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Last Update on July 15, 2023 : Published on June 27, 2021
being blown off

One thing I would never get about dating is that you never know what they expect you to be! People found relationships hard, therefore; people started calling it casual dating. In this new modern world, it is really difficult to understand people. Sometimes, they show interest, and sometimes they just blow you off. And, the irony is…both situations are difficult to handle.

If they show interest in you, you can never know what’s coming next and if they just type on messages “maybe next time” it can impact you mentally. It’s like a job interview, if you get selected, you have to prepare yourself for the next round and if you don’t, you don’t have to take it seriously and find another one!

But ever thought what happens when it starts hurting you like you really want to know the person and they are not just ready to share it. We all have experienced something like ourselves; we are all ditched by someone. Always remember that affection and love are the greatest teachers of life.

It can turn into an obsession (if not handled on time), if you are not able to move on, this blog will tell you how to deal with being blown off effectively without impacting your mental health. So, let’s get started.

6 Super Effective Ways to Deal with Being Blown Off

1. Do not wait; turn your pain into strength

Do not wait; turn your pain into strength

If it’s quite clear to you that they are just dismissing you, you don’t need to wait for them because it may impact your mental health more. Wondering how to do it…follow below tips to turn your pain into strength after being blown off by someone:

2. Treat yourself with happy food

Treat yourself with happy food

This might sound cliché but I tell you this works every time. Get yourself a tub of your favorite ice cream or packet of chips and munch them until and unless you start feeling better about it. Well, if you’re thinking this can be unhealthy for you, you can try:

  • Cherry tomatoes: As they are full of antioxidants, they prevent you from depressive symptoms.
  • Dark Chocolate: It is known as the best reliever food.
  • Blueberry: Blueberries are loaded with Vitamin C which helps you in overcoming a lack of motivation.

3. Communicate (if they are ready)


If you are not still over them and you guys are in touch, try to communicate your feelings. If you guys are not in touch, it’s a complete no-no situation, don’t ever disturb them. If you’re in touch, try to:

  • Clear boundaries
  • Ask them straight questions and keep the conversation simple.
  • Let them know about your feelings.
  • Tell them that whatever they have done was rude and you are hurt.
  • If they are not getting you, it’s time to say a nice goodbye.

4. Take the help of your instincts

Sometimes, it is good to listen to your inner instincts. Try to recognize the signs and understand them. Try to catch the signals of being blown off and do whatever your heart says, if it says, move on then don’t waste your time and move on. It’s quite clear! Or try to check:

  • If they have tried to contact you.
  • If they want a conversation around all of the stuff you have been going through.
  • If they are ready to understand.

Trust your gut, and get your signs!

5. Say a nice goodbye, don’t play the victim

Say a nice goodbye, don’t play the victim

If after having a conversation or trusting your instincts, your heart says to move on, move on. And, do not forget to say a nice goodbye without playing the victim. Relationships and dating do not go on a single road. Therefore, it is better to end this than to suffer. So, sum up everything, call them or write them a nice message stating that “it was nice meeting you however I think we are not on the same page and it’s better to part our ways.” Or you can write something else on your own!

6. Seek professional help if required

If it’s still bothering you and you are not able to move on, you can seek professional help. Clearly, counseling or therapy is not only designed for treating mental health issues. Therefore, there is no wrong with getting counselled by a professional. If you’re looking for help online, you can consider BetterHelp.

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Frequently Asked Quesitons:

1. What is being blown off? 

According to Merriam-Webster, being blown off means “to end a relationship with” or “to refuse to take notice of.” For example: before she goes for another relationship, she should try to figure out the reasons why she is always being blown off by men. 

2. What’s a word for blowing someone off? 

The other word used for being blown off or blowing someone off is ignoring, neglecting, or passing over. 

3. What to say when someone keeps blowing you off? 

When someone keeps blowing you off, communicate (if they are ready) or say a nice goodbye without playing the victim. Keep things positive and healthy. If you still experience a hard time after being blown off, consider taking professional help. 

4. How can you tell if a guy is blowing you off? 

You can take the help of your instincts or vibes to understand the signs. Below are some common reasons behind being blown off: 

  • Does not answer the calls on time 
  • Talks about other people in front of you
  • Does not follow the actual plans 
  • Is not interested in making plans with you 
  • Is not interested in asking about your personal life or goals 

I hope this blog helps you with effective ways to deal with being blown off. Comment down and share your experiences of complicated dating in this modern era. For more such content, connect with us on social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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