Let The World Become Yours, Become Your Own Biggest Fan

Last Update on March 4, 2022 : Published on March 5, 2022

“Consistency is harder when no one is clapping for you. You must clap for yourself during those times; you should always be your biggest fan.”

How beautiful and empowering this quote is?

When someone tops in the exams or wins the first trophy in extra-curricular activities…they get awards, claps, cheers, and a lot of appreciation from everyone.

Everyone has won something in their entire academic years, and indeed they should wear all those achievements proudly.

However, let me ask you something when life actually knocks you down, the struggle becomes your everyday tea, and stress becomes your regular issue…how do you take a stand for yourself every day, work hard, make decisions for yourself, and still keep moving on in the search of success?

That’s indeed a great job! Do you know you’re already doing great? I completely understand how uncomforting is to stand up for yourself, work hard, and take steps in search of success. But do you know that during this journey, nobody is going to pat you, clap for you, cheer for you, or appreciate you? In order to keep moving on for success, you’ll have to become your own hero or your own biggest fan.

You don’t only need appreciation, but you also want someone to value your compassion, worldliness, failures, weakness, and more. And only you can do that. You can become your own fan by believing in yourself, your values, your worth, your strengths, your weaknesses, your failures, and more. Wondering, how to become your biggest fan? Read this blog to learn how to become your biggest fan with effective tips and strategies.

Tips To Become Your Biggest Fan

1. Focus on what matters


“Your life is controlled by what you focus on.” – Tony Robbins

Clearly, you can only control what’s controllable similarly, maintain your focus on what matters. Prioritize your goals; do not let negative vibes or toxic people come in your way. Take inspiration from your coach, teachers, or mentors, and keep becoming the better version of yourself.

2. Accept responsibilities

“It’s only when you take responsibility for your life that you discover how powerful you truly are!” –Allanah Hunt

When you begin to accept your responsibilities, acknowledge your priorities, and clear your goals, nobody can stop you from achieving success. In order to accept your responsibilities, stop complaining and stop seeking a sense of validation.

3. Comparison should never be in your dictionary


“Comparison is the most poisonous element in the human heart because it destroys ingenuity and it robs peace and joy.” – Euginia Herlihy

If you’re someone who compares yourself with others, you should stop comparing right away because it can kill your joy, peace, and happiness. You should never compare yourself with others because everyone’s journey is different.

4. Become a one-man/woman army

“You are a one-man army! Yes, surrounded by all kinds of challenges. Yet you are going to survive, just like that bird on top of the tree.” – Isadora

You should never fear solitude because it will stop you from seeking validation of your worthiness. When you learn to survive on your own, you become your own hero, you become your own army, you become your fan, and nobody can stop you from achieving your goals.

5. Keep expressing gratitude


“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

Expressing gratitude towards everything you have in your life is the best thing you can do for yourself. Gratitude not only shifts our perspective but also helps us in focusing on what we have and what we should have.

6. Take the Pill of Positive Self-Bias

“The greatest human quality is that of becoming unstoppable and you become unstoppable by refusing to quit, no matter what happens.” – Brian Tracy

You have to become unstoppable so that you can accomplish whatever you’ve wished for. Trust in yourself, and trust your abilities. Everyday remind yourself that you’re unstoppable and accomplish little steps day by day.

7. Carry confidence in your pocket

Carry confidence in your pocket

“With confidence, you have won before you have started.” – Marcus Garvey

Overall, you need the confidence to begin fresh from today onwards. You don’t need someone else’s validation, only you know your strengths and weaknesses, therefore, convert them into your confidence, and see how quickly you start becoming your own biggest fan.

Become your own biggest fan, see how instantly the world will become yours, and people follow your footmarks!

Pat yourself, cheer yourself, appreciate yourself and become an inspiration for others. I hope this blog helps you become your own biggest fan.

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More power to you!

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