Lacking Purpose? Read About Existential Crisis And Overcome It Effortlessly!

Last Update on November 4, 2022 : Published on November 4, 2022

Are you feeling uneasy lately because of the choices you have made or the meaning you provide to live? Do you constantly feel that your existence has no meaning or you are doing something inherently pointless in life?

My friend, take a deep breath and I request you to please be mindful while reading this article because it can be a life-changing piece for you.

What exactly does existential crisis mean? An existential crisis is an uneasy feeling related to freedom, choices, and the meaning of life. This feeling often makes a person feel that their existence does not have any meaning. Basically, it happens when we feel that we lack purpose in life.

It can cause a lot of confusion and can also seize the sense of identity. But, when we look from the Brightside, it can be a journey of awareness, overcoming challenges, important life-learning experiences, or complex phenomena. It can be converted into a self-awareness journey about what you want and how you want to achieve it.

If you think you lack purpose or you might be experiencing an existential crisis, this blog can help in exploring the strategies to overcome the existential crisis.

Signs of Existential Crisis

Whenever someone experiences an existential crisis, they may start feeling a variety of signs or symptoms like

Such symptoms can develop due to major life events like

  • Sudden death of a loved one
  • Job change
  • Career opportunities
  • Diagnosis of a serious illness
  • Entering a substantial age category
  • Going through a tragic or traumatic event
  • Having children
  • Divorce or separation
  • Marriage

Some people with serious mental health conditions are highly prone to experiencing an existential crisis, such as

Types of Existential Crisis

Per the vision of psychology, an existential crisis is an umbrella term that identifies various types of an ongoing set of issues like

1. Authenticity

Existential crisis is directly related to authenticity as it can also trigger anxiety. A person having an existential crisis might start questioning the meaning of existence and it can trigger anxiety.

2. Death and illness

Sudden death of a loved one, parent, child, or sibling can put us into deep thinking related to personal issues, meaning, choices, and freedom. It can also result in over thinking or feeling overwhelmed.

3. Fear and responsibility

Existentialism focuses on making free choices but it also comes with a sense of responsibility. However, when our actions start becoming meaningless, they can develop into fear or anxiety.

4. Meaning of life

A person experiencing existential crisis or anxiety keeps asking themselves, what’s the point of even doing things? Such questioning takes away the context and structure of purpose.

5. Major phase or event of life

Many people experience such a crisis or anxiety when they undergo a major transition in their life. For example, moving from childhood to adulthood is hard, having children, getting married, divorced, or switching careers can develop an existential crisis.

Strategies to Deal with Existential Crisis

As I mentioned above an existential crisis can also be seen as an opportunity to put yourself on the journey of self-awareness. Such anxiety can be developed into a chance to find the right path.

The fact is that all of us are struggling every day to find the right path and eliminate anxiety. Such a crisis can help in choosing what we exactly want to do… to live it all or to give up without even putting effort?

Having said that, here are some strategies to convert your existential crisis or anxiety into an opportunity and find a purpose:

1. Write your issues down

You can really convert this anxiety into inspiration, wondering how? Well, just start writing things that are bothering you right now. After doing so, start jotting down your thoughts on all your questions. The written thoughts are the anxiety to all your queries and the way to cope with your existing problems.

2. Learn from your gurus!

It really does not matter if your problems are related to your professional or personal background. You can always look back to your gurus and learn from their footmarks. If you are having relationship issues, you can start looking for a happy couple. If you are having issues related to your career choices, you can always seek the support of your mentors.

4. Seek support

You can always put your feelings out in front of your loved ones. It will help in gaining a new perspective and leave you with a positive impact. All you have to do is to admire your qualities and look at the bright side.

5. Try relaxation techniques

During anxious times, you can try relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or Tai Chi to replace your negative thoughts.


Always remember, “Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use them. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time.”

Moreover, you can always talk to a professional to reduce the symptoms and find the right path.

I hope this blog helps you understand and overcome the existential crisis with the help of the above-mentioned strategies. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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