How To Deal With Insults and Put-Downs Prestigiously?

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Rude, arrogant, and toxic people are everywhere. And we cannot avoid them always, eventually, we have to face them. At some point, this has happened to almost every one of us. Sometimes, we overreact and speak things that do not reflect our identity since such people only focus on bringing up our bad side. But, you might also agree with the fact that having a good comeback is not always enough and silence is the best answer sometimes.

I don’t know if insulting other people makes them happy or not, but I can surely say that they are weak and negative, and their happiness can never be justified by making others sad. As we move towards success, various people stand behind us and put us down, but that should never bring our morale down.

I know it feels so uncomfortable to deal with such a situation. However, the point is that we cannot control them or stop them from doing this; but, we can learn how to react and respond to insults and put-downs with whole dignity. Anyway, it is quite important to know how to deal with such rude people who insult us.

Read this blog till the end to learn how to deal with insults prestigiously.

After undermining various insulting or demeaning situations, I found that there are six possible responses to an insult or a put-down:

  • Acceptance
  • Anger
  • Humor
  • Ignorance
  • Rebuking the insulter
  • Returning the insult

On the basis of these situations, let’s see what we can do to handle insults positively.

Effective Strategies to Deal with Insults

1. Acceptance

People who are not good at comebacks, often use acceptance. To others, acceptance seems to be a weak decision, but do you know it is one of the strongest responses of all? Acceptance comes from truth, harsh reasons, justifications, and motives. Therefore, sometimes, we accept the situation instead of replying back or harming them. Acceptance is not easy but some facts or truths make us believe that the put-down was somewhere right.

But, acceptance can also come from respect; however, on the other hand, it devastates our mental health. If you have always followed the route of acceptance and you’re no longer able to hold up with your mental health, understand that whatever the case, you must not take any offense that harms your mental health.

Keep reading this blog, to read how to deal with insults without acceptance…

2. Anger

Anger is the easiest and weakest response of all situations, and it mostly comes due to our inability to take the insult. But do you know that always showing anger might give you some relaxation at the beginning but later it can destabilize your mind?
If you’re someone who shows anger, you must avoid doing it, and instead, you can take the help of silence so that you can also stabilize your mental health later.

3. Humor

Humor is one of the best strategies you can use to respond to an insult. Suppose you did not get angry but now you’re feeling the need to respond as well…you can take the help of humor. By making their insult funny or witty, you can actually build a great sense of humor and deal with insulting people prestigiously.

Humor will not only calm you but will also control future insults. All you have to do is respond to them with humor with a dash of politeness. That’s it and see how instantly you will be able to let down their toxicity level. If you’re someone who gets angry straight away, you must try this!

4. Ignorance

If you’re someone who thinks that their humor is not good or if you’re not good at comebacks, you can also take the help of ignorance. Ignorance is the best way to deal with insults without even giving a single reply. It will brush rude people aside. Now, you must be wondering, why should I ignore it when I can respond with boldness?

The point is that when we show that their toxicity had no impact on us, we get the sign of victory directly. You must learn to behave like you didn’t hear them or ignore them; the insulter will never insult you again. It is also the best way to save future put-downs.

5. Rebuking the insulter

Sometimes, ignorance does not work with people who are close to us. In such cases, you can reproach the insulter to set boundaries or expectations. If you don’t want to break the relationship, you can firmly create a space or boundaries so that they can learn what to say and what not to say!

In professional or personal spaces wherein we don’t want to face the impact of insults, it is really important to re-assert boundaries every time someone crosses their boundaries. You can share your feelings directly, tell them that you didn’t like it, and such situations will have consequences next time. Be firm!

6. Returning the insult

Sometimes, we get so involved in the conversation and insult them in return. But have you ever asked yourself; is it the right thing to do?

Well, we all have been to such a place wherein we have returned back the insult. Do you know bringing them back to the ground level and treating them with the same behavior means you are following the legacy of insulting people?

Returning the insult might injure the insulter but it will also harm your personality. Therefore, if you have already done it, it’s time to reconcile the relationship again. And, for future insults, try to ignore or take the help of humor!

I hope this blog helps you to deal with insults and put-downs. Comment down and share your views on the same. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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