Best Crystals For Manifestation: How to Use Crystals For Manifesting

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The Law Of Attraction is a thing that may sound too good to be true to many. But, for believers, it is one of the most influential ways to manifest their dream life. For some, the power of the Universe can be used to make anything possible and they believe it can happen by including crystals to manifest.

Before we go further and explore how to use crystals for manifesting or what crystals are good for manifesting, let’s take a brief look at what is manifesting.

Manifestation is the process of attaining your desires and thoughts into reality. The Law of attraction states that thoughts become things and what you focus on more, the more you see in your reality.

Manifesting is also a subconscious act and if you’re a believer in manifestation then you may say that we are manifesting our desires the more we think about them, feel them, and experience them.

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But How do Crystals Come into the Process of Manifesting?

A crystal therapist and wellness coach say that the universal law of attraction is established on energy. They explain that everything in the universe has some energy on a particle level and the thoughts carry a vibration.

They went on to explain that,

“When we consider that ‘like attracts like’ the things we think about and focus on become part of the vibration we carry, and therefore attract.”

Manifestation, in scientific terms, means aligning vibrations with one’s thoughts and desires. And crystals can help with aligning the vibration frequencies. Below, let’s explore how crystals for manifestation work and what are the best crystals for manifesting.

Why Manifest With Crystals?


What do you want to attract? Your soulmate? Money? Better health? or anything you want in your life? Well, adding crystals to your manifestation can help you align your vibration frequencies with what you want to manifest.

Crystals carry energies that can be channeled to control the energy within your body and around you. Crystals are powerful, more than we realize. They are life forces that grow just like flora, fauna, and people. They carry an electric charge through their structure known as piezoelectricity. This electric charge can influence the crystal’s vibration as well as the one using the crystal, on an energetic level.

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Crystals, just as they work for meditation, can work for manifestation as well. They are there to provide clarity, the influx of energy, and the courage to turn your thoughts and desires into reality. When you use crystals for manifesting, the process, the energy, the vibrations, and your intentions all combine to manifest your desires.

There’s still a lot of research that needs to be done but keeping an open mind is advised.

12 Best Crystals For Manifesting Anything You Want

Did you know that there are different types of crystals that you can use to manifest what you desire? For example, there are certain crystals best suited for money and fame, while there are certain that can be best for health.

Let’s take a look at some of the best crystals for manifesting:

1. Pyrite

Pyrite crystal is believed to attract abundance and can be good for career advancement and business prospects. One of the best crystals for manifesting wealth.

2. Citrine

Citrine crystal is one of the powerful crystals for manifesting wealth and success, boosting creativity, and can also help inspire ideas to generate wealth.

3. Green Aventurine

Also known as the stone of opportunity, Green Aventurine is believed to be one of the best crystals for manifesting wealth and prosperity.

4. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has always been associated with generating feelings of love and belonging. This crystal can be good for manifesting love and self-love.

5. Pink Kunzite

Pink Kunzite is a crystal known for nourishing unconditional love and healthy, loving communication between loved ones. You can use this powerful crystal for the manifestation of love.

6. Rhodonite

Going through heartbreak and wanting to heal from it, Rhodonite is a good choice. This crystal is said to attract love and heal emotional wounds.

7. Obsidian

Obsidian crystal is another crystal that helps with the manifestation of energy and healing. It helps unblock the energy chakras and increases the flow of energy.

8. Quartz

Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals when it comes to manifesting healing. Also known as the master of healing, Quartz can boost the vibration and promote healing.

9. Amethyst

Amethyst crystal is best if you’re looking for crystals to soothe, calm, and lower stress, fear, and tension. This crystal can be best for healing manifestation.

10. Celestite

Celestite is a crystal that can help you connect with your divine power and help you remember your dreams. This is one of the best crystals for manifesting desires and processing emotions.

11. Iron Pyrite

This crystal can help remove feelings of hopelessness and inferiority that may be stopping you from achieving your dreams. You can use Iron Pyrite to manifest your desires and dreams while removing obstacles – mental and emotional.

12. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is another powerful crystal that helps with manifestation and gaining clarity on your dreams and desires. This crystal is believed to increase your vibration frequency to match your dreams.

How To Use Crystals For Manifestation?


Just as you would with a normal manifestation, there are some things to keep in mind when using crystals for manifestation:

1. Set An Intention

When you set an intention for your crystal, you give it a purpose. You can do this by writing down your intention or saying it out loud. Doing this would need you to hold the crystal and focus on the intention and think of it as an event that’s already manifested.

2. Keep Them On Your Person

You can buy the crystals you need in the form of jewelry such as pendants, rings, bracelets, etc. Or you can keep the crystal you need in your pocket or purse.

3. Keep Them Around Your Living Space

If you don’t want to wear them or keep the crystals on your person, then you can place them in your living space. Of course, you need to keep the crystals in the place of your home that best resonates with your goal. For example, you can keep crystals for wealth in your home office, etc.

4. Try Meditating With Crystals

Meditating with crystals is also a great way to use crystals in your manifestation process. Meditation is a process that allows you to quiet your thoughts that might hold you back from achieving your manifestation goal, therefore, meditation can help guide you through the process and move forward without any barriers.

5. Cleanse Your Crystals Regularly

While many people may not think of cleaning their crystals, it’s an important part of the manifestation process. Properly cleansing your crystals can remove unwanted energies that may affect the crystal’s purity.

To cleanse your crystals properly, you can place them in a bowl of salt, wash them under running fresh water, use singing bowls, place them in the sunlight or moonlight, or use incense or sage to cleanse them.

Final Words From Author about Crystals manifestation 

The Law of attraction is the most powerful manifestation tool out there and combining it with crystals, can be even better for our manifestation. Crystals, with their unique and organic vibration frequencies, can work to manifest our dreams, desires, and wants quickly.

Not many believe the power crystals have or the impact the law of attraction can have on our lives and it’s OK. After all, there’s still a lot of research to be done when it comes to proving the scientific benefits of crystals.

I hope you keep an open mind and believe that crystals (or not) can work for your manifestation. Just give it a try once! Magic can be found in the places where you least expect it.

I hope this article on why to manifest with crystals helps you manifest your dreams and desires. For more information, keep following us on our social media or write to us at

You can also share your thoughts on crystals for manifestation in the comments section below. How have you tried crystals for manifestation? Did it work? Comment down below!

Take Care and Keep Manifesting!

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