The Lone Wolf: Who Is He? The Sigma Male Personality Traits You Need To Know

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Sigma Male Personality Traits

Alphas are the leaders, betas are the followers, and omegas are the ones who prefer to stay unique and independent. Each male personality is different but each of them has one thing in common, can you guess?

On the socio-sexual hierarchy, each personality has a role to play. From Alpha to omega, the roles are defined but what about the ones who dance to the beat of their drum? Who are they and where do they belong on the hierarchy?

We’ve discussed the personality traits of alpha males, beta males, and omega males, but in this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at the “lone wolf” – Sigma male.

Who Are Sigma Males?

Who Are Sigma Males

Sigma males are the ones (while they belong on the hierarchy) who choose to live their lives independently, without the normal societal expectations and structure. A sigma male has a lot in common with an alpha male but is still different in many aspects.

Recently, the sigma male has gained significant popularity when it comes to the male personality traits on the socio-sexual hierarchy.

A sigma male will often step out of his comfort zone, become an entrepreneur, and lead others without being under the spotlight. They are hard workers, quiet, and confident. However, because of some of their characteristics, a sigma male is also often regarded as lazy.

In some ways, sigma males are as important on the hierarchy as alpha males, if not more.

Below are sigma male personality traits that can make it easier for you to identify a sigma male in your life!

Sigma Male Personality Traits

Sigma Male Personality Traits

1. He Loves Being Alone But Is Still There For Others

One of the most noticeable traits of a sigma male is that he is a loner and values solitude more than the company of others. Sigma males are more comfortable with themselves than they are with others. The word, introvert, can be used to describe a sigma male.

But that doesn’t mean that a sigma male does not value others or respect others’ decisions over their own. It’s just that, alone, a sigma male can accomplish a lot more than with others.

2. He Leads But Silently

As capable as an alpha male is in leading others, they are not as subtle as sigma males in their approach. Sigma males have the right balance of self-reliance, thoughtfulness, and intelligence. He is a confident leader without an ounce of ego that needs validation from others.

A sigma male isn’t a quitter and will find a practical solution to a problem instead of finding a way to escape the situation altogether. A sigma male’s priority as a leader is not their reputation but the fulfillment of their goals.

3. He Can Easily Adapt

Another admirable trait of a sigma male is that he is adaptable. He can be in charge of a situation when needed but they choose to not be the leader in some situations. He is happy being himself and is flexible when it comes to adapting to a certain situation, unlike alpha males.

A sigma male can be a leader, follower, or anyone in between as long as they are being themselves. One problem with this is that a sigma male may come off as arrogant sometimes.

4. They Don’t Necessarily Need External Validation

Sigma males, while are social creatures, don’t like being under social obligations and validation like alpha males. He avoids following the trends and doesn’t often follow gossip. He remains the same person no matter the social situation.

While an alpha male may struggle to imagine himself without his followers, a sigma male is comfortable with himself and doesn’t seek external validation like alpha males.

5. He Is The Man With Few Words

He Is The Man With Few Words

Sigma males are not great talkers. He finds small talks meaningless and a waste of time. A sigma male understands the power of silence and would rather use his energy on important matters than gossiping around.

Sigma males like to be quiet but this doesn’t mean that one can push them around. A term that can be used to describe a sigma male can be “dominant introvert”. Their presence in a room is enough to command, unlike alphas who command a room with their voice and actions.

6. He Is A Critical Thinker

The character of a sigma male can be described as morally gray. He tends to see right and wrong in a situation before making a judgment outright. He is a critical thinker who chooses to analyze a situation before he passes his judgment.

Because of this particular sigma male characteristic, many people may view him as a bad person. Remember, sigma males need to understand the logic behind an action before they choose to support it.

7. His Risks Have A Purpose

One another trait that can be found appealing in a sigma male is that he doesn’t mind bending the rules and taking calculated risks when needed. Of course, he doesn’t do this just to flaunt his dominance but to drive his goals forward.

A sigma male maintains the balance between practicality and idealism. He understands that some situations may benefit from not following a certain rule. This trait of theirs makes them superior to other male personalities in certain situations.

8. His Social Skills Are Rusty

As we’ve already established, a sigma male is a loner but when it comes to formalities, he could be regarded, or rather misunderstood, as a snob. His social skills could use some work and not because he is a rebel but because he finds formalities unnecessary.

You may notice a sigma male not engaging in small talk, not because he isn’t interested but he finds them boring and a waste of time. A sigma male is the one who will be in a corner having an intellectual conversation rather than hogging the spotlight. Sigma males are happy to stay behind the scenes.

9. He Is Self-Aware


Self-awareness is one of the most admirable qualities of a sigma male. A sigma male is highly aware of his strengths and weaknesses and is constantly working on improving his weaknesses. You can find a sigma male analyzing his actions rather than mingling with others.

Sigma males avoid drama and don’t seek external validation but he will appreciate it if you point out his special qualities. A sigma male looks at failures as opportunities to improve and work on self-growth.

10. He Decides His Future

Alphas are leaders, beta are followers, but sigmas are neither. A sigma male would either fail or succeed in life, all but on his terms. He is responsible for their future and decides what to do on his own. Society can’t dictate a sigma male’s fate.

Sigma males don’t like being conformed and don’t follow structure. He does what he thinks suits his personality the most. His rebellious personality is what makes him a smart, confident, and good leader. However, this trait may not be as favorable in a romantic relationship.

11. He Is Self-Sufficient

Another sigma male personality trait is that he values independence and can be comfortable with just being a nomad. A sigma male is self-sufficient and doesn’t rely on others for their basic needs.

These lone wolves are adapted to taking care of themselves and pave their own path, themselves. If he wants something, then he won’t hesitate to go and get it. He is not submissive nor dependent on others.

Are You A Sigma Male?

Are You A Sigma Male

A sigma male, compared to other male personalities on the socio-sexual hierarchy, is more mysterious and attractive to the opposite sex. While a sigma male can command a room with only his presence, his personality can have some downsides too.

There’s a reason why sigma males are referred to as “lone wolves”. Because of their aloof and introverted nature, they may find it hard to find a partner who understands their personality traits and respects their boundaries.

Sigma males are a relatively new term in psychology and many people may find it challenging to understand a sigma male personality. Sigma males are neither on the socio-sexual scale nor on it and because of this, they may struggle with their identity. As a result, many sigma males may initially struggle with depression, loneliness, and bullying.

Writer’s Thoughts

A sigma male may not choose to be on the socio-sexual hierarchy but that doesn’t mean he is inferior or superior to others. I hope the above sigma male personality traits help you understand if you’re a sigma male.

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Be true to who you are and take care!

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