What To Avoid If You Or Your Loved One Has Bipolar Disorder?

Last Update on August 28, 2020 : Published on August 28, 2020
What to avoid when you or your friend has bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder changes the frequency of actions in a human being and manic or depressive episodes are commonly visible. Although it is not difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself or your partner, if right therapies, proper use of words, and correct actions are undertaken. However, good health and relationships also include many things that must be avoided around someone who is bipolar so that the goal of peaceful existence is maintained and the person’s spirit is stress free.

Things Not To Do If You Find You Have Bipolar Disorder

If you have recently learned about the condition or even if it was diagnosed earlier, there are certain things that you should not do for your own good.

1. Don’t Hide Your Symptoms From Therapist

It is a known fact that bipolar disorder takes time to get diagnosed, in fact sometimes it takes 8 to 10 years and one of the major reasons for this delay is failure of patients to report their symptoms properly. Moreover, the by-products of bipolar disorder include depression as well as ‘feeling very good and energetic’ and you even act differently with holistic therapies. But it is necessary to inform your doctor about the real condition so that no serious issues could emerge later.

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2. Don’t Stop Taking Prescribed Medications

Only and only if you are facing side effects of medicines, you can stop consuming them and inform your therapist about it. We understand that living with bipolar disorder is frustrating but stopping the medicines on your own is simply not how to correct the condition. In fact, sudden discontinuation of medications could lead to serious repercussions. If you really want to stop them, ask your doctor beforehand.

3. Don’t Juggle with Your Medicines

If your therapist has prescribed you with 200mg of drug X and 50mg of drug Y then it has to be the same way. In some cases, doctors advise you to consume a drug in an optimum amount, for example, 25-50mg, even then your fine sense of judgment must stay inside the limit. If you try to exceed the amount to 80mg or more, it can be really dangerous. Hence, if you wish to meddle with the quantity, call your therapist before.

4. Don’t Surround Yourself With Toxic People

Ask yourself and answer honestly, whom do you like to be around and who are those you don’t. As soon as you reach a conclusion, you are saving your own energy from getting drained. Those who bite your energy away are constantly trying to make you feel low, so make sure you cut them out and make your life easier, not the opposite.

Things Not To Do If Your Loved Ones Have Bipolar Disorder

1. Don’t Just Dismiss The Treatment

Many of the patients have heard their friends saying “What’s the need to spend money over a therapist” or “Are you trying to seek attention from us”, etc. This is not what has to be said to a person with bipolar disorder as this serious illness can really disrupt the mood of a person. If you are not good at giving advice, simply listen to your friend but anything that can hurt them must be avoided.

2. Don’t Discomfort Them With Unexpected Hopes

Telling your friend or your kid “We had so much hope in you but you failed us with bipolar disorder” is simply heartbreaking. Such sayings could trigger them to take a very wrong course of action. Instead, you can say “We really want to see a stronger version of yourself, just like you have always been. So let this phase pass.” Your words and actions are very powerful, no matter if they are positive or negative. Better spread only positivity around you!

3. Don’t Call Out With Inappropriate Names

Calling them ‘Psycho’, ‘Maniac’ or ‘Abnormal’ is the worst way to address someone with bipolar disorder. Forget about bipolar, any person could get offended by the same. Saying it could make them do risky things or even they can follow the path of complete isolation.

4. Don’t Miss Out Assisting Them Whenever Needed

If your loved ones need you to assist them to a therapist, join them. Asking them about their medications wouldn’t take a minute but the sense of relief to them is inexplicable. All the side-effects that they are going through are tough to deal with and your assistance could help them to change the game for good.

What Can You Say To Someone With Bipolar Disorder?

  • You are not alone. I am there with you.
  • You are important to me and I am all ears.
  • I will be around you, no matter what.
  • I am sorry for your pain but I am always there for you.
  • Let’s go out together for a walk or an ice-cream.

Be empathetic and encouraging to your loved ones! Remember, it could have been you in their place. So if you are lucky then be one and act kind!


Living under the cloud of thoughts during bipolar disorder is not an easy task. Although the therapies and medical assistance is the only way to recover from it, the environment that a person wants also includes those things that need to be avoided when they have bipolar disorder. So whether you or your loved ones are facing the illness, we want you to stay strong! If we could help you in any way, feel free to contact us at info@calmsage.com.

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