20 Journaling Prompts For Self-Love & Self-Confidence

Last Update on May 14, 2021 : Published on May 16, 2021
Self-Love & Self-Confidence

Many people try to find the key to happiness in the material world around them but I agree with this Robert Merely quote; the first (of many) secrets to happiness lies within yourself. A self-love is a powerful tool when it comes to improving our mental well-being.

I never understood what self-love was and how important it is for my overall well-being, confidence, and growth as a person. There was a time in my life where I believed that I was not a very emotionally healthy person and that mindset fueled my social anxiety and depression to an extent where I couldn’t function normally.

My therapist at the time suggested I try journaling. Then too, I didn’t understand how journaling might help and I procrastinated as much as I could. Even today, many people avoid journaling because they don’t understand what journaling is.

Journaling is one of many tools of self-awareness that can help you understand the depth of your feelings and understand the pattern of your thinking. Journaling isn’t about writing in a diary about your day, it is much more than that!

In this article, though, I have compiled some of my favorite journaling prompts for self-love that you can use to kick start your writing journey. You don’t need to spend hours journaling either. With these writing prompts for self-love and confidence, you only have to spend few minutes each day.

Why Is Journaling Good For You?

Why Is Journaling Good For You

Emotions and feelings can threaten to consume us if we let them bottle up for a long time. They can become overwhelming that can cloud our judgment and make us behave irrationally.

Our emotions are important to us and our thoughts. Emotions are what we use to put names to our thoughts and feelings swirling around in our minds. Journaling, in this instance, acts as a medium by which we can transfer our thoughts and feelings onto a paper and help us make sense of our emotions.

Journaling takes the overwhelming and all-consuming thoughts from our brain and prevents us from getting emotionally exhausted and depleted.

Sometimes, too many thoughts can cause us to feel anxious, stressed, and depressed. Freeing such thoughts can help you to question, challenge, and/or reframe them.

Here are some self-love journal prompts that you can use to get started on your self-love journal.

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Journaling Prompts For Self-Love

There are three types of styles by which you can express yourself:

1. Lists


In this style, all you need to do is write down your answers in a list form. This will help you categorize and prioritize your needs.

Here are the prompts you can try:

  1. Write down three things you did this week that made you feel good.
  2. Write down two things you can forgive yourself for.
  3. Write down five things that you’re good with/at.
  4. Write down three times where you were brave.
  5. Imagine someone you feel judged you and write down what you feel the person judged you for. Write down why they are wrong.
  6. Write about three things you can let go of right now. Write how you’ll feel after you’ve let go of those things.
  7. Write about five things past-you would love about the current you.

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2. Questions & Phrases

Questions & Phrases

With this style of writing, you get to answer questions about yourself, your thoughts, and your actions. This will help you understand yourself a little better and how you can improve yourself or what you can change about yourself after answering these questions.

Here are the prompts you can try:

  1. Write yourself a permission slip to be completely true to yourself for a day.
  2. Write down an instance where you failed and what did you learn from that experience.
  3. Write down what your inner self has to criticize you about and ask a question, “What is the bright side of this criticism?”
  4. Write about one bad habit that you want to change and what steps you can and should take to achieve that.
  5. What is the one thing that you keep procrastinating and write down a pep-talk or motivational speech you can give yourself?
  6. What is the one way you are being unfair and unkind and write some kind words you can say to motivate yourself?
  7. Write about an instance when you received a compliment and brushed it off. Write about the compliment, accept it, and your self-worth.

3. Fill In The Blanks

Fill In The Blanks

In this style, you get to fill in the blanks to “even though” sentences. With this style, you can learn to appreciate yourself, your self-worth, and your confidence even though you might not feel like it.

Here are the prompts you can try:

1. Although I feel ______, I choose _______.

Example: Although I feel demotivated, I choose to feel that I’m trying my best.

2. Although someone was _______, I choose to care for myself by _______.

Example: Although someone was mean to me, I choose to care for myself by prioritizing myself and my needs.

3. Although ______ appears intimidating, I can do it.

Example: Although speaking in public appears intimidating, I can do it.

4. Although, I don’t like ______, nevertheless, I like how I _______.

Example: Although I don’t like how stubborn I am, nevertheless, I like how I can put my past behind me and move on.

5. Although I face a hard time accepting _______, I will work hard on accepting it by _____.

Example: Although I face a hard time accepting compliments, I will work hard on accepting them by treating myself with kindness.

6. Although I failed in ________, I prefer to learn that ______ and improve myself in the future.

Example: Although I failed in my task, I prefer to learn that I can’t focus on too many things at once and improve myself in the future.

Final Words

The journey towards self-love is arduous and tough. On that journey, you learn new things about yourself, flaws, strengths and choose to accept them as they are. But once you’re on that road to self-love you are one step closer to knowing and accepting your true self.

So, go on a 20-day self-love journal challenge where you answer one of these questions every day. At the end of the challenge, you’ll be able to understand yourself better. I sincerely hope this self-love journal prompts help you get started on your journey to self-love and self-confidence.

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    Excellent article and journal prompts! I journal almost every day and am very into personal growth and development, and I found some new, creative ways to use journaling in my life; thank you! 😁

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