Do I Need Therapy? Signs You Need To See A Therapist

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Many of us think that therapy is required only when things are slipping away from hands. Not even that one needs therapy with every struggle, yet ignoring the signs to see a therapist is simply not a great idea. For some of us, strong support of family and friends becomes bliss and any kind of minor disruption could be dealt with their help. 

But if one can’t judge the changes within and any kind of psychological trauma is bothering, it might result in problems like difficulty in personal relationships, increased health issues, inability to get up from bed and get into routine work. Some severe cases lead to hospitalization and even suicide attempts. We do not mean to scare you but ignoring signs when you need to see a therapist is not just a great idea. 

We understand that there is a lot of stigmas attached to mental health but a therapist is not meant for mental illness alone. A therapist can guide you with changing sleep and eating habits as well so that you can relate that life doesn’t mean so hard and you shall ease the way you are living.

So, buck up before it’s too late and aware of yourself already.

Signs You Need To See A Therapist

Benefits Of Going To A Therapy:

If you are wondering why therapy must be taken when you are going through pain and loaded with thoughts then let us tell you some of the benefits here:

  • Therapists teach you to unlearn emotions that are being repressed. If these emotions do not come out then they may lead to negative aspects of your life.
  • Therapies change the perspective of a human being and understanding thoughts and emotions becomes easier.
  • Prevents conflicts even when life is full of ups and downs.
  • Strengthens your brain’s networking system when controlling your fear and emotions.

Signs That You Need to See a Therapist

1. Intensity Of Emotions Is Much More Than Desired

You must be wondering how to know if I need therapy then this sign is vital to note. Everyone becomes angry sometimes or there is a rage going amidst their head. But it could not be right if the person is out of control and has lost the sense of understanding. 

There is uncontrolled sadness, persistent anger, and hopelessness, which doesn’t let you enjoy the company of your loved ones and family members. One starts to feel worthless and these uncontrolled emotions are escalating them in the negative direction.


2. A Trauma That Is Not Easy To Cope

Someone you loved has left the world unexpectedly, you are going through a breakup after a long term relationship or a history of abuse and negligence can be some of the reasons why you need to see a therapist.

If you find yourself a victim of a crime or accident or constant thoughts of traumatic events are buzzing the head, it is always better to talk to an expert. Answer yourself, Do I need therapy?


You can also text “HOME” to the Crisis Text Line at 741741 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

If you are Not from the United States? The International Association for Suicide Prevention can link you to hotlines and other resources in your country.

3. You Are Relying On Substance

To escape from the constant thoughts and pressure of the events that happened to you, you might have taken a path of consuming alcohol or drugs. Thinking that these substances would calm your head and numb the feelings is absolutely inappropriate. 

Not just toxic substances, one even starts to over-consume the food or totally avoid it. Researchers say that your eating habits or change in appetite can show if you need to see a therapist.

4. You Are Not Doing What You Loved

If you were someone who used to have fun with your friends, meet them for a couple of drinks, going for a baseball match in the evenings and now you are even skipping family dinners, there could be something that’s bothering you.

There might be a sense of unhappiness lingering in your thoughts and you shall find out why. Ask yourself a question, Do I need therapy, and your answer would probably be Yes! Take the appointment and have a discussion sooner.

5. Your Relationships Are Falling Off

Realize if your relationship with your partner is tearing apart or is it your behavior towards everyone that they are dragging themselves away from you? If you realize the answers to it, you may choose for the right therapist by yourself.

Even if not, reach for family therapy and they will guide you to the better path and choices.

6. You Are Not Able To Sleep Or Have A Proper Appetite

If someone is having an anxious state or facing mood disorders then there are chances of having poor sleep and poor appetite conditions. Some people either avoid eating food or start consuming more than body requirements. At the same time, either the person is dealing with sleeplessness or faces excessive sleeping issues. In all such cases, it is good to go and see a therapist.

7. You Are Grieving

Overcoming grief for a lost loved one or a long term relationship breakup is not easy for everyone. Therapy can help you with a safe and compassionate environment to process the loss and distressing emotions.

8. Your Physical Health Is Affected

In the sense of mental health, we often sideline our physical health and do not provide enough attention to it. But doing so can give you physical tensions like headache, muscle ache, fatigue, inflammation and body pain. In case you are avoiding them till now, it is time to look for a therapist.

9. Apathy Is Common

Are you not interested in activities that you loved before? Are you not motivated enough for your life? These signs could indicate presence of apathy. If you wish to improve yourself and start from now, you must look for a therapist today.

10. Social Withdrawal

Although some people like to spend time alone to get better but if you are distressed for being alone and withdrawing yourself completely then this sign should be considered to see a therapist.

Why Should You Go For A Therapy? Why Do I Need A Therapist?

do i need to see a therapist

Many people avoid visiting therapists thinking about the consequences of sharing the inner side to someone unknown. They even do not want to consume any kind of medication thinking they are perfectly alright at their place.

Let us tell you that there is no harm in visiting a professional therapist who is going to keep your personal details hidden and help you in the following manner.

  • Helps in understanding your relationship with yourself. We often tend to lose ourselves in the rush of the world but good therapy can help you with it.
  • You will be able to deal with your problems effectively and achieve the eyeing goals.
  • The improved mind always results in improved health.
  • You will be able to place yourself on the happier side in all the relationships.

Tips To Find The Right Therapist:

The term ‘right therapist’ falls true when you are in good tuning with them and willing to take the recovery forward with their assistance.

In order to find the right therapist, you can:

However, if you feel that your therapy isn’t working right for you or you are not liking your therapist then you can always take a guide to change the therapist positively or say goodbye to it and end therapy without worrying. Do not bother yourself about being judged as getting better and recovering completely is your goal.

We hope that you will be able to answer the questions like do I need to see a therapist, do I really need therapy or if there is a need for counseling.

Keep Talking

Your one step towards therapy can open possibilities of happiness and you would be able to handle major life problems that weren’t easy to deal with. Ask yourself, do I need therapy or do I need counseling? Trust in yourself and if you see any of the above signs to need to see a therapist, follow the lead and your heart will take you for a better outcome. 

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    Shirley Altschuler

    I speak to a therapist once a week. Because I cannot cope with the coronavirus outbreak also she was helping me with downsizing And deciding whether we should move.I have been seeing my therapist for 10 years and have an attachment to her.

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    Therapies do help! Thanks for sharing this wonderful article on this.

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