Types Of Attraction And Their Meanings

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I bet our regular readers know only one type of attraction which is physical attraction. And, you will be surprised to know that there are various types of attraction and each one is important and significant in various ways.

Not only this, they have different impacts on our psychological well being. With the help of this article, you will be able to differentiate between types of attraction for understanding your relationship and dynamics with your partner.

However, let’s first understand what exactly attraction is!


Attraction is the concept that changes from time to time due to reasons. You may find someone aesthetically attracted and within the same year, you may find them physically attracted. This happens because our preferences change from time to time.

Those who are involved in relationships with other people are likely to feel this change. Some people are good at maintaining relationships meanwhile some part their ways after some time. It all happens due to the change of attraction. There are different types of attraction and in your whole life you are going to experience different types of attraction, and it’s completely normal.

Knowing about all the different types of attraction will help you keep your emotional well-being intact. So, let’s learn what the different types of attraction in the next section are.

Different Types of Attraction

1. Romantic Attraction

Romantic Attraction

Romantic attraction is the most common and ideal type of attraction. As the name goes, it means how someone feels sexually attracted towards someone. Romantic attraction is not only about physical intimacy instead it is about the center of main interest.

This type of attraction revolves around the desires of having an emotional and deep relationship with each other which tells us that romantic attraction is not only about physical aspects.

It is important for those people who are looking for companionship with their partners. When the romantic attraction is coupled up with sexual attraction, it forms a strong bond and foundation for the couple.

2. Physical Attraction

Physical Attraction

Physical attraction is way too different from romantic attraction or sexual attraction. Physical attraction only includes physical contact such as the physical forms of expression.

Meanwhile, sexual attraction is pretty understandable, physical attraction is all about the desire to touch and feel others which is not at all sexual. Physical attraction revolves around different types of levels of attraction and expressions like admiration, affection, and attraction.

Sometimes, it may include only kissing, hugging, cuddling, or forming different types of touch. Physical contact and physical attraction can happen between friends, family members, and those who keep interests in platonic relationships. Remember, there is no sexual component in physical attraction.

3. Emotional Attraction

Emotional Attraction

Everyone is attached emotionally with someone be it friends, family members, parents, or partners. This type of attraction revolves around variations of emotional attachment.

When someone opens up about their feelings and thoughts, they connect and share information about desires, dreams, hopes, life, and more, they eventually form emotional attraction which is really very important for overall mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Everyone needs someone with whom they can open their heart. You may have close friends or partners to be open and honest about everything. If you are having problems forming such relationships, you can try joining support groups that will listen to everything you want to share.

4. Aesthetic Attraction

Aesthetic Attraction

Aesthetic attraction is the most different type of attraction; we can say it is kind of materialistic! Have you ever watched a dress on sale though it’s beautiful to have?

Yes, that is exactly what aesthetic attraction is. It can also be with your favorite celebrities, you have a crush on them but still, you don’t feel like having an emotional relationship with them. This is the type of attraction with special, appealing, and beautiful people or things around the world.

We can say it’s about desires but not converting them into sexual interaction or other. Such type of attraction is important for you to have, as it makes you happy and improves your mental state and mood.

Getting Help

If you feel like you are having trouble forming such attachment styles with anyone, you can always seek professional help. As I said, it’s completely normal to feel all of the attractions and to feel nothing is also not a bad thing. However, with the help of a professional, you can help in navigating your attachment style with complete guidance so that it does not affect your mental health anymore.

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I hope this blog helps you to understand different types of attraction in brief. Comment down and share your views on different types of attraction. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

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