5 Simple Steps on How to Deal with Loneliness

Last Update on March 9, 2022 : Published on February 19, 2020

What is Loneliness? How to deal with Loneliness ? Is it any different than solitude? I will be covering these and some questions in this article. Loneliness is not what everyone thinks. The general or common belief is: loneliness is when you have no one with you or around you. But this is just the physical aspect of it and that too incomplete. Psychologists treat loneliness more of a mental aspect than a physical one. In simple words, you can be lonely even if you are in a crowd or with friends. It is a complex emotional phenomenon that drives a person away.

Almost everyone has felt this feeling of loneliness at least once in their lifetime. It registers as pain and danger by your brain. It can help in survival in kids, in some instances but can be harmful if not treated. It can often lead a person to think that he or she is not capable enough or good enough to do a particular thing and change the way a person thinks, even the perception. Below I am sharing some simple steps so that you can help yourself or someone in need to get out of this phase.

How to Deal with Loneliness

How to deal with being lonely?

1. Check for Hormonal Imbalance:

How to deal with being lonely

Yes, hormonal imbalance can disrupt the way how you feel and perceive things. Though these are just chemicals and that too in only small quantities but the presence of these greatly affects the body, both directly and indirectly. Many things can be perceived as wrong and can also make you short-tempered and cranky. They can also make you restless and can significantly reduce the satisfaction level. All of this can also invoke feelings of resentment,anger and can separate you from the others. Remember that all is connected and for any mental discomfort, your physical body can be responsible.

2. Do what You Love:

Do what You Love

You can start by taking out time for yourself. Discover new heights in your hobbies and practice basics. Reach out and post about your new creations on social media. Though we all have been warned against the side effects of social media, it also has many benefits, you can connect with the world within seconds on your tips. It could be a great tool to fight the inferiority and superiority complex. By pursuing your passion and hobbies, you can dedicate more and more time and energy and can meet people with the same interests.

3. Be Kind:

Be Kind

This is one of the most important steps when fighting either loneliness or ego. Any act of selfless kindness will give you true peace and happiness. It is not just religious, virtuous or any myth, but also proven by multiple incidents that people who are selfless are happier than those who don’t. And on top of that, we don’t need any reason to help others, do we?

4. Get a Pet:

Get a Pet

If you don’t feel like having humans as companions or are tired of basic behavior projected by homo sapiens and want some time away from them but still want someone to be around. Then getting a pet is something that you should consider. Pets are some of the best companions of humans throughout history. The stories of pets can be found in almost every culture. One can plan a pet according to his liking, time he or she can invest, personality, etc. One should also remember that getting a pet is not like getting a garden decoration or antique, it’s more like getting a new family member. If you can’t take good care of them, then maybe you should drop this idea. But people who genuinely love pets and seriously want a loving companion can definitely go for it. You can also read pet can boost your mental health

5. Reach Out:

Reach Out

If you feel alone after going through all the above steps, then maybe you need to step up and reach out for help. No one can actually help us if we don’t ask for it. People who suffer from any mental disorder, diseases, or complexion; usually don’t get discovered and continue to suffer alone till the time it’s too late. It’s always a good idea to reach out if nothing seems to work in your favor. You should not hesitate and ask for professional help. Maybe something else is bugging you and you are not aware of it.

Also do remember that you are not alone. You can always reach out to your family or the friend you trust the most. And even if you don’t have either of them, then too, don’t worry. Write down all that comes to your mind, what you feel, what you want to do and what you could have done. Don’t think and just write. It may not make sense when you write it and not even when you complete but sometimes the best songs, writeups, and creations come out from the depths of the heart. And even if something that came out is just a blurt and nothing great. Don’t get disappointed. Healing is a process that takes time and not just a one-shot thing. Give yourself some time. Try to find out the root cause and work on it. In the end, we all are imperfect and can only try to help each other.

What is your experience of loneliness? How did you fight it off? Do share your experiences in the comments section below and let us know. Let’s help each other to become a better version of ourselves. Thanks for reading!

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    This is really a common issue in today's life. We all are busy in our personal life somehow we all have faced loneliness. Thanks for your supportive contribution.

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