How Mentally Strong People Deal With Pain Of Romantic Rejection?

Last Update on May 18, 2021 : Published on January 21, 2021
Overcome pain of rejection

“I am not in love with you and cannot be with you anymore.”

Such words act as a hot lava on ears and sinks the heart into the stomach. The pain of rejection is definitely not an easy one. It lets you swirl into a number of thoughts which may even lead to impact on your mental as well as physical health. You may feel like crying, incapable of taking deep breaths and the feeling is horrible. It is because rejection hurts us very much!

Before we tell you how to deal with rejection, understand why one must gather the courage to move past breakup and find healthy ways to deal with breakup.

  • Rejection is an opinion of the other person about you and you cannot fight with someone’s perception.
  • If you notice the ratio, people who reject you are less than 1%. This means that you still have a huge percentage that may love you back and even do.
  • It’s a sign that you still have a chance to explore life. There may be a number of things that you can do and expand your wings in the sky.
  • It is possible that you are way more focusing on the negative side and completely ignoring the positive section to get over rejection.

So now if you are wondering how do mentally strong people handle rejection and get over it after some time, we have got you some healthy tips.

How to Deal With Rejection Smartly

Deal With Rejection Smartly

1. Treating Yourself With Warmth & Compassion

Instead of blaming or criticizing yourself for the reasons being told, go with self affirmations. It is OK if you feel ‘I am stupid’ or ‘What was wrong with me?’ but mind you, only the bonding wasn’t workable enough. Instead of beating yourself up, come down to the present moment, show some self love and keep your mental health upright.

2. Acknowledge Your Emotions

Instead of suppressing, denying or engulfed by the emotions, feel your emotions in detail. Feeling emotions is the most important way to deal with it. While you feel them, assure yourself that it will get better in sometime. This self confidence allows you to surpass the difficult emotions very soon.

You can even journal down your feelings and how this loss makes you feel everyday. For example, it could be a grief, shock, anger, sadness, fear or even depression. However, you know that you will be alright because no feeling stays in a similar fashion for longer duration.

3. Ask Your Support System To Help You

Your best friend, mother, sister or brother; tell the one you are closest to that you want to share your feelings with them. We believe that you trust them as they keep your information confidential as well as do not judge you for actions. Express the story inside out and let the inner doubts, anger and disappointment go away.

If you cannot find anyone who can give your ears in the tough moment, ask for help with a relationship counselor and message us at A professional expert will not only listen to you patiently but also works with you to fight the negative emotions.

4. Learn From Rejection

Mentally strong people get over rejection smoothly by asking what they have gained from past relationships and how they can avoid the complicated situations in future. Tolerating the pain is never a solution! Grow better, grow stronger and use rejection as the drive to move forward.

5. Let It Go With Self Care

Those who are mentally strong know that one who wants to go shall be given a doorway instead of stopping them. You can set a time frame to grieve about it but make sure that you let it out by then. For example, tell yourself that you will feel sad, angry, grieve or cry by this Saturday 11.00pm. And by then, it’s done!

With this, another way to deal with pain of rejection is to practice self care rituals like yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.

 “Rejection Is Merely A Redirection: A Course Correction”

Even though romantic rejection is tough to face, one should acknowledge how to handle rejection in a smarter manner. These tough feelings will ultimately surpass, all you have to do is be patient and give yourself some time. If not able to, ask us to help you by sending us a message at

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