5 Ways To Cope With FOMO And Stay Happy Within

Last Update on August 17, 2020 : Published on May 31, 2020
How To Deal With FOMO Effectively

Fear Of Missing Out or commonly called as FOMO is a plaguing condition amongst numerous people today. While having a drink alone on the couch, the thought of being left out interrupts many of us and the feeling lingers more when other friends are dancing at the party, posting stories on Instagram, right? Don’t worry as overcoming your fear of missing out is not so hard!

The biggest worry comes when FOMO affects your self-esteem and you worry every day that others are doing better things while you are simply missing out all the fun. It usually makes space in the lives of those who either overcommit or fail to fulfill them or avoid any kind of agreements deliberately.

But the real question is WHY are you feeling left out? It usually happens when you are not satisfied with your social life or being jealous of your friends taking a trip to a nearby island. But let us tell you one thing; whatever you are doing isn’t so bad either. You should probably feel happy that you have a device on which you can read a blog, later play games, watch movies and play some amazing songs. Anyway, let us find out different ways on how to cope with FOMO and have a peaceful settlement with yourself. Before that, give a big smile here!

How To Cope With FOMO?

1. Shift Your Focus

We usually forget to embrace what we have and chase after what we don’t or others are having at the moment. We know that it is tough, especially when you can log in to your social media accounts and compare yourself with them. In this case, take a step ahead and hide those people who are sending you some negativity. Rather add those people and activities in your search list that give you great vibes. For example, travel, blogging, inspirational books, etc. could be your new searches while learning how to cope with FOMO.

2. The Power Of Gratitude

Gratitude has a powerful effect on your inner self where you can tell yourself what matters to you and lift the spirits high. In fact, journaling also helps a lot not only in being thankful but making goals for oneself. You will also be able to realize that everything that you wanted is already there around you. All you need to do is embrace it and fear of missing out would certainly go away in no time.

3. Focus On One Thing At A Time

Focus On One Thing At A Time

Yes, multitasking is good but do you know that you are draining yourself too quickly with that? Scientists have also proven that our brain cells work most efficiently when focused on one task at a time. So if you are working or simply listening to the music on your couch, enjoy it and focus on the same. Do not let your head rush into multiple things or else you will end up being unsuccessful in all the tasks. And this focus itself explains the idea of how to deal with FOMO.

4. Seize The Moment

Seize The Moment

If you wish to deal with FOMO then forget about what everyone else is doing and learn how to seize the present moment. You can start the same by respecting the space you have right now, appreciate your present and start thinking constructively. These experiences and this present time will never come again so better feel good for yourself NOW.

5. Make Real Connections

Make Real Connections

The feeling of FOMO comes when you focus on how people are enjoying with their friends on social media and you are depressed for being alone. But this is the time to understand that you need to make better connections with your friends. Instead of connecting with people on social media, connect with them in person. Don’t just hope for likes and shares when you post the pictures, rather ask your friends how they feel via personal message. You never know if the reality of social media is exact or distorted, so relax and enjoy your own connections.

BONUS: Keep Exercising & Practice Mindfulness

As you begin to enjoy the process of life and deal with FOMO in a smarter way, self-care must be cultivated with time. This self care begins with keeping yourself physically and mentally fit with everyday exercises and meditation. So it is highly recommended to grow yourself into a better person everyday so that no one can eliminate you from yourself. Cool, right?

Believe In Yourself & FOMO Is Gone

Human beings are definitely a social animal but have you ever thought of making good connections with your family members or reconnecting with old friends? If you can, do it right away. When the question comes how to cope with FOMO, don’t be hard on yourself and take time in appreciating people in your life, even your pets!

We believe that you will be able to deal with FOMO from now on and even if you cannot, let us know in the comments below. We will definitely give you personalized tips as per the situation. Make sure that you follow us on Facebook to love yourself more than ever.

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