Best Online Marriage Counseling Programs To Revive The Relationship

Best Online Marriage Counseling Programs

Relationships require a lot of effort to grow including love, trust and communication. However, you might need to look for marriage counseling services sometimes in order to keep the road smooth and untangle the barriers that are coming across. Let us clear one thing before, marital counseling doesn’t mean the end of a relationship. Those couples who are determined to spend their lives together and are motivated to enjoy the relationship look forward to effective counseling.

It is absolutely understandable that couples are not able to take out time to visit the clinics or fit their individual schedules according to the appointment. But this doesn’t mean that they need to stress about how to keep this relationship beautiful. The option of online marriage counseling is always supportive to their decision and here we are listing the best online couples counseling services. Together, let’s work it out!

Best Online Marriage Counseling

  Relationship Counseling
 Best For
 Modes Of Communication
Relationship Hero Adjustments in married life Live chat and phone call
ReGain Couples who are not able to manage time together Live chat, message, and video
Talkspace Unlimited messaging Chat, Audio, and Video
Growing Self Solution-oriented approach Video
E-Therapy Cafe Quick therapies Video, phone, messages, online journals

1. Relationship Hero

Relationship Hero

Website: Relationship Hero

Price Starting From: $1 per minute

Relationship Hero is a great place to get advice where many certified coaches await to counsel the couples. Once you enter the website, you can discuss with the team your situation and the problems you both are facing together. Afterwards, you will be assigned a professional coach with whom live chat or telephonic conversation could be done.

By the time your relationship coach is being assigned, you can find out the relationship blogs and success stories of other couples that help in inspiring you as a couple. The best part of this online couples counseling, you can chat with the coaches 24/7 without a prior appointment and the membership fee is absolutely affordable.

2. ReGain


Website: ReGain

Price Starting From: $40 per week

Committed to regaining your trust, communication, joy, friendship, companionship and affection, ReGain helps you to provide individual as well as couple therapy to make a relationship work. Go to the website, fill the questionnaire, invite your partner if you wish and the therapy will begin from here.

ReGain has certified and experienced psychologists, family therapists, and professional marriage counselors and helps in dealing with a variety of issues like infidelity, depression in partner, intimacy and communication. There is no limit on a specific number of appointments and you & your partner have freedom to determine the type of sessions you are interested in. 

3. Talkspace


Website: Talkspace

Price Starting From: $65 per week

Apart from so many mental health therapies that Talkspace has to offer, marriage counseling is one of the options. Any issues like infidelity, sex, parenting, money, or chronic health problems could be discussed with your therapist. Couples can easily text, send videos or audio messages through website, iOS or Android apps. Yes, it’s multi-platform and easy to access anytime, anywhere.

Create your account, get matched with the therapist and couples can instantly send messages. If you want, schedule video chat with the therapist and refill your lives with love and affection once again.

4. Growing Self

Growing Self

Website: Growing Self

Price Starting From: $95 per week

Popular for premarital counseling as well as online marriage counseling, Growing Self is dedicated to get the best version of you and your partner. If you are not able to meet the therapist in person, get your appointment scheduled. In fact, you can even consult them for free before paying for the therapies. The fees may vary depending on the clinician but if you want to opt for a budget plan, a sliding scale is available to set the affordable price.

Other than marriage counseling, one can get career and self-growth advice as and when required. If you look into the Solution session, you can simply discuss the relationship situation, get an insight and learn the answers to your questions the same day.

5. E-Therapy Cafe

E-Therapy Cafe

E-Therapy Cafe

Price Starting From: $25 per session

This online couple therapy website offers online as well as face to face counseling and is well-focused on transforming lives for better. All the therapists, whether offering relationship, career or nutritional advice, are HIPAA compliant. You would like to visit the website for relationships and marriages but they provide special services for military and trauma therapies as well.

Couples can go for online marriage therapy starting from $25 and if they wish to continue for additional sessions, they cost about $50. Best marriage counseling therapy with affordability, convenience and easy reach through SMS, email, e-chat and instant video.

Things To Remember For Online Marriage Counseling

It is wonderful to know that you are considering the option for relationship counseling and planning to move forward with your partner. This relationship will become stronger but before that you must consider the points below:

1.Trial Session: Not many couples or one of the partners agrees with the option for marriage counseling. It is recommended to at least try one session, individually or together. In fact, sometimes individual therapy helps in changing the perspective of a relationship. So don’t be afraid to look for one session before jumping to the conclusion.

2.Listen More: During the therapy, you must pay equal heed to your partner’s ideas rather than simply discarding them. Learn what they are trying to communicate, an important mantra for better relationships.

3.Look For Poor Communication Pattern: A poor communication is the key to fractured relationships. If you are feeling this pattern is being continued in the relationship for some time now, don’t wait till it gets worse. Communicate the same to your partner and seek help from the therapist.

Which Marriage Counseling Program Are You Picking?

After learning the benefits, prices and specialties of a relationship coach, you would certainly like to give a try, right? Let us know your thoughts and the option that you would like to pick in the comments section below. In case you have made a decision to separate, you can look for best online divorce support groups.

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