6-Step Simple Yet Effective Road To Become More Approachable Mentally

Last Update on November 3, 2023 : Published on November 3, 2023
6-Step Simple Yet Effective Road To Become More Approachable Mentally

My introverted side never allowed me to become more friends, accessible, or likable. In order to deal with me, my friends, relatives, or loved ones always had to initiate conversations from their end. Later, I realized that I internally lack self-confidence or self-esteem which makes me look more unapproachable.

If you are also struggling with the same issue, there could be various reasons why people do not find you approachable such as feeling inadequate, poor self-esteem, poor interpersonal skills, or underlying mental health issues (anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder).

Whatever the reason, if you’re struggling with approachability, likability, or accessibility, I have got your back. In this blog, I have simplified the process of becoming more approachable. So, let’s get started! 

Importance of Becoming More Approachable 

The importance of becoming more approachable is more based on the crucial role in expressing emotions, conveying communication, or expressing feelings.

Being an approachable personality helps you show confidence and encompasses various aspects such as body language, positivity, and more which will help in gauging the responses and reactions of others. If you’re thinking that becoming more approachable might benefit you professionally, you might be partially correct.

Do you know that becoming an approachable woman or man benefits you in all areas of life? Here’s how becoming approachable benefits you: 

  • Approachable appearance puts people at ease to communicate with you as it also makes you more accessible. 
  • Approachable appearance helps in fostering healthy connections and relationships. 
  • In professional backgrounds, an approachable appearance helps promote networking, promotions, collaborations, or growth. 
  • In social backgrounds, an approachable appearance helps you promote more healthy friends and connections, reduce isolation, and receive more invites. 

6-Step Simple Road to Become Approachable Woman or Man

If you think you’re not approachable and if it affects you mentally, here’s your simple yet effective guide to becoming approachable, boosting self-confidence, and improving body language. 

Step 1: Smile more

When I smile more often, I am surely not asking you to overdo it. All I am asking you to maintain is a genuine smile with a hint of kindness so that you can radiate positive vibes.

Do not force a smile, instead keep it more genuine to foster positive connections, maintain healthy relationships with people, and excel in both personal and professional backgrounds.

The power of a smile helps us to be naturally attracted to people we really want in life. In addition, it also helps in keeping your mental and physical health intact. 

Step 2: Be kind and accessible to others

If you do not look approachable to others, it can be the reason that you’re always on your phone, and lack expressions or body language to repel you from others.

Therefore, start with small and begin with kindness. While you start practicing kindness, also be accessible to others. In this way, you’ll be able to provide your extended support to people and it will eventually help you to make room for yourself in their hearts.

If possible, start helping or supporting people in every way possible. Be open to others so that you can enhance the approachability factor within you. 

Step 3: Avoid stressors and work on your body language

While you step into the process of becoming more approachable, work on your body language. If you get nervous or stressed after seeing strangers, avoid stressors by trying relaxation or stress management techniques.

Additionally, you can also begin with small moves, such as keeping your head up in social situations, smiling at strangers, or maintaining eye contact positively. 

Step 4: Learn to maintain eye contact and improve your self-esteem

Even when you’re not talking or having a conversation with someone, follow the thumb rule of maintaining eye contact so that you can appear more interested and trustworthy to others.

Even if you’re struggling with social anxiety or any other type of anxiety, try to smile and look into the eyes so that they can’t spot any difference and indirectly it will help in boosting self-confidence as well. 

Step 5: Be a good listener

When in a conversation or while listening to others, be a good listener. You can simply nod during conversations to look attentive, focused, or interested.

It will help you foster positive relationships with others. Additionally, try to ask open-ended questions or summarize the whole conversation to look non-judgmental, positive, enthusiastic, empathetic, or trustworthy. 

Step 6: Keep your humorous and empathetic side active

Now, you really need to keep your senses active and play a little smart at this step. During serious conversations, you’ll have to use humor or empathy accurately to sound more confident, attractive, and positive.

Try to add humor or empathy with positive body language, mirroring the other person, and nodding. 

5 Important Factors that Increase Approachability

Important Factors that Increase Approachability

Here’s your key guide to becoming approachable with accuracy and positivity: 

I hope this blog helps you with simple yet effective ways to become more approachable in life mentally. Comment down and share your ways to become an easily approachable person. For more such content, connect with us through all social media platforms. 

Thanks for reading! 

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