Can Laughter Therapy Beat Depression?

Last Update on January 6, 2021 : Published on January 6, 2021
can laughing cure depression

It might sound ironically funny, but ‘Laughter Therapy’ actually improves well-being by releasing your stress and pain. Giggling quietly while watching TV or movies to laughing out loud with your friends, laughter is always uplifting. Positive laughter relieves stress and mental pain by increasing the blood flow approximately by 50%. Moreover, laughter helps depressed people by improving their mood.

But did you know “fake laughter is just as effective as real laughter”? When people undergo laughter therapy, fake laughter turns to real laughter, which helps people overcome any emotional turmoil they are holding deep inside. Therefore, yes, laughter therapy beats depression by changing the negative behavior into positive ones.

Interestingly, humor is not just found on TV or funny clips on YouTube, You can also develop laughter as a habit by practicing laughter yoga, group therapy sessions with psychologists, or places where you can watch shows or simply read a book.

This blog covers how laughter therapy beats depression. So, let’s get started.

Laughter Therapy

Benefits of Laughter Therapy:

Laughter therapy has both short-term and long-term benefits. When people undergoing depression begin laughter therapy, it not only releases stress and chronic pain but also promotes a healthy body. For better understanding, I have divided the benefits of laughter therapy into three sub-sections.

benefits of laughter

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Physical Health Benefits of Laughter Therapy

1. Helps in boosting the immunity
2. Reduces stress hormones
3. Reduces chronic pain
4. Helps in relaxing the muscles
5. Protects the body from the risk of cardiovascular diseases
6. Refreshes our body

Mental Health Benefits of Laughter Therapy

1. Lifts the mood
2. Helps to add zest to life
3. Works as an instant stress-reliever
4. Improves mood
5. Provides “bounce back stronger” power
6. Works like medicine for depression and other mental health issues

Social Benefits of Laughter Therapy

1. Maintains social bonding
2. Strengthens relationship with peers
3. Makes us more attractive
4. Improves teamwork
5. Prevents conflicts and cold wars
6. Strengthens relationship with the partner

The Connection Between Laughter And Mental Health

1. Relieves Stress Instantly and Stops Distressing Emotions

Whenever you feel sad, try to fake a smile or laugh and observe how instantly your distressing emotions fly away. Laughter therapy is considered a stress-relieving tool because laughter releases happy hormones which help in relieving stress-related emotions.

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2. Refreshes our Body and Soul.

Indeed, we cannot deny the fact that a little smile can do wonders. Similarly, a great laugh can help in refreshing our body and soul.

3. Connects us With the Real World and Changes Our Outlook

When we stop overthinking and start smiling more often, it changes our perspective towards everything and connects us with the real world.

4. Maintains Social Bonding

Indeed, laughter or a simple smile can help to dismiss the conflict. A simple small smile towards the stranger can turn the day into a good one.

Ways to Bring More Laughter in Your Life

Laughter therapy is the best medicine to overcome your depression. In order to bring more happiness in your life, it is essential to incorporate laughter and humor in every moment of your day. In case, you want to develop a witty sense of humor and laugh naturally, you can some of the methods listed below:

1. Smile More Often

Laughter therapy begins with a smile. The habit of smiling at strangers or moments improves the relationship with friends or loved ones. Therefore, start smiling at strangers, co-workers or the person serving you coffee. You will notice a positive attitude effect on people which will help you to forget the past and move on.

2. Even God Has A Sense Of Humor

Finding something which makes you giggle like comic strips; funny youtube videos or photos will help build your sense of humor. Positive thoughts, motivational quotes, and funny movies will also help you in boosting the laughter. Enroll yourself in a comedy club or attend stand-up comedy shows, they bring out the laughter and improves the humor.

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3. Count Your Blessings

Making a list of blessings will help you overcome stress and pain. Distancing yourself from negative thoughts and people is considered as the simplest act of positivity to bring back laughter in your life.

4. Become A Laughing Riot

Laughing at your situation fades the stress and brings out positivity. In the beginning, maybe it will feel forced but still practice it. Laughing therapy does wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing.

Ways to bring more laughter in your life

Additionally, you can try laughter yoga. Laughter yoga follows the “body-mind approach” which means you are not required to have a funny clip, joke or a sense of humor. The motive of Laughter yoga is to laugh for no reason until the laugh becomes real.

5. Spend Time With Cheery And Playful People

Try to find happy people with positive thoughts, who can find humor in everyday life and laugh easily. As the laughter and playful point of view from such joyous people are positively contagious. Spending time with people having a positive mindset helps remove any shards of negativity from your life.

6. Learn From People Who Make You Laugh

Whenever someone cracks a joke or shares photos or videos, move towards them and ask them about how they manage to be this funny. Because people are curious and will be happy to share funny videos or photos. Additionally, you can browse jokes or memes from the internet and share them with your friends.

Tips for Creating Opportunities to Laugh More Often:

  • Watching a funny video.
  • Reading a meme on social media
  • Reserving tickets for comedy clubs.
  • Seeking out funny people
  • Sharing a good joke, moment, or story.
  • Developing humor as a motivational tool.
  • Snuggle with your pet
  • Join laughter yoga.
  • Doing something silly.
  • Making time for adventurous or fun activities.

Laughter Therapy is the Best Medicine to Maintain Mental Health

Shout out to people who are still holding up despite their daily struggles with depression! But, today is the perfect time to quell that monster!

Therefore, take a moment from the busy schedule and bring the laugh out loud attitude within you. We hope you like this article. For more such posts, please follow our blog, and stay strong!?

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