10 Best Mental Health Apps of 2021

Last Update on May 16, 2022 : Published on November 17, 2020
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If you’re looking for recommendations for the best mental health apps of 2020, you have stopped on the right blog. This blog covers the top 10 mental health apps that are picked on the basis of ratings, reviews, personal reviews, availability, and much more.

Mental health applications are platforms that are accessible through your smart devices to improve mental wellbeing and health. These platforms focus on relaxing techniques, improved sleep patterns, stress management, and much more. Apart from this, mental health application offers therapeutic activities, self-help tools, counseling, treatment, and recovery from expert and certified mental health providers. This blog covers the 10 best mental health apps in 2020.

  S. No 
 Calm Sage Top 10 Picks 
1 Betterhelp Best counseling and recovery app
2 MoodMission Learning coping skills
3 Headspace Best for meditation
4 Talkspace Best for therapy
5 Shine Best for BIPOC
6 Happify Best Fun App
7 Sanvello Best for Stress Relief
8 Depression CBT Self-help guide Best for Depression
9 Moodfit Best for Mood lifting
10 Riseup and Recover Best Recovery app

10 Best Mental Health Applications of 2021

1. Betterhelp


Betterhelp is a trustworthy, authentic, and affordable online therapy platform. Betterhelp is your one-stop destination to start your healing journey. Betterhelp offers help through site and application as well. The sources of communication are audio calls, video calls, and text messages. You can choose your mode of communication according to you and the calendar. Additionally, you can set your calendar within the app to meet with the therapist as per your schedules.

BetterHelp covers stress, anxiety, relationship issues, depression, eating issues, addiction, anger management, LGBTQ matters, grief, parenting concerns, sleep difficulties, trauma religion, self-esteem, and more.

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Disclaimer: As BetterHelp Affiliate, We may receive compensation from BetterHelp or other sources if you purchase products or services through the links provided on this page.

2. MoodMission


MoodMission app is built for helping people dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety. The best part about MoodMission is to set goals or missions according to the feeling of the user. Also, after logging into the application, people are asked to complete surveys. Surveys are based on topics like general wellbeing and emotions. Mission or goal setting includes:

  • Emotion: based on breathing exercise-related activities
  • Behavior: based on learning activities like sewing, knit, or crochet
  • Physical: based on physical activities like running, push-ups, etc
  • Thought: based on thoughts reframing activities like how to reframe negative thoughts to positive thoughts

Note- This application has been discontinued

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3. Headspace


Headspace was started by Andy Puddicombe. Andy Puddicombe is a famous monk whose meditation techniques are famous around the globe. Headspace is created for learning meditation which helps people to live mindfully. Meditation techniques offered by Headspace are guided and modified according to themed sessions revolving around mental health issues like sleep, anxiety, stress, and more.

Headspace offers a free 10 days trial after downloading the app. After the trial, Headspace charges $12.99 per month. Packages also include an annual subscription for $69.99.

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Talkspace is a platform wherein you can connect yourself with certified mental health providers for receiving therapy digitally. All the mental health providers are trained to provide online therapy with all the state guidelines. Therapists are trained according to the type of psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and psychodynamic.

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Shine is a self-care application with an objective to help people from healing and growing through difficult times. The focus of Shine is to self-improve. Additionally, Shine delivers motivational thoughts and messages through audio and text to keep the users inspired and motivated throughout the day. Shine covers topics like burnout, creativity, acceptance, anxiety, stress, mindfulness, forgiveness, productivity, and work-related anxiety. The best part about shine is that it offers a daily mood tracker as well.

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6. Happify


Happify is a fun app that keeps people engaged and boosts mood. If you want to boost your mood along with fun, Happify might be the right choice for you. Happify also has games that help in reducing stress, building resilience, and overcoming negative thoughts. All the activities are derived from positive psychology which has evidence-based CBT interventions. The only goal of Happify is to make people happy.

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7. Sanvello


Sanvello was created with the mission to “help people build the life skills they need, anytime, anywhere, in any way they choose.” Sanvello provides clinical techniques to deal with depression, stress, and anxiety. Apart from this, Sanvello also helps people learning mindfulness and track their moods every day. The best part about Sanvello is that they provide progress assignments which help people in setting goals and tracking goals.

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8. Depression CBT Self-help guide

depression for CBT

Depression CBT Self-Help guide is based on educating people about depression along with the best strategies to manage the symptoms. The application keeps on encouraging people to engage more with self-help activities to improve their mood and mental health. Apart from this, the app provides basic information about depression so that people can learn and create coping skills according to their interests and personalities.

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9. Moodfit

Moodfit is free and provides various activities to lift up your mood. The only objective of Moodfit is to improve the shape of mental health. Moodfit is designed to make people better about their feelings, thoughts, and other mental health problems. Moodfit allows people to track their moods every day. Apart from this, Moodfit also practices CBT so that people can overcome negative thoughts along with coping skills.

Note- This application has been discontinued

10. Riseup and Recover

Riseup and Recover is an app that helps people track their mood. Riseup and recover help people to learn coping strategies. Riseup and Recover also provide a progress sheet that is downloadable. Riseup and Recover is free and available on iOS and Android.

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I hope this blog helps you to find the perfect mental health application for you or your loved ones. Comment down your pick from the above-mentioned list of mental health apps. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading.

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