Positive Abbreviations: Reframing the Negativity into Positivity

Last Update on September 19, 2022 : Published on July 20, 2020
Positive Abbreviations

Recently, I attended a webinar of Calm Sage and learned the art of having a positive mindset. Additionally in my blogs, I often mention looking for positivity in negative situations. A little bit of positivity in negative situations shines like a full moon in a dark night. And the irony is everyone loves the full moon in the dark night.

Similarly, a little bit of positivity in every negative situation brings back the resilience to fight back and never give up. With these thoughts running in my mind, I thought why not create a positive dictionary by using all the negative words. So, I worked on this idea, and in this blog, I have created a mini positive abbreviation dictionary.

I bet after reading the meaning of negative words, you will also learn how to look for a positivity outlook of negativity. Therefore, keep this blog always handy, and whenever you start thinking negatively read the positive abbreviations. Let’s get started.

Activity: Create your Positive Abbreviations, share with us through the comment section and we will add in our blog.

Positive Acronyms for Positive Thinking


    ABC: Acceptance, Belief, Change

    ACTION: Any Change to Improve our Negativity

    ANGER: Always Neutralize the Good Energies into Resilience


    BAR: Be Always Resilient

    BEST: Been Enjoying the Strength Today

    BUT: Be Ultimate Today


    CALM: Creating Aspiring Living Motivating man

    CANT: Cut the Negative Thinking

    CHAOS: Choosing Honesty And Optimism over Stress

    CRAP: Cut the Resentment Against People


    DEAD: Don’t Ever Admit Defeat

    DETACH: Don’t Even Think About Changing Humanity

    DRY: Doing Resilience Yourself


    EGO: Ease-up the Growing Optimism


    FAILURE: Fearless, Arrogant, Interesting, Liberal, Ultimate, Resilient, Energetic

    FAITH: Fear Ain’t In The House

    FAITH: Finding Answers In The Hope

    FAITH: Facing An Inner Truth Heals everyone

    FEAR: Fighting Ego And Restlessness

    FEAR: Face Everything And Recover

    FEAR: Forget Everything And Rock

    FEAR: Fail Early and Responsibly

    FEAR: Finding Everything And Realizing the truth

    FINE: Fearless, Independent, New and Excited


    GUILT: Go and Uplift the Insane Loudness in Trouble

    GREED: Get-up and be Responsible for Every Energy and Deeds


    HATE: Higher the Affirmation, Tasteful the Efforts

    HOPE: Hold on, Pain Ends

    HARM: Hold on and Adapt the Resilient Manner


    INSANE: Improved, Nasty, Strong, Arrogant, Nice, Energetic

    ILL: I Love Lord

    IGNORE: I was Grown Not to Obsess, but to be Resilient and Energetic


    JOKE: Joy, Optimism, Kindness and Energy

    JUNK: Just be Ultimate Not Kinky


    KILL: Kindness Is Love and Life


    LIE: Low Intensity for Ego

    LOVE: Living Our Victories Everyday


    MEAN: Making Excellence a Necessity

    MESS: Making positive Energy out of Ego, Sadness, and Stress


    NAG: No Arrogance and Guilt

    NO: No Other tantrums


    PAIN: Pause And Invite New opportunities

    PREY: Pour Resilience in Each Youth

    PACE: Positive Attitude Changes Everything

    PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens


    RID: Restless, Improved and Discontented


    SAD: Strong and Delicate

    STRESS: Strength towards Resilience, Energy, Smartness and Success

    SHIT: Strength Highs in Troubles

    SOBER: Spirituality Over Booze Ease the Recovery


    TIME: Things I Must Endure


    WILL: When I Live Life (peacefully)

    WORRY: Wrong or Right Remain Yourself


    YANA: You Are Not Alone

    YES: Youth Enjoys Strength

I hope this blog helps you to understand the power of a positive mindset and how to create your own positivity. Comment down your self-made creative positive abbreviations for negative words.

Thanks for reading!

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    Robert N Oliveri

    Love it!! Great work!

  2. Robert N Oliveri
    Robert N Oliveri

    REAP - Reward Employees Accomplishment Promptly FAIL - Future Achievement Is Looming NO - Next Opportunity

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