Powerful Words for Inspiration and Motivation

Last Update on August 11, 2020 : Published on August 1, 2020
Powerful words for motivation and inspiration

One of the things that can turn a bad day into a good one is powerful words. Additionally, there is a famous phrase, motivation and inspiration can come in any form. If you are bored with motivational and inspirational quotes, what about getting motivation from powerful words. In this blog, let’s get inspired by powerful words. After reading this blog, I bet that your desires are going to be turned into actions. I have enlisted powerful words for inspiration and motivation which will help you to achieve your goals.

Powerful Words for Inspiration and Motivation:

1. Challenge


To be challenged or to take challenges makes our life interesting and adventurous. Success after taking a challenge feels real and brings inner happiness. Not only achievement or goal-related challenges but following a healthy routine can also knock your door in the form of inspiration.

2. Truth

Truth is the only thing that can never be hidden. Truth holds the capacity of turning the sides. Truth encourages, strengthens, and guides us during the worst and tough times.

3. Goals


No matter what, if our goals are small or big… goals inspire us and motivate us. The self-directed goals are the goals which make us happy and calm. Such goals make us to understand the purpose of our lives and priorities.

4. Laughter

Laughter is the greatest motivator of all time. One simple smile can change the negative situation into a positive one. Laughter brings joy and happiness everywhere. Indeed, laughter heals the soul.

5. Determination

Determination is somewhat related to willpower means the ability to stake in the ground. Meanwhile, a determination is not everyone’s choice. Still, a determination is known to be the most powerful word when it comes to motivation and inspiration.

6. Freedom


The sense of autonomy and control over actions and time is the greatest motivator of all time. Freedom improves imagination, creativity, and innovations. Emotional and physical freedom is the greatest gift of all time when it comes to achieving a goal.

7. Tenacity

Tenacity means adhesiveness (means to stick together). Tenacity is required when you don’t want to give up until and unless you reach the goal. Tenacity is also related to willpower. Tenacity is the most important thing to have when you want to achieve big. Tenacity provides you strength in bad times.

8. Endurance


Endurance means the capability of suffering for a long time (related to grit). Having grit means having mental toughness. Endurance is so important to have in toughest times. Endurance is such a powerful word that provides motivation and inspiration.

9. Faith

Faith is so rare nowadays. Faith is the only quality that is related to trust, reliability, and consistency. Faith carries a sense of devotion and attachment for people, customs, and beliefs which makes faith a powerful word.

10. Learning

Learning should never stop and learning has no age. Learning is the most motivational word which fills the knowledge gap and teaches leadership skills. Learning comes from self-motivation and self-inspiration.

11. Courage


Having courage means having a “never give up” personality. Courage means taking a step forward to fight the wrong.

12. Hope

Hope is my personal favorite powerful word. Hope means holding onto positive energy. Hope works when everything begins to fail. Hope is the only quality that can turn the failure into success.

Small Activity: Comment down one positive or powerful word with the meaning to inspire everyone.

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Thanks for reading and be positive!

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  1. Sheriff Sanusi ibrahim
    Sheriff Sanusi ibrahim

    Very much helpful.. exactly depicted the current stage of my life

    1. Aayushi Kapoor
      Aayushi Kapoor

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Keep reading more @calmsage.com

  2. Sheriff

    Very much helpful. Already motivated just by reading thia

    1. Aayushi Kapoor
      Aayushi Kapoor

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Keep reading more @calmsage.com

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