Understanding The Consequences Of Gun Violence (Mass Shooting)!

Last Update on June 13, 2022 : Published on June 13, 2022

In the recent years we have witnessed an increase in gun violence or mass shooting incidents not to miss the Ukraine-Russia dispute.  Gun Violence has adverse effects on the mental health of people experiencing it, witnessing it, those who are in the neighborhood and even those far off people who get to hear about gun violence.

There have been so many incidents of gun violence especially in schools over the past two decades. Can you imagine the consequences of gun violence on the tender minds of school going children and their parents?

What Is Gun Violence?


The Terror attempt made using guns which involves killing innocent people is known as gun violence. Gun violence is on the rise, Texas mass shootings, rappers and singers being shot in public, etc have increased the intensity of the negative effects of gun violence on children, adults and society as a whole. In fact, the US has witnessed 200 mass shootings and 27 of them are school gun violence so far in 2022 alone.

 Gun violence has to stop, the effects of gun violence on our society are disastrous! In the latest Texas gun violence that took place in a school killed 19 children and 2 adults. Can you imagine the consequence of gun violence on the families of children you lost their lives or those who witnessed it with bare eyes?

Consequence of Gun Violence

Gun violence is something that can scare both the oppressor and the suppressor. The result of gun violence is soul shaking since it has an intense negative effect on us. Even when we read newspapers filled with news reports on gun violence and mass shootings it gives most of us headline anxiety. If sitting so far from the place where gun violence is taking place is heart wrenching and scary, imagine the effect of gun violence on the people experiencing or witnessing it.

The consequence of gun violence is always bending towards the negative. The exposure to gun violence during childhood is the most dangerous because it attacks the very development of the child. Gun violence creates a very fearful environment and it definitely does not promote growth in any way. Negative consequences of gun violence are deeply unsettling.

 How Does Gun Violence Affect Us?


Gun violence affects us in more ways than one. There is a misconception that gun violence only affects the people who are experiencing it. Let a bubble burst here, the effects of gun violence and reach anybody, even those who reside on the farthest end of the world.

Did you feel bad about children being killed in mass shootings? If yes, you were affected by gun violence. Will you send your child to the school which had a gun violence incident? See, even if you don’t seem to recognize any effects of gun violence in and around you, the news stays in your consciousness and if you observe closely, you will find yourself living with the fear of gun violence.

Gun violence has the ability to have a strong impact on our mental health. Many people around the world who have witnessed gun violence are living with a traumatic memory that is stopping them from leading a free life. Fear can interfere with the choices you make for your future. Sadly, gun violence can either promote aggression in youth or pull them in the dark hole of fear and anxiety.

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Negative Effects Of Gun Violence

Effects-O- Gun-Violence

Gun violence is on the rise and it is taking a toll on our mental health, declining it by every passing day. If you google gun violence or mass shooting incidents, the number is going to give you chills, it’s that huge.

With the increase in gun violence incidents, the negative effects of gun violence is also on the rise. Let’s look at some of the negative effects of gun violence;

There are various other negative effects of gun violence, these are just to name a few. In fact, these negative effects of gun violence can further affect and disrupt a person’s mental wellbeing. People bear consequences of things like unresolved trauma, bottling up their emotions, living a life full of fear, etc. None of these is a healthy way of leading a life.

That’s All Folk!

I hope you found this blog about the consequences of gun violence and the effect of gun violence on our society, especially children, informative and thought provoking. Gun violence is ruining lives and it needs to be stopped! Do share this blog with as many people as you can so that more and more people are aware of the negative effects of gun violence.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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