What Does Your Music Taste Say About You? Find Out Here!

Last Update on November 3, 2022 : Published on November 3, 2022

What would you reply with if I asked you about your favorite music genre? Would you reply with pop or hip-hop? Or are you more inclined to listen to classical music? Maybe it’s rock or heavy metal. Have you heard of the theory that states you can find out a lot about someone’s personality based on their musical playlist?

I never thought that I could test out this theory and succeed, but I did. I asked my loved ones about their music preferences, and what do you know? I got to learn a lot about their personality! So it’s true when someone says that they can learn a lot about one’s personality based on their music taste.

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But what does science say about music and personality? Does it back this claim or refute it? Let’s take a look at what music says about your personality!

Music And Personality: What Of It?

Many of us form our musical taste in our teenage years, the same time when we begin figuring out our social identity. But, of course, our musical taste just like other preferences is bound to change with time. However, studies show that humans are fond of music ever since we form our tastes and can recall music from anywhere between 10-30 years of age.

We all have different musical tastes and preferences, but some experts believe that we’re drawn to genres and artists we feel most connected to, and this connection we have with music might say a lot about our personality.

If you’ve ever noticed that your music taste drifts to the same type of music as your friends, then don’t be surprised because it isn’t always a coincidence. Just based on a person’s music playlist, you can determine their personality traits, research suggests.

Music And Personality: What Research Says

Music And Personality

A recent study that was conducted on more than 36,000 people worldwide and included more than 100 musical styles is what I’m referring to. In this study, the participants were asked to fill in the Big 5 personality traits and provide information about their choice of music.

The results from this study observed that music and personality correlated. Of course, individual factors also played a role in this study.

In another study, it was observed that the music you like might also be connected with how your brain processes information. The researchers of this study concluded that people respond in two ways; one is on social cues aka empathizing and another on how they think they should aka systemizing.

Empathizers, they further concluded, are likely to enjoy mellow music with a side of indie rock or country music and prefer music that brought a strong emotional response. On the other hand, systemizers preferred jazz, classical, or music with energetic beats.

Let’s take a look at what your music taste says about you!

Music And You: What’s Your Preference?

1. Pop Music Personality

If you prefer pop music then you may be more on the extrovert side, honest, but a little conventional. Pop music personalities are hardworking, and have high self-esteem, but are also less creative. You might also become super nervous from time to time, but it doesn’t last long.

2. Rap or Hip-Hop Music Personality

Despite what others seem to believe, rap or hip-hop music personalities are not the aggressive and cold type. However, if you prefer rap music more than other musical styles, then you might have high self-esteem and might be more outgoing than others.

3. Country Music Personality

Country music enthusiasts, if you are one, can be classified as hardworking, and outgoing, but a little conventional and conservative. While you may also believe that country music’s for heartbroken lovers, people who prefer this music style might be more emotionally stable and secure. However, a downside to this music style is that people who prefer country music rank lower in openness to experience of the Big 5 Personality Traits.

4. Heavy Metal or Rock Music Personality

Heavy metal and rock music personalities are often associated with aggression, anger, and swagger, however, it might be further than the truth. The study found that if you prefer rock music or heavy metal, then you might be gentle and creative but rather introverted. You might also struggle with mild self-esteem issues.

5. Indie Music Personality

If you’re an indie music personality then you may be on the introverted side with a dash of intelligence and creativity. However, you may also be a little less hardworking and gentle than others. A few of your personality traits might include passiveness, anxiousness, and lower self-esteem than others.

6. Dance Music Personality

Now, if you prefer dance music, then you may be more outgoing, open to new experiences, and assertive, but a little lower in gentleness and might lack motivation, sometimes. However, you might be intelligent and a lot more creative to make up for what is lost.

7. Classical Music Personality

Classical music personalities and people who prefer classical music over other musical styles tend to be more introverted but comfortable with themselves. They enjoy their own company but are also not aversive of others. If you’re a classical music enthusiast, then you might rank higher in creativity and have high self-esteem.

8. Jazz or Blues Music Personality

Now if you’re a jazz or blues or soul music personality then you have higher self-esteem and are extroverted, very creative, intelligent, and calm. Just like the music itself! You also might have a higher IQ than people who prefer other musical styles.

Fun Fact~ Did you know that this study that we’re talking about in this article also suggests that we use music, more often than not, to define ourselves and connect with others?

This might be one of the reasons why we get defensive when their music style or preference is questioned. Any rejection or criticism of the music we like or relate to might feel like a rejection or criticism of our traits.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

Music taste is not the only thing that might account for your personality traits. Other factors that can play a role in shaping your personality traits can include gender, age, social status, cultural background, self-esteem, and other similar factors.

Music is one of the most creative ways to express your feelings as well as your identity so don’t shy away from knowing your musical taste.

Listening to music can have many benefits as well, including;

  • Better performance
  • Better imagination
  • A better understanding of moods and emotions, and more

The next time you create a playlist for yourself, take note of the music you put in and how it connects to your personality traits. You can also try listening to other musical genres to see if they suit your traits better.

Please note that this article is based on research and personal experience and is not meant to be an official or formal list of music and personality traits. You can’t always predict someone’s personality traits solely based on their music preferences.

So which music style defines you? What does your music taste say about you? Let us know in the comments below! You can also share this article with your friends and family and know their favorite music style and how it connects with their personalities.

I hope you found reading this article fun! Let me know what your music personality says about you in the comments below. You can also drop me an email at info@calmsage.com or DM us on social media.

Thanks for reading!

Take Care!

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