Mentally Exhausted? 8 Effective Tips To Combat Brain Exhaustion

Last Update on July 24, 2020 : Published on July 24, 2020
Combat Brain Exhaustion

“Work! Boss! Spouse! Kids! Bills! Groceries! I can’t take it anymore. I am exhausted.”

Oh dear, did you forget that it’s YOU and only YOU who have the power to enjoy all the responsibilities? All you need is a PAUSE.

Do you ever feel burdened with work or emotional stress and before you could relax, something else piles up? Many of us undergo similar scenarios in our day to day life with responsibilities of office, home, kids, relationships and more. But we forget to realize that the brain requires a dose of self care in order to rejuvenate the energy and save your surroundings from the havoc that may be created later.

Take an example here, imagine you are driving a car and not stopping by to fill the gas. How far do you think you can reach? Not so far, right? Curing your brain after getting mentally exhausted is similar to stopping by a store, grab a protein bar, fill the gas tank and start the journey again. By the time your car (physical health) also gets time for a quick recharge. Yes, it is utmost important to acknowledge when you are mentally drained or physically tried to combat the break point.

We totally agree that exercising, meditation, eating healthy and proper sleep are important to combat mental fatigue but we would like to add some more tips in the list for incredible self-care treatment.

Signs Of Mental Drain:

Learn the signs that loudly speak about your mental tiredness before approaching the cure.

  • You get irritated easily.
  • You cannot take a good sleep and keep thinking about the responsibilities
  • Lack of motivation and a constant low feeling
  • Anxiety
  • Detachment
  • You cry for no reason at all
  • Nausea and dizziness tags along
  • Regular tiredness despite proper sleep

If you are facing any or more than one sign from the list above, here are some effective tips that need to be followed from today. We certainly hope you are ready!

How To Combat Mental Exhaustion?

1. Every Morning Is A Fresh Start

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If your mind rushes through plans about work, sending kids to school or getting ready for office quickly as soon as you wake up, this needs to be changed from now. Instead, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier and give yourself these 10 minutes for body stretching, playing calm music, listening to a motivational podcast and thinking about preparing a hearty breakfast. Let no other thought bother you in these few minutes as you own them for yourself.

So, prepare a nice tea or put some eggs to boil for breakfast and instead of rushing for your work, practice deep breathing exercises while singing your favorite songs loud. Remember, your first few activities and morning mood always helps in making the rest of the day productive. In fact, it also saves you from getting mentally exhausted. Not to forget, if you can include a short walk in nature, nothing could beat the feeling.

2. What Is It That Drain Your Energy?

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Many times we let ourselves run the way things are running. This condition is known as lack of mindfulness and this course requires a major change. Sit with yourself and a cup of coffee, get a journal or even a piece of paper from the fax machine. Now answer yourself:

  • Responsibilities
  • Liabilities/Problems (cut them out after venting or mention solutions beside)
  • What do I do to keep myself happy?
  • What is my goal? (Remember, being happy and content also counts as a goal)
  • What is it that is eating my energy?
  • What are the solutions for things that hog us mentally?

Realize that the answers to maintain a quality life lies within you. All you have to do is find out things that are mentally draining and cut them out. In fact, some of your friends or colleagues could be filling your mind with negative thoughts by blurting their complaints and whining attitude. You know what you have to do next, right?

3. Develop Internal Motivation

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We unknowingly drag out attention towards the problems. For example, ‘I don’t have enough money to buy a luxury car but all my friends have one each’. This thought acts as the foundation for a mentally exhausted brain because all the activities and overthinking for the same thought may drain you emotionally and mentally. The only solution is to have a self satisfactory life and turn towards the brighter side.

The rays of the bright side will approach you only when you realize the value of what you already possess. You might not have a luxury car but you can walk down the lane to buy groceries (it will also improve your health). You might not be able to set up a bathtub in your house, you still have a roof over your head. You might not be able to attend the concert with your friends, you still have your phone to listen to the amazing songs. Ignite the energy within to develop a motivation for yourself. Only by accepting yourself, you can make big goals for your life and stay free from any mental exertion.

3. Procrastination? Burn It.

Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons for people who feel tired and facing mental fatigue. But procrastination needs to be immediately stopped or else you will find yourself stuck in the cycle of excuses, guilt and panic. The more you procrastinate, the more the burden is enhanced.

Start the work right now! Start with easy or rather start with tough to get your confidence boomed. Ask someone to keep reminding you goals or set a goal timer on your phone! Whatever be it, you just have to get your work done!

4. Fuel Motivation From External Sources

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Accept it, we all need some motivation at certain points of our lives. But how about keeping yourself motivated everyday or may be once a week. Yes, we are talking about listening to motivational speakers, reading good books, following an inspirational group on social media or talking to those people who are positively energized. If you keep yourself surrounded by good vibes, there are less chances of getting mentally exhausted as happy hormones like dopamine run over the stress.

5. Apply Instant Relaxation Techniques

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 Calm down your mind instantly in more than 30 ways and you will be able to reverse a mentally exhausted brain into an active one. Pause for a while and breathe mentally. You can choose to close your eyes, fold your feet in the chair, put on noise cancelling headphones and start the calming meditation music. Forget the work or worries and focus on the good. Your brain will instantly get reactivated with double the positive energy you possessed before.

6. Seek Help

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There is no shame in asking for help from a friend, family member or a professional therapist. If you are not able to manage your workload and cannot find a way out, a professional will help you how to cope with the tough period and may even assist you with smart behavioral therapies. Some medications may also be recommended which shall be taken as prescribed.

Time To Pause!

“Practice the Pause.

Pause before judging

Pause before assuming

Pause before accusing

Pause whenever you’re about to react harshly

And you will avoid doing and saying things that you’ll later regret”

In the end, we would like to suggest you to enjoy a deep sleep and promise to change your world from tomorrow which is not at all mentally exhausted but filled with energy to deal with the elements of exhaustion. Start with the first point from tomorrow and we would like to hear the results in the comments section below soon!

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