To The ‘Strongest Person’: Thank You For Taking My Depressed Boat To The Shore

Last Update on August 4, 2020 : Published on January 22, 2020

Dear Friend

I called you the Strongest Person for a reason, and you know why. You are the one who knows what I have gone through and how much it impacted me. Despite my attitude being so cold, careless, and hopeless, you have stayed together to cheer me up every single day. I know you saw me crying alone but silently, didn’t leave hope on me. And I admire you for this.

Thank you for taking me out on walks, sharing juice at the cafe nearby, and telling me to take breaks from the routine life. I wasn’t comfortable at the beginning, but your constant support has literally driven me to stand beside you for your constant efforts. Gradually, I came back to a better place. I know it took more than 4-5 months to recover but your dedication is what has taught me a lot of unbelievable things.

I wasn’t so sure of reaching to the psychiatrist alone, even for a primary checkup. I was trembling with fear when the appointment was fixed and wasn’t even ready to leave the room. Things were troubled, I started panicking and thinking to harm myself for unknown reasons. This is where my strongest person knew what needed to be done. You kept your eyes on me till the appointment and took me very seriously until the process was completely done.

You knew that I was constantly tired.

You knew I was taking a lot of time to heal.

You knew I was silent from outside but crying deep inside.

I still wonder how did you manage to hear me out, listen to what I was talking patiently and loving me back continuously. You know what was most appealing; you never judged me still giving advice that was most crucial during the time.

I want to tell you that I might have become a stronger person as you are, something inside me wants you to watch out till I feel like breathing in the fresh air once again, with no bondages clutching on. Another thing I learned from you is changing your own perspective when surroundings do not change. And this lesson has made my life worth living so far.

Now when I look back to all those memories, I simply smile. When I look at you, my heart is just full of love and gratitude. All you do is send me the waves of freshness and positivity. Now that I am almost healed, I want you to try cheeseburgers with me, enjoy Diet Coke(Yes darling, I am still health-conscious), trek to the highest peaks and watch some more F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episodes together.

Moreover, you have me when you screw up things tomorrow 😛 Jokes apart, stick around and let’s enjoy life in our own style!


Another Strongest Person

To All The Strongest People Out There

If you are helping someone who is struggling with depression, KUDOS to your efforts. Read our quick guide on how to help someone with depression, and we may stay together to help thousands of others.

To all those people who have battled and won depression, CHEERS to life! Send your loved ones a lot of affection, and it’s time to find happiness after depression.

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