Best 51 Motivational Songs to Inspire you in Life

Last Update on December 27, 2023 : Published on April 29, 2020
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Whenever I feel anger and sadness, I put on my earphones and listen to music. Listening to music is my way of dealing with demotivation around. Music works like a healing tool for me to reflect on the past and process the emotions. If you are also a music lover, try listening to motivational songs or inspirational songs.

Or if you want to overcome the challenges and have no idea which motivational music or inspiring music you should listen to… this blog is for you!

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In this blog, I have compiled a list of famous 51 motivational songs with motivational lyrics and songs that will inspire you. I bet these 51 motivational songs will help you to overcome the challenges and obstacles and are quite the best feel-good songs.

So, let’s get started.

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For easy scrolling, I have divided this blog into 4 sections so that you can easily surf the best motivational songs as per your genre. Additionally, YouTube links are attached to reduce the hard work.

List Of Top 10 Motivational Songs Best Ever:

1. Lose Yourself – Eminem

For Eminem, lose yourself is a glistening moment. The song was released in 2002 but is still famous and popular due to its powerful lyrics and strong music background. Lose yourself is a song that gets you off the bed and start your morning with the motivation and is one of the best upbeat motivational song

2. Don’t Stop Believing’ – Journey

Don’t Stop Believing is a golden old song that was released in 1981 but still is famous and popular due to its powerful lyrics and motivational music. “Some win, some lose: we’re in it together” is a takeaway from the song

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3. It’s My Life- Bon Jovi

Its My Life comes from the Rock genre and was released in 2000. The song focuses on living life on our own terms and making the most of life. Powerful lyrics and strong background rhythm make it a motivational song.

4. You Raise Me Up- Josh Groban

You raise me up is strongly an incredible song loaded with happiness and inner spirituality. The song conveys a message of power and strength with a hint of faith. The song was released in 2001 but is still trending because of the powerful lyrics. It’s my life is again one of the most inspirational songs.

5. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

The eye of the tiger was released in 1982 and comes from the Rock genre. The eye of the tiger by Survivors is all about accepting the challenges, surviving the worst, and overcoming the obstacles. Such powerful points make Eye of the Tiger famous and one of the best inspirational songs.

6. I Believe I Can Fly- R. Kelly

I Believe I can fly by R.Kelly was released in 1996 but still trending and famous in motivational music because of its motivational and powerful lyrics. The song leaves people motivated and inspired. Additionally, the song is an upbeat motivational song.

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7. Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

The song shows the treasured memory of a young boy whose father takes him to a parade wherein everyone is dressed black. Basically, the lyrics show the truth behind someone’s demise and denote it as “Black Parade.”

8. Hall of Fame- The Script

Hall of fame from the Script is all about not giving up easily on dreams. The song motivates you to reach the goal and find greatness is oneself. “Be great in whatever you do” is a take away from Hall of Fame.

9. The World’s Greatest- R Kelly

The singer R. Kelly through The World’s Greatest tried to explain the hard times. Despite all the struggles, how he managed to raise all of the above. He asks the listeners to be strong and fierce which makes it one of the best motivational songs. Personally speaking, The World’s Greatest is one of the best feel-good songs.

10. Earth Song- Michael Jackson

Earth song is one of the biggest hits in the UK with 1,038,821 sold copies. Earth song motivates people who are suffering from chronic pain. Michael dedicated this song to nature who is trying so hard to balance the mismanagement on earth.

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Top Inspirational Rap Songs of All Time

1. Work Hard Play Hard- Wiz Khalifa

A perfect mantra to keep you inspired and motivated throughout the day. The music of the song is full of bass and powerful and inspiring lyrics. Whenever you feel low, play this song… Work Hard Play Hard is one of the best mood-uplifting songs

2. Without Me- Eminem

If you are looking for a less gritty song, opt for Without Me with fun beats and strong lyrics. The singer has put all the efforts to gear up your day with motivation and inspiration. Again one of the best songs that will inspire you

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3. Baddest- P- Money + Gappy Ranks

If you are looking for a strong and powerful lyrical rap song, go for Baddest. This song can make you move and shake your legs. I bet, after listening to this song, you will be highly inspired to conquer the world.

4. Money on My Mind- Lil Wayne

The message from the song “Money on my Mind” is quite straightforward. The lyrics of the song are written with a proper mindset and a simple and clear goal to move on with obstacles and work hard towards your life objectives.

5. Ridin Dirty- Chamillionaire

Ridin Dirty is a song with juicy beats that can get anyone ready for the action in the morning. Ridin Dirty is more like a morning song that leaves you inspired for the whole day. one of the best upbeat motivational songs by Chamillionaire.

6. Sabotage- Beastie Boys

Sabotage is one of the experimental hits wherein the music is borrowed from a lot of hit genres. After all, this sabotage is one the best motivational song in which you want to listen to get out of bed in the morning and start your day with full enthusiasm.

7. Work It- Missy Elliott

If you want to start your day with ease and without hustle and bustle, you must listen to Work It by Missy Elliott. Work It directly hits on the head and provides the mindset which you need to get yourself in the light.

8. Started from the Bottom- Drake

We all know that Drake is one of the famous artists with lots of hits and he actually does everything effortlessly. When it comes to motivation, we should learn from Drake. Similarly, Started from the Bottom inspires us all with powerful lyrics and ultimate music.

9. It was a good day- Ice Cube

A complete package of hip hop song is “It was a good day.” This song shows that happiness can be found in little things. The song is full of flashy verses and snappy rhythms. again one of the best most inspirational songs by Ice Cube.


10. Fight the Power – Public Enemy

Fight the power is a chartbuster that is voted in the top 10 best hip hop songs category. The raw force and simple lyrics of this motivational music make it one of the best songs.

11. The World is Mine- Nas

Fast and hard lyrics hit hard when we listen to “The world is mine.” If you are the person who needs time and space to think about something and prepare yourself, you should listen to Nas’s creation.

Top Inspirational Songs for Women:

1. Run the World- Beyonce

One of the high energy anthems is an obvious choice when it comes to the best inspirational songs for Women. The song is the first choice from battle cry to the crowd. My personal favorite one of the best feel-good songs.

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2. Nasty – Janet Jackson

Donal Trump referred Hillary Clinton “Nasty” in 2016, the song from Jackson’s list increased by 250%. Nasty is one of the top chartbusters when it comes to inspirational songs or motivational songs for women.

3. Cherry Bomb- The Runaways

Cherry bomb song by the Runaways is staggering, hammering, and relentless a sex positivity song. The great thing about the song is the powerful lyrics which include virginity, handjobs, and blue balls.

4. U.E.E.N- Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu

The Q.U.E.E.N songs show that it is actually okay to be a provocative, seductive, and, vulgar lady and should not indulge in judgments. The song is basically an equality song with powerful motivational lyrics

5. Bad Girls – M.I.A

Bad Girl is a song with a badass mantra (DGAF). Undoubtedly, this song leaves all the girls motivated and inspired. Bad Girls by Mia is one of the leading inspirational songs.

6. Independent Girls- Destiny’s Child

Self-sufficient, self-made, and self-motivated are the main ingredients of this song which makes it a song with fill of inspiring and motivating lyrics. “I depend on me” is the best line from the song which means I don’t need anyone.

7. I’m Every Woman- Chaka Khan

I’m every Woman is a song with powerful lyrics and strong vocals. The lyric of the song focuses on acknowledging the inner greatness which makes it one of the best motivational songs.

8. Wonder Woman- Lion Babe

Wonder Woman by Lion Babe is a song with groovy moves and soulful anthem which reflects that every girl should live life like Diana Princes (Independently). The music of the Wonder Woman is cheery and makes us dance.

9. Flawless- Beyonce feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Adichie is one of the famous strong personalities who focus on Feminism. The lyrics of the song highlight gender equality. The agenda of the song is the self-empowerment with saucy lines like “I woke up like this.”

10. Woman- Kesha feat. The Dap-King Horns

With this song, Kesha focused on feminism related topics like sexual harassment and female empowerment. The song is referred to as a “feel-good track” and the singer embraces being on a strong woman.

Top Motivational Hip Hop Songs

1. Forever- Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Eminem

Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, and Eminem produced a masterpiece title as Forever. Forever is loved by all regardless of age. This might be the reason that “Forever” tops the category of top motivational songs.

2. I Get Money- 50 Cent

I get Money is one of my personal favorite from the list. 50 Cent created a masterpiece with motivational music and inspiring lyrics. When it comes to Rap songs, I get Money is leading the charts from the release. one of the best upbeat motivational songs by 50 Cent.

3. All the Way Up- Fat Joe and Remy Ma

All the way up means excited and high always, at the summit of an emotional continuum. The song is kind of simple and asks to be at the top always. All the way up is one of the inspiring songs with most motivational lyrics.

4. Live Your Life- T.I. feat. Rihanna

Live your life is one of the motivational rap song wherein the singer conveyed a strong message of not depending on others and live your life because we never know what is going to happen so stick to your life and live your life to the fullest.

5. Champion – Chipmunk feat. Chris Brown

I remember one motivating line from the song “They wanna hold you back, tell’em pee off, whenever they say you can’t, take the T off.” This line really motivates me, so if you’re looking for a motivational rap song, go for Champion.

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6. Successful- Drake & Trey Songz

A rap with a lot of powerful and strong messages is Successful by Drake. As we all know, Drake is one of the leading singers and his songs are just fabulous that it motivates people to work more hard.

7. All I Do Is Win- DJ Khaled

A rap song on DJ Khaled’s victory has proved inspiring for most of the music lovers. I remember one of the powerful lines from the song “And if you going in put your hands in the air, make ‘em stay there” really motivates me.

8. Whatever You Like- T.I.

Whatever you like by T.I. is a song with motivational lyrics and powerful background music. If you want to start your morning with kickass music, give it a try.

9. Who Gon’ Stop Me- Jay-Z Ft. Kanye West

Who Gon’ Stop me… Who Gon’ stop us from achieving our goals. Kanye West in this song is like the cherry on the cake. The motivational lyrics are for those who want motivation to achieve their goals.

10. Donald Trump- Mac Miller

Make America great again… is the mainline from the Donald Trump song by Mac Miller. No wonder the song is full of bad words, but it still makes a meaning when you are living in a world full of biased people.

Top 10 Motivational Songs for Children

1. Big Life- Lindsay Muller

Big life is one of the best motivational songs for Children. When it comes to stress and anxiety, you should listen to Lindsay Muller’s playlist to motivate your child.

2. Be a Friend Song- Emily Arrow

The song is written by Emily Arrow which is inspired by Salina Yoon’s book based on children. The song is motivational and inspirational both, additionally Emily Arrow’s voice is sweet as sugar which makes it one of the best motivational songs.

3. Don’t Hide Your Magic- Emily Arrow

Don’t hide your magic is written and sung by Emily Arrow and the inspiration behind the lyrics of the song was Brad Montague. The chorus of the song is so cheery and rhythmic which influences the kids to tap their shoes while singing.

4. Follow Your Arrow – Emily Arrow

Most of the songs from Emily Arrow’s album are literature-inspired which means every song has a meaning and motivates the child to do extra when it comes to goals and achievements. Follow your arrow is also a similar song with an inspiring message within

5. Everyone Makes Mistakes – Sesame Street

Everyone makes mistakes is one of the famous songs for children with a cool video. The song taught children that it is okay to make mistakes but repeating the same mistake again is a habit that everyone should avoid. one of the best songs that will inspire you to do something better.

6. Proud of Me (Grover-Sesame Street)

One more song from Sesame Street, the song still makes me nostalgic. I remember one motivational line from the “Proud of me” song, “Yes, I do have pride in me, I love every bright blue side of me.”

7. Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake- Trolls Soundtrack

Can’t stop the feeling is again a song with inspiring lyrics and powerful music background. “I got that sunshine my pocket” motivates me when I am stressed or depressed. This song helps people to overcome the obstacles.

8. Get Back Up Again – Anna Kendrick- Trolls Soundtrack

Anna Kendrick has got such a magical voice that motivates and inspires children and people around the globe. Get Back up again is one of the motivational songs which is trending from years.

9. True Colors – Anna Kendrick- Trolls Soundtrack

True Colors again a masterpiece motivational song from Trolls Soundtrack album sung by Anna Kendrick. If you’re looking for motivation within yourself, give it a try to True Colors.

10. Go the distance – Roger Bart

Strong chords and soothing voice of Roger Bart made Go the Distance famous and trending in motivational music list. “Down an unknown road to embrace my fate, though that road may wander, it will lead me to you” is one of the best inspiring lines from the song.

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