The Most Rewarding Jobs For People With Depression

Last Update on March 2, 2021 : Published on March 2, 2021
Most Rewarding Jobs For People With Depression

“Depression is the most unpleasant thing I have ever experienced. . . .” – J.K. Rowling

When someone is struggling with depression, their days are mostly spent stressing over the smallest things. The stress someone feels during depression can be sometimes impossible to deal with and at times this stress can affect work and relationships.

Dealing with any mental health disorder is not an easy feat. It can leave you feeling cranky, irritated, lost, hopeless, and void of any feelings and emotions. Worldwide, depression is one of the most common mental health disorders that affects approximately 264 million people.

Many people, due to barriers like economic status, lack of mental healthcare providers, and social stigma surrounding mental health concerns, are left undiagnosed and untreated for depression. Because of these reasons, many people go on with their daily routines feeling depressed, stressed, and anxious.

Depression In Workplace

Workplace stress is one of the causes of people feeling depressed, burnout, anxious, and stressed. While work is only one of the aspects that are directly affected by depression, it can be tough if the work you’re doing is unable to meet your needs to manage the symptoms of depression.

Sadness, grief, stress… These concerns are not the same as depression but these feelings can be a trigger for depression or depressive episodes. People who experience the symptoms of depression often feel these feelings with a great intensity that can affect their overall wellness and productivity.

With the help of psychotherapy, medications, or a combination of both, depression can be treated but many a time, making changes to one’s lifestyle can also help better manage the symptoms of depression. Working in an environment that is negatively impacting your health and isn’t comfortable for your mental peace can increase or worsen the symptoms of depression.

In this article, I’ll help you explore what jobs are best for you if you’re dealing with depression or other depressive disorders.

Best Jobs For Someone With Depression

There are many rewarding jobs and career paths available for you to choose from if you’re dealing with depression. Finding a job that can help you balance your mental and emotional health, keep your anxiety at bay, and help you achieve a good work-life balance is important.

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Here are some of the best jobs for you to choose from:

1. Librarian Or Library Management

If you love books or have a passion for reading, then this job is one of the best for you. Many full-time librarian positions require at least a master’s degree in library science or library management but most of the time you can find a part-time job in a library as a technician to help work the desk, shelve books, scan documents, or help patrons finding research materials.

There are a lot of opportunities working in a library to interact with people. If you love history, you can work in archives or help students with their projects. Libraries are an important part of any community and require dedication. If you’re someone who likes reading, loves books, or has a passion for either, then you’ll find working in a library very rewarding.

2. Dog Walker Or Pet-Sitter

Spending time with animals is therapeutic and can be very helpful in managing symptoms of depression. If you’re an animal lover and don’t mind spending hours walking or working with animals, then this job is for you. Dog walking or pet-sitting can offer you an opportunity to care for – including grooming, feeding, and cuddling – dogs, cats, and other animals.

If you don’t have the means to adopt a pet, then being a dog walker or pet-sitter can help you stay close to animals. Did you know that cuddling a pet or being near a dog can provide emotional and psychological support?

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3. Computer Programmer

Not everyone can work with technology, coding, or mathematics but if you have a flair for these subjects then computer programming can offer you a rewarding career. If you are not comfortable working in an IT environment with a large team at your disposal, you can always work solo as a freelancer.

Programming jobs aren’t normally low-stress jobs and can have long working hours. However, you can start working as a programmer in a company, then slowly start your own business, or become a consultant with other companies.

4. Creative Artist

Why not make your hobby your profession? If your interests lay in creative arts, you can always become a creative artist. For example, if you love making hand-made jewelry, you can start a website or sell your art on social media or online retail platforms.

With this opportunity, you can make your hours and have the benefit and freedom to work with your hands to create art. If you attend conferences and social events, it will allow you to interact with other artists and open up your horizons. If you don’t like working in a studio or under a contract, you can always freelance your work.

Job opportunities under creative arts can be:

  • Writer
  • Painter
  • Graphic designer
  • Art director
  • Photographer
  • Illustrator

And many more. With being a creative artist, you get the flexibility to make your hours along with having time to take care of yourself, visit therapy, attend support group meetings, get enough sleep, and exercise – all on your time.

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5. Gardener Or Landscaper

Horticulture jobs such as working as a gardener or landscaper can allow you to work in nature, get enough vitamin D, and get some physical exercise. With this career option, you get to choose if you want to start your business or work under someone else.

Although, with gardening possibilities, you need to be prepared to do some heavy lifting so it is important to take care of your physical health. Working in nature and among plants can be a good stress reliever and can help you manage the symptoms of depression.

If you love working with your hands, in the dirt, and outdoors, then this is the perfect job for you!

6. Tutor

If you’re an academic student or love working as an educator, then becoming a tutor can be good for you. Tutoring jobs can be well-paid and can be done from the comfort of your home. This gig normally offers flexible hours and time, and if you excel in a particular subject then you can charge a higher rate.

Many online tutoring services offer an amazing and rewarding opportunity for people who want to teach online without any hassle of commuting.

Even if you have a perfect career or job, it doesn’t guarantee that your depression will be at bay. Depression isn’t something that should be taken lightly. There may come a time where you don’t want to wake up and get out of your bed. This can affect your job performance and productivity and can also cause you to worry about losing your job.

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If you’re dealing with depression and the symptoms of depression are making it difficult for you to work, then it is recommended you talk to a professional mental healthcare provider. Depression is a condition that can be treated and there are numerous online therapy resources for you to ask for help.

You can also write to us at for more information. We are always happy to help you.

Until then, stay safe and take care!

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