Reasons to Let Go of People Who Decided to Leave

Last Update on December 22, 2021 : Published on August 22, 2020
reasons to let go people who decide to leave

It is not at all easy to let go of someone, we thought they would stay in all ups and downs. But, the fact is that they are gone for some reason, and your life should not stop because they choose to leave you. We should all learn to move on with life. I know, moving on is not easy, you all might be looking for answers, the only reason which stops us from letting go. Sometimes, getting no answer is also an answer! In this blog, I have highlighted some major reasons why we should let go of people who decided to leave our lives.

Reasons to Let Go of People

1.Sometimes it is not about us

Sometimes it is not about us

It’s high time to self-realize and thinks, what made them leave you. After concluding all the facts, you will be able to realize that the reason was not you. You did everything to hold them, but the circumstances didn’t allow them to stay. Therefore, self-realize the facts, do not hold on to the past and let them go.

2.It is better to come out from a toxic relationship

Might be you have not realized yet, but the reason can be that your relationship became so toxic that it didn’t work anymore. Or maybe the circumstances converted the love into toxicity. Therefore, let go of the relations which became toxic after some years, it was not meant to be!

3.Maybe some people had other plans

Maybe some people had other plans

It can also happen that you planned to stick with the person lifelong, but the other person had some other plans and decided to leave. This situation is possible all of the time because whenever I see people fighting over something, I observe that one is trying to hold the relation while the other tries to just cut it off. Therefore, play smart, take care of your mental health, and let them go!

4.Things never work one-sided

You might have heard the phrase that “one-sided things never work as they should work.” Maybe this reason is enough for you to move on and let them go. One-sided love, efforts, care, trust is not at all enough to hold a relationship. The relationship is built on trust and love and equal efforts are required to balance out the problems.

5.Holding someone for long can make you toxic

Holding someone for long can make you toxic

They left without even giving it a second thought (maybe the circumstances made them do so).S till, you need to understand that they are gone and they are not coming back. Meanwhile, holding on to the hope that one day they are going to come back can make you toxic with time. Therefore, give time to yourself and move on before it becomes harder for you.

6.It’s time to be self-dependent

Yes, it’s high time to bounce back again and become more self-dependent. We cannot deny the fact that relationships and love make us dependent on them and when they leave our life loses subtlety. Therefore, get up, be resilient, and stop holding on to the past. Because sometimes you have to let go!

7.We can’t control someone

We can’t control someone

With these growing years and experience, I have learned that you cannot control someone even if they want you to! You should set everyone free, and let them do whatever they wish to do. Sometimes, too much controlling and obsessing can also make them leave. Therefore, learn to set everyone free and live life on your own terms.

I hope this blog helps you to let go of someone you are holding for long. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

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