Astonishing Health Benefits Of Hugging! P.S- You’re Special!

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Health Benefit Of Hugging

“I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words- Ann Hood”

Hugs are awesome, they are full of compassion and warmth that could be felt by ones taking it and of course the one giving it! Indeed, everyone loves hugging and hugging. But are you aware of the scientific reasons behind this? or the health benefits of hugging? No, let me tell you, when we hug, sit or touch a person whom we love our body releases a chemical which is called as “Oxytocin” a happy hormone!

This happy hormone decreases the stress level and elevates happiness within. Now, it’s high time to discuss the health benefits of hugging!

Health Benefits of Hugging or Why Your Body Needs a Hug:

1. Hugs Are Pain Killer!

Hugs Are Pain Killer

Hugs work better than paracetamol! A hug from your loved one is enough to carry all the pain and have the strength to make you happier.

According, to the Research, rather than taking tablets, if you get a hug it is enough to ease the pain. Hugging someone you love for 20 seconds a day is a key to alleviate stress and beating burnout.

If you are in pain, and if someone you love hugs you, it will clear the pathways with the help of endorphins hormones. This method will improve blood circulation; hence you will be free from pain.

2. Hugs Elevate Happy Hormones- It’s Happy Time!

Hugs Elevate Happy Hormones

Happiness is needed and it is best when it comes naturally without forcing, right? If you are looking for a squeezy way of happiness, hugs are the best. Hugs promote Oxytocin hormones that trigger a number of chemicals yes, including Dopamine too.

Oxytocin is often dubbed as a happy or cuddly hormone and we know every relationship needs bonding, trust and devotion. So, this happy hormone helps you to get closer and improves interpersonal relationships. Dopamine promotes a good mood and lower the stress level.

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3. Good-Bye Depression!

Good Bye Depression!

When nothing seems right, we crave for a hug from our loved one, as it helps to promote our mood and offers an assurance that there is someone for you. Everyone has heard “an apple a day, keeps a doctor” now tweak it in your own by saying “a hug a day, keeps stress away”

When you feel your world is turning upside down or when nothing seems right, get a HUG!! I repeat get it straight away. It’s because a relationship is amazing when there is exchange between hugs and this process leads to better immune steps. As said above, hugs release the Oxytocin hormones that lower down the anxiety and depression level.

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4. Feeling All Alone? Hugs Are There!

As we know, the increasing trend of social media and technology has given distance between two people. They are connected through smart devices but physically they are apart. This situation leads to isolation and emptiness in a person’s life, resulting in loneliness.

This isolation state gives depression, anxiety and other mental issues. But don’t worry mate, hug is your savior. A good hug can help you in the state of isolation by giving you a sense of bond and connection. So you are not alone!

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5. You Don’t Need Words To Express, A Hug Is Everything!

Ok, so this is not out of context but when we are unable to express our love for someone, or we don’t have words to say, Hug is the best messenger. According to psychologist Danielle Forshee,“Touch is the first of our senses to develop in the womb and reaches maturity well before the other senses do” This is why hugs play an important role in saying unsaid words.

When we hug someone we love, it gives immense satisfaction and joy just with your touch. They are able to understand your emotions for them. Your intensity describes your feelings, so whenever you get a chance to hug, just do it!


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Keep Hugging!!

I hope you like this blog and understand the health benefits of hugging someone. If you have any queries or questions regarding the same let me know in the comment section below. If you think I missed out at any point, share with us, we are more than happy to respond to you.

Don’t forget to at least hug someone at least a day!  We are open for a conversation too.

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