Glimmer: The Finest Way Of Finding Spark, Joy, Or Peace

Last Update on September 23, 2022 : Published on September 24, 2022

The easiest way to understand the meaning of glimmer is to recognize that glimmer is the exact opposite of the word “trigger.” A glimmer is nothing but a ray of spark, joy, or peace (can be internal or external) that brings us safety and happiness.

For example, glimmer could be anything like watching a sunset and feeling at peace or drinking a freshly brewed coffee and feeling relaxed. A glimmer could be anything that brings joy, happiness or other happy emotions into your body and mind.

According to psychology, glimmers are the response to regulate our irresistible systems. In this blog, we will be discussing the basic concept of glimmers, examples of glimmers, and how to identify your glimmers.

Understanding Glimmers in Psychology

Glimmer is the opposite of triggers and the term became in trend when Deb Dana introduced this term in her book “The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy” in 2018. While glimmer is an old concept, it was coined by Stephen Porges (Neuroscientist) in 1995.

In the theory, he explained how our nervous system keeps on searching for joyful rays or cues. Glimmers do not only come from experiencing big moments but they can also be derived from enjoying the micro-moment.

The concept of glimmer became in trend after a small video on TikTok went viral in February 2022. The video talked about expressing appreciation and embracing the concept of glimmers.

Glimmers are the ray of those tiny moments which bring joy and happiness and also promote relaxation, connection, ease, and a feeling that everything is going to be alright.

Common Examples of Glimmers

Glimmer is the cue of that tiny moment that makes us feel calm, relaxed, or joyful. Below are some of the common examples of glimmer derived from our regular life:

  • Sensing the cool breeze of the ocean’s air
  • The smell of a freshly cut grass
  • Observing a rainbow
  • Feeling the warmth
  • Finding a spark in the sky
  • Smelling lavender or any other relaxing aroma
  • Taking care of your dog or pet
  • Being in nature and enjoying the present
  • A smile of a stranger
  • Perfectly brewed coffee
  • Eating your favorite chocolate

PS: Glimmers are all about those tiny moments which bring relaxation, calm, peace, joy, and happiness! 

Benefits of Experiencing Glimmer

Experiencing glimmer is beneficial for everyone but it can be more effective and beneficial for the people who are going through or have experienced trauma. Glimmer allows people to understand their emotions and find joy in little things.

According to psychology, our brain is wired in a way that we always look for bad. And glimmer helps people in quitting the negative and find happiness in micro-moments.

The concept of glimmer revolves around identifying micro and positive moments that bring happiness to our bodies. It’s all about shifting our thought process to the bright side. Glimmer allows people to tackle issues from different and positive angles. When we experience glimmer, we are able to think from a positive side, and consecutively, it helps us in making our life better, easier, and happier.

Difference between Triggers and Glimmers

Let’s take a deep look between triggers and glimmers:

1. Understanding Triggers

When we feel triggered, our brain relates us to the traumatic events which light up the fight or flight response in our body. This response is helpful when we are in danger but it is less helpful when we are triggered by our own daunting memories. This puts us in a stressful situation wherein our heart rate and blood pressure are increased. If this situation becomes chronic, it can result in problems like insomnia, depression, and more.

2. Understanding Glimmers

Glimmer is all about getting on the top so that you can connect with safety and positive engagement. This brings us to the “rest and digest” also known as parasympathetic nervous system response which helps in reducing the risks of mental and physical health issues.

How to Identify and Embrace Glimmers

In order to feel glimmered, you must try to identify your glimmers so that you can get rid of triggers or negative thoughts. To find out your glimmers, take out a piece of paper and pen or open notes on your phone.

  1. Begin the identification process by closing your eyes and imagining the moment that brings peace and joy within.
  2. Now, think about what makes you feel safe and cared for.
  3. Now, think about a loved one or your parents where you feel relaxed and at peace.
  4. Now, write it down. That’s your glimmer! In the same way, try to find more glimmers and keep embracing them for establishing positivity in your life!

I hope this blog helps you with understanding all you need to know about glimmers. Comment down and let us know “what makes you glimmer?”

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Thanks for reading and keeping finding joy!

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