They start feeling familiar to you and once you establish a soul time with someone, you begin to picturise the whole life with them. Everything you do reminds you of them and you begin to share a bond with them that feels so special or unique that you start freaking out when you get negative feelings about them. 

9. They feel like a safe space, home, or familiar to you.

One of the common signs of finding a soul tie is that they feel like a safe space, home, or familiar to you. You start feeling that they complete you and compliment you in every situation. This is a sign of a healthy romantic relationship. 

10. You both share a unique connection.

Fantasizing a lot about your soul tie is again one of the common signs. You get so attracted to them that you start fantasizing about them a lot and you feel that you both share a unique bond that is incomparable.

Understanding Healthy and Unhealthy Soul Tie Connections

To identify if your soul-tie connection with an individual is healthy or unhealthy, refer to:

Healthy Soul-Tie Unhealthy Soul-Tie
Couples who are not able to manage time together Feeling anxious or stressed when they are not around or far for a long time
Living life independently with emotional support Living life dependently and seeking constant emotional support from them
Your partner empowers you or makes you a better person You lack decision-making or seek constant approval from your partner
You feel safe and connected even when they are having conversations with other people You are jealous, possessive, or obsessive about them. You can’t stand someone else talking with them.
After meeting with them, you have discovered your inner self or you have polished your identity even more. You constantly struggle to define your identity or lack personal identity after meeting them.
You feel happy, positive, and cheery when you’re around them or after interacting with them. You feel exhausted, drained, or negative when you’re around them or after interacting with them.
You feel fulfilled or joyous most of the time. You feel empty or co-dependent all the time.

How to Break Unhealthy Soul Tie Connections?

If you find yourself trapped in an unhealthy soul connection, you can try breaking the unhealthy ties and restoring balance in your relationship. Follow the below-mentioned steps to break unhealthy ties and restore healthy connections:

Step 1: Acknowledge the issues

Begin the process by understanding the issues. You can take a small break; identify the problems and impacts of being in an unhealthy soul-tie connection.

Step 2: Cut off the toxic ties

After understanding or acknowledging the problems, start cutting off the toxic ties, and restoring the healthy balance.

Step 3: Radiate positivity

Whatever you do, do it positively so that you can restore the same energy in your relationship again.

Step 4: Decide what’s good for you

Stop being dependent on them, instead decide by yourself. You can seek their guidance but do whatever suits you best.

Step 5: Follow self-compassion and self-forgiveness

During the process, learn self-forgiveness and self-compassion to release negative emotions such as anger, resentment, or thoughts to live life peacefully and positively.

I hope this blog helps you understand the signs of soul ties and how to break unhealthy soul tie connections. Comment down and share your views on the same. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the signs of soul ties?

Obsession, safe space, unique connection, approval-seeking behavior, or mutual interests are some of the common signs of soul ties. 

How do soul ties go away?

The concept of a soul tie means a strong and long-lasting connection, however, according to psychologists, not all connections are positive, and some soul-tie connections become destructive and unhealthy after some time. When you or your partner feel that the relationship is going more in a negative direction, it may be time to heal and move forward. 

How do you know when a soul tie is broken?

Destruction is one of the signs that show that soul tie is dangerous. Apart from this, extreme possessiveness, co-dependency, and jealousy are some of the common signs that show it may be time to break a soul tie.

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