What Is A Rebound Relationship And The Signs To Watch Out For

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Rebound relationship and signs to watch for

A breakup makes your heart weep and brain numb. However, when the person enters in a new relationship right after the breakup, it only creates confusion, regret, or sadness. There are a number of mixed feelings bothering the individual which can make them needy, clingy, and annoying at the same time. Yes, rebound relationships can be a little messy!

Other times, it could also be a sign that the person needs love that was lacking before. Even then rushing into it would do no justice to both the partners.

What Is A Rebound Relationship?

Rebound relationships usually act as a short term relief for couples that can heal breakups, if the positive side of the breakup is still not available to you. At the same time, it can also prove to be a toxic relationship or more heartbreaks. The new relationship may also be filled with complexities due to the impulsive nature of the person and their quick actions.

Not all rebound relationships are toxic in nature but before you get into it, it is better to check negative aspects of rebound relationships as well.

  • You are unsure of going ahead, feel weak and vulnerable.
  • You might be getting manipulated and even exploited.
  • Chances of sexual exploitation and narcissistic behavior may apply.
  • A constant fear of rejection and difficulty in trusting the partner like before.
  • If you are looking for temporary solutions than solving deeply embedded problems, it may prove to be a negative experience of rebound relationships.

So what are those warning signs of rebound relationships that one must keep in mind? Let us find them out!

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Signs Of Rebound Relationship One Must Keep A Check On

Signs Of Rebound Relationship

1. Relationship Begins Right After Breakup

If you begin a rebound relationship right after the breakup and couldn’t have breathing space, you would only feel hurt. Many of the rebounders have claimed that they could have a better life only when they found a new partner. Understand that whether it’s a rebound or a new one, it must begin after giving yourself a good space.

Pro Tip 1 : Never start a new relationship if you are not over the last one.

2. A Desire To Make Ex Jealous

rebound dating is meant to make their ex jealous
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Some of the rebound dating is meant to make their ex jealous of how fulfilling their new relationship is. They would try to shower too much love, click pictures, tag on social media and seek the attention of their old partner. Well, this does nothing but injustice to your new partner and you may end up hurting them really badly.

3. Physical Attraction Is More Important Than Emotional Attachment

It is only sex which is why you meet your new partner and doesn’t look for any kind of mental or emotional attachment then this is the warning sign of rebound relationship. Casual relationships can work both ways only when both the partners are willing to accept it. But if one of them is a rebounder, it ends up playing with feelings of others.

Pro Tip 2: Never Allow loneliness to drive you into the arms of someone you know you don’t belong with.

4. Feeling Bitter About Ex

Consciously or unconsciously, a rebounder may be ranting about their ex and speaking bad about them. If the conversation is getting awkward every time then they may not be over them. Such people surely need some time to clean their slate because of their overattachment to their exes. Time alone may hurt you a little but it is required to save future messes.

5. Act Like Long Term Couple Even When New In Relationship

Rebounders may act a little extra cozy when it comes to a new relationship. They may want to talk about sides of bed, marriage, kids or somewhere the future of the relationship. It is possible that they are too comfortable around your house, running errands together or wearing comfy pajamas instead of going out on dates and strengthening the relationship.

6. Sometimes Relationship Is Too Fast Or Too Slow

Relationship Is Too Fast Or Too Slow
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Imagine a relationship which is moving ahead at the speed of light. Couple is living together, declaring their love for each other on social media and spending excessive time together. But after a few weeks, there is a strange gap between the two and actual commitment is going away from the line. This one could be another sign of a rebound relationship.

7. They Don’t Know Much About Themselves

Ask your partner their hobbies, likes and dislikes. If they have recently got out of a relationship and couldn’t have time to clean up the old memories then it is possible to not practice the hobbies. Such warning signs shall be taken seriously in order to protect the feelings of both parties.

8. Feeling Bitter In The Relationship

When a person is in a relationship, he or she is happiest about it. But if this happiness is slowing down because of the bitterness of the past then you are not over it yet. The satisfaction of being with a person usually lacks in a rebound relationship. Moreover, trust issues, rejection fear, and vulnerability to exploitation does make it worse.

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How To Help Yourself With Pain Of Rebound Relationships?

Pain Of Rebound Relationships
how to get out of a rebound relationship

One can go through tips to ease the pain hidden inside:

  • Drop the expectations from the past relationship and rather not compare the present relationship with the past.
  • Every relationship needs time to grow. So is the relationship with yourself. It is best to stay calm and settled in a relationship before jumping into the next one.
  • Cut yourself off from your ex completely and give yourself a little space.
  • Talk to a counselor who can guide you through the difficult times you are going through. It can be done via video call or messages by dropping us an email at info@calmsage.com.


Rebound relationships might leave you in a complicated situation and must be avoided. If you don’t, no future relationship would turn out the way you want to make it work. Let the feelings float calm and then only connect yourself to a new partner.

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