Therapy can be an active treatment for various mental and emotional problems. Find which therapy suits you and how each work with our well-researched blogs


Everything You Need To Know About Spirituality Therapy

Spirituality therapy is not only limited to mental wellness, it also works on physical health.…

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Therapeutic Rapport

Everything You Need To Learn About Therapeutic Rapport

Therapeutic rapport might sound like a new term to you all. In this blog, I…

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Family Systems Therapy

An Overview of Family Systems Therapy

Family systems therapy comes into the picture when the emotional unit draws on system thinking.…

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How To Express Yourself Your Expectations To The Therapist

How To Express Yourself & Your Expectations To The Therapist?

If you are planning to take therapy or already in the process of the one…

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how to cope with therapy break

Is Therapy Break Taking A Toll? Here is How You Can Cope With Therapy Break

Hey, how are you doing? Is your therapist planning to go on a break? Well,…

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Is anger therapy right for you

Therapy Guide: Is Anger Therapy Right For You?

With constant stress and irritability, anger takes place in our lives. We all have experienced…

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Aversion therapy

Aversion Therapy: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Aversion therapy can be called as a behavioral therapy that helps a person in treatment…

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Humanistic therapy

Humanistic Therapy: What Is It & How Does Humanism Work?

Humanism is a thought which believes the finding goodness in every individual is of utmost…

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Emotion focused therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy: Learn About Your Emotions During Therapy

Emotion-Focused Therapy or EFT is a type of psychotherapy that prioritizes self-emotions and makes it…

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