Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of our lives that often go ignored. Let’s take a closer look at how you can maintain good and strong mental health in our blogs!

how to cheer up someone when feeling sad

45 Ways to Cheer Someone Up When Feeling Sad

Me being an introverted personality, I really do not know how to cheer up someone…

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emotional intelligence

Activities to Improve your Emotional Intelligence | Try Them Now

The notion of Intelligence is no more confined to the concept of the ability to…

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best brain train games

11 Best Apps For Brain Training Games To Improve Memory & Concentration

Do you remember the time when you used to sit with a pen and paper…

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Mini-Guide: Megalophobia (Fear Of Large Objects)

Megalophobia which is a phobia of large objects sounds weird but it is a common…

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Understanding The Principles Of Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma is something that affects a large number of people. Did you know that 6…

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Best Fidget Toys To Wipe Off Anxiety

26 Best Fidget Toys To Wipe Off Anxiety

Fidget toys are known to be the best toys for having fun and maintaining focus.…

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Is-Quiet-Quitting-Good-For Your Mental Health

Is Quiet Quitting Good For Your Mental Health?

Have you ever felt like you just can’t work even a minute more after your…

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How To Talk To Your Boss About Your Mental Health Struggles

How To Talk To Your Boss About Your Mental Health Struggles

If I were to ask you to name one person in your workplace who is…

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Why Am I Always Sleep

Why Am I Always Sleepy? | 12 Reasons You Might Be Fatigued (And What To Do About It)

In these uncertain times, it’s okay to feel exhausted - emotionally and physically. Feeling fatigued…

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