The Power of Self Acceptance : Ways To Accept Yourself

Last Update on August 13, 2020 : Published on February 11, 2020
The Power Of Self Acceptance

Nobody is perfect and we’re all flawed. But, imperfections are a part of life and it’s ok to be flawed and to not love everything about yourself. Nevertheless, you should learn to embrace your flaws and self-acceptance is the answer. As the saying goes “Our flaws are what makes us unique and they are what ground us. They are, in a sense, what keeps us in the present”.

To positively live in the present, you should start loving yourself and should start loving your flaws. In the beginning, it may feel like fighting a battle, eventually, it is worth fighting for. Self acceptance is difficult, specifically when we compare ourselves with others. However, loving your flaws has real benefits. Self acceptance is the key to satisfaction, regardless of past choices and flaws and awareness of your weaknesses and strengths. In this blog, let us learn more about the power of self acceptance.

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How to Accept Yourself

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How to Accept Yourself in 4 Ways:

We know that accepting your shortcomings could be difficult. Therefore, to ease the process of self acceptance, we are highlighting some easy steps to help you fall in love with your flaws.

1.   Decide

Firstly, you need to decide the flaw which troubles you. Further, evaluate whether you can actually do something about the flaw or not. Some flaws need to be changed and not to be accepted like wicked impatience and bad temper.  These flaws are the flaws wherein you have to put efforts and change them ASAP! When we say, love your flaws, it definitely doesn’t mean loving your `weird behavior”. Loving your weird behavior will lead to negativity and will impact you in future. The flaws which you decide to love should be the flaws which impacts your inner peace and positive energy.

2.   Determine

The second step towards finding peace and positivity is to define your biggest flaw and something you want to change in yourself. Also, while evaluating your flaws, be honest with yourself. Keep in mind that, there are flaws which come naturally (for example, a crooked nose) you can’t change them. Having something imperfect in your body is you need to accept and start loving. Additionally, there are some flaws which you develop coincidentally (for example, a sarcastic wit) which can be changed with time. Determine something which you really want to change and put efforts to change. Try it!!!

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power of self acceptance

3.   Imagine

Our flaws change our view of perception. Sometimes, we indulge ourselves so much in the flaws and forget to look at the positive side. Therefore, step back and try to imagine the flaw from another’s perspective. As you try to see your flaws from a different perspective, you will observe that those flaws are not as offensive and horrible as you perceived. Step back, relax and try to spot those flaws in someone else, you will find that they are not that horrible and weird as you thought them to be.

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4.   Accept

As now, you have observed your flaws from other’s perspective and the flaws don’t seem to be that horrible, it’s time to accept the flaws. Take a step towards acceptance and simply accept it. In future, just try to forget about it and stop rating your flaws on a scale of weird, good or bad. Accept the flaws and make them the part of you. The flaws you have determined while reading this blog, are the flaws which cannot be changed and acceptance is the answer.

Personally speaking, I wore braces for two years, and it felt like my jaws were caged for years. But, to overcome this, I looked for the positive side and found that I look prettier while smiling. This was my story when I decided to accept my flaws and look for the positive side. This was the time when I confronted “the power of self-acceptance”.

self love and acceptance

By following these steps, you will be travelling on a road of “positivity”. Remember, flaws are something which can be either changed or accepted. Therefore, bring positivity in your life and embrace your flaws. Only a few people choose the way of acceptance, try to be one those people.

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Hope this blog shows you the path of self-acceptance and brings positivity. You can also share your experiences from the comment section and follow Calm Sage for more blogs.

Stay Happy and surround yourself with positive vibes!!!

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  1. Veronica

    Loved the content and the personal story that you shared, it helped me connect more.

  2. Aakriti Rana

    Yes , one should always try to look at the positive side of their flaws. Because it will keep one happy and will never distract . For me ,my face got disfigured from pimples for 5 years. I would always get discouraged when I looked at beautiful people. But later , I started to comfort myself that I still have a lot of time. In future I will be able to regain my charming face. So I focused on my academics and build my confidence. Overall, now I am doing great both as a student and as a beautiful girl. Yes , as I predicted my face is ok now. And it is still getting better.😀

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