Importance Of Hobbies – What Role Do They Play In Our Lives?

Last Update on August 12, 2020 : Published on April 3, 2020
Importance Of Hobbies

Table of Content:

1. Importance of Hobbies
2. Why should I take up a Hobby?
3. How can I start a Hobby?
4. Conclusion

What do you do in your free time? Spend time with your friends, family? Spend time on social media, chores, office work? We all are quite busy in our day to day lives. But when was the last time you spent some time for yourself or on your favorite hobby? When was it, when you thought of doing something because you liked it and not because you have to do it?

When was the last time you thought of investing time on your hobby? Most of us won’t be able to recall the time when we got up just because we wanted to paint or dance or sing. This article is going to be about the importance of hobbies in one’s life and why we should take hobby more than just a pass time. Have a look.

Importance of Hobbies:

Importance of Hobbies in daily life

Hobbies play a very crucial part in our lives. It helps us to stay creative, which is very necessary in this competitive environment. How you can perform any task with utmost creativity and bring the most fruitful results decide how you will fare in your occupation.

Why Should I Take up a Hobby?

Every human being is different. We have different fingerprints, thought processes, environments, and conditions in which we grew up and even different tongue prints. So when we all have different thought processes and the conditions in which we have found ourselves time and again, which have also helped shape up our personality, it also gives up our unique and different perception towards the people and world outside.

Taking up a hobby can help you to deploy your brain in a more effective way than it usually works. It is like giving your brain a workout, the same as you give your body a workout in the gym. In a study, it was found out that people who played a musical instrument had more brain activity than the people who solved complex math problems. Trained musicians showed more activity.

It was found out that when a person is engaged in an activity with utmost interest then his brain backs it up and works harder to grasp the situation and vice versa. So there are quite many reasons, as to why you should take up hobbies more seriously.

What can I do?

Start Now!

How Can I Start a Hobby?

Hobbies in life

Start by assessing your current situation. You are the best judge of your situation.  Following questions might be helpful in narrowing your choices for a hobby.

1. How you spend your day?
2. Where you spend your day?
3. What are some of the activities which you can drop off?
4. Which things eat up your time?
5. Any bad habits which are taking up your time and energy?

So there are many such questions. You can fix a particular time in a day to just think and assess what you want to do? This will help you to also control your progress and organize your day.

Find out what your interests are. It can be anything that you like doing and doesn’t necessarily mean conventional. You can take up an instrument or start collecting stamps, coins, currencies, butterflies, pets, etc. If you really get good at your hobby, you can even start a business of your own.

There are countless people who loved cooking and started a part-time food stall are now owners of luxury restaurants, pet lovers who started many businesses related to pet care and supplies, etc. You can do it too but there will be sacrifices that you may need to make. Like leaving your Netflix and chill time or going to the movies every weekend, unless you want to start scriptwriting or movie making, then it would be a different activity.

Dedicate some time

Important role of Hobbies in daily life

You will have to dedicate some time regularly and it would be great if you could do it daily with no exception to weekends. And if you love the work you are doing then you won’t be skipping it on weekends. Practice and practice alone won’t be sufficient. You will have to think of creative ways in which you can enjoy your activity. For example: if you enjoy running and fitness then instead of just hitting the gym and running on roads, you can go for trekking, you can use bodyweight exercises, extra weights that can stick to your body for the whole day or the best would to help a farmer in his fields.


The importance of hobbies in life is quite prominent. How you are going to introduce your hobbies in your life is totally up to you. You can either dedicate some time before your office or school or after. But doing so will definitely bring a healthy shift in your current life.

Hope it helped!

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  1. anshika

    leisure is indeed an important part of our lives that we miss out while planning our day or setting our appointments. It always feels like something that can be compromised for enhanced productivity, increased efficiency or faster completion of work. What do we do with the time we save by living at a faster pace: take up more work. It indeed is important to seek free time to just relax and take out time to feel what you're feeling, feeling the air circulating through your body and the atmosphere, the rush you live in, and just feeling alive and grateful in the moment. After all it's great to be alive!

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