How to Perfectly Make Use of Faking Positivity

Last Update on October 27, 2021 : Published on September 5, 2020
When faking positivity reduces stress and when it backfires

The trend of “being positive” is at a rage, I personally think “being positive” is applicable everywhere be it professionally or personally. I recently realized that faking positivity can also be effective stress-relieving.

While faking positivity can bring smiles on our faces, it can also backfire us in some of the situations. We should all know about how to perfectly make use of faking positivity. In this blog, I have highlighted when faking positivity reduces stress and how to make perfect use of faking positivity. So, let’s get started.

Faking A Smile

Faking A Smile

You might all may have heard the fact that a fake smile can worsen the situation more and a fake smile can make you happy also. Both statements are true and complex too.

Faking a smile can make you feel more upset about yourself. Sometimes, you have to do it so that you are socially accepted, but this complexes the situation more.

Meanwhile, research shows that laughter therapy or forced smile heals depression. The catch is, if you will always try to cope with sadness with a forced smile, it will create more problems. Therefore, using the power of the smile is also important, it is not always important to be socially accepted. Happiness comes from within; hence, use this superpower accordingly and appropriately. I will tell you how. Even when you feel neutral (no sadness, no happiness), smile slightly.

Fake smiling can lead to real happiness due to the mind-body connection; fake smiles accelerate the happy hormones. This is how you can turn your sadness into happiness. However, do not smile when you have to accept something socially, let go of someone or something which is not in your profit. You do not have to force a smile when you are really losing it all. Understand that it is okay to be not okay. But, it is not okay to suffer alone, communicate your problems with someone who supports you.

Faking Affirmation

Faking Affirmation

People generally recommend affirmations for self-help. This simply reflects fake positive beliefs until and unless they convert into reality. Every self-help book talks about positive affirmations and is proved to be quite effective to heal depression and anxiety.

Positive affirmations works like mantras which are highly recommended by most of psychologists to balance the subconscious mind. Positive affirmations remove negative thinking process and establish peace within the body and mind. Question arrives… do they really work!

Researches show that positive affirmations really backfire in some situations. To be more specific, positive affirmations backfires when the affirmation is something opposite of your belief. In such situations, the mind rejects the positivity behind the affirmation and results in more stress and anxiety. Therefore, opt for the affirmations which truly inspire you or motivate you to be a better person. To make most use of the positive affirmations, do not believe which discomforts you.

Faking Outgoing Personality

Faking Outgoing Personality

Being an introvert, I know how hard it is to become an outgoing personality. But, the truth is extroverts and introverts are both successful in life. It’s just their outlooks are different. To be socially accepted, if I have to fake being an outgoing personality means I am forcing myself to become one personality which is not me. And, this will definitely ruin my inner peace and will complicate my life more. However, to boost happiness and enjoyment, I can be an outgoing personality.

See, it totally depends on the situation… which situation you are in. if being an outgoing personality may change your whole identity, it may backfire you (because it’s definitely not. you). However, if you are adapting the personality to enjoy something on a temporary basis, you can make the best use of “faking positivity.”

I hope this blog helps you to understand how to use faking positivity perfectly. Comment down and share your experience with us. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

More power to you!

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